Dilan Poyraz hospitalised by prison management

Dilan Poyraz, calling her cancer-victim mother from prison, informed her about her health situation.

Mother of detained Grup Yorum member Dilan Poyraz (22), Esra Poyraz, who is undergoing cancer treatment, said, “My daughter phoned me. She’s finally been taken to hospital. The main artery leading to my daughter’s brain and an artery between the lungs and heart are blocked. The doctor says this is why blood is coming from her mouth and nose. She’ll most probably have angina.”

Mother Esra Poyraz gave information about her daughter to our newspaper. Stating that she obtained all her daughter’s health reports, she commented, “She can’t take the reports out just now. She’s been given a three-month communications punishment. The reason has not been made known. She would normally send it to me and I would show it to my doctors. If she attends a meeting with a lawyer, maybe she can send it through them. We all know the conditions she is enduring in prison. The longer she stays inside, the worse her situation will get. Dilan has asthma anyway. She also had problems with her lungs as a kid. I kept on taking her to the doctor. They hardly ever take you to hospital there so I do not for a minute imagine they’ll take her for regular checks. They gave my daughter medication. If it doesn’t cause those arteries to open she’ll have angina.”

“She’s in a very risky state”

Poyraz, indicating that her daughter’s health situation was very serious, continued as follows: “They said it was very risky for the arteries leading to the brain to be blocked. But, they have been unable to say what needs to be done. Dilan Ekin, another Yorum member who has a lumber screw in her back and is at risk of paralysis has been confined to her cell as a punishment. She had plenty more to say, but calls are cut off early. She had one more call entitlement and used that, too. She said she wouldn’t be able to call any more. She said, ‘If you come on a visit then we’ll speak.’ But I can’t go because of my health situation. Her dad will go. It is not right for Dilan to be inside under these conditions. I have felt terrible since I got news from her. I am not well myself, anyhow, and with my little baby having such problems, it tears me apart even more.”

Cumhurıyet(Republic) newspaper, 18.02.2018