Lawyer Ebru Timtik’s health condition worsens: There are speech delays, she forgets what she wants to say

For months now, two lawyers have been on a Death Fast(Hunger Strike till death) demanding a fair trial. One of these lawyers, Ebru Timtik, is today on the 161st day of her Death Fast. She and her colleague and comrade-in-arms, lawyer Aytaç Ünsal, are already at a fairly advanced stage of the hunger strike till death. Yesterday, Ebru Timtik and her other fellow lawyers from the People’s Law Office(Halkın Hukuk Bürosu) were visited by four their friends, also lawyers like them, at Silivri Prison, located near Istanbul. One of the lawyers who visited Ebru Timtik, Berrak Çağlar, said the following about the condition of the Death Fasting lawyer.

“Ebru Timtik’s condition is already very specific. Ebru is today on the 160th day of her Death Fast. Let me tell you what we observed when we met her. She looked very weak, she looked tired. Ebru generally speaks very smoothly, but she has already begun to speak with delays, forgetting what she wanted to tell us. She is already half of her normal healthy weight as determined by her body mass index. As the days progressed, Ebru’s health deteriorated significantly. Currently, the materials in the case against them are being considered by the Supreme Court of Cassation. From here, once again, I would like to address the Supreme Court of Cassation, all the institutions and organizations that monitor the development of this case, all our colleagues, our people, the demands of the Death Fast conducted by our friends are very simple and easy to accept. Ebru, beloved by all of us, says: «We are not conducting this Death fast only for us, but also for all our people because there is no longer a judicial system in our country. We just want them to obey their laws. » The demands of our friends must be accepted. Let our colleagues be tried fairly. “

Lawyers from the People’s Law Office were sentenced to a total of 159 years in prison without any evidence of a crime committed by them. Against this injustice, two of the lawyers from the office Aytaç Ünsal and Ebru Timtik, doomed their bodies to starvation, starting a Death Fast. These convictions, issued to the people’s lawyers for defending the rights of the people, are the clearest proof that the justice system in Turkey is in the hands of a handful of people – the oligarchy.

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