Grup Yorum Internet Concert

We reply to your detentions, your arrests, your wanted lists with our concerts!

We are in the midst of a process in which the AKP government is trying to put life in jail. It is such a process that the oppression grows worse from day to day. And we receive our share of this oppression.

Our cultural centre has been raided four times in the past year. We are tortured, and our hair is pulled out. We were arrested, put into the isolation cells. We were released and we were arrested again. We have 11 members in jail now. Those members of the band not in jail have been put on a wanted list.

It was not enough… We were put on the list of wanted terrorists, prices were put on our heads. They have threatened to kill our families as well as us.

We are on the road with the mission of becoming a “snow machine”, step by step with infinite belief that we will cross through even the darkest places on the rugged, winding, steep roads…

We say fascism cannot ban Grup Yorum, nor prevent it. Grup Yorum is in all the houses of the people, we say Grup Yorum is everywhere.

We respond to the fascist wanted lists with our songs and concerts…

Since 2011, we have organised the Independent Turkey concert as a matter of tradition but it has been banned for the last three years. But for three years we have not recognised these prohibitions. They banned us from the fields and city squares so we turned the entire country into a concert venue. We gave concerts from the backs of lorries and from the roofs of gecekondu buildings.

We also do not recognise fascist bans this year. The 8th Independent Turkey Concert will take place in spite of everything they do.

This time we want something we have not requested before… Be on your computer and your phone at 16.00 on Sunday, April 29.
Follow the 8th Independent Turkey Concert in that way.

Because this year our concert will be an internet concert. We will broadcast live from the internet.

We will broadcast from our social media accounts at the concert on that day and at that time.

We expect all of our people to attend our internet concert on Sunday, April 29 at 16:00.

Grup Yorum At Home, Grup Yorum Everywhere!

We reply to your wanted lists with our concerts!