DHKC Statement no. 83


Press Office

Statement no. 83  Date: March 27, 1999

American imperialism wants to mutilate and split up Yugoslavia  and create new satellite regions, depending on it.

The imperialists, with US-imperialism at their top, attack all the countries that do not bow for them and whom they cannot force their policy upon with planes, bombs and, if necessary, tanks.

This is all carried out quite openly. “You will do as we tell you, economically, politically, military, and you’ll depend on us in every way”. Countries like Libya and Iraq which do not bow for the imperialists and which do not accept this dependency are attacked by US-imperialism on its own, or together with other imperialists which can be found within their coalition of interests. The pretexts differ.

The attack against Iraq in 1991 was carried out with the pretext of protecting Kuwait and defending the rights of the Kurdish people in Northern Iraq. Now Yugoslavia is being attacked and the reason is the same one, only the pretext differs. Now it is “defending the human rights in Kosovo”.

The results of the attacks against Iraq are clear. Iraq was split  up, and a puppet like regime was created over the Kurdish people living there, completely depending on imperialism.

The fundamental policy of the imperialists is clear: bringing down governments which don’t bow to their will, splitting up the country and creating completely depending regions; weakening independent governments to secure their own rule. A lot of the existing frontiers were drawn by the imperialists.

Starting from the changing equilibrium and the new situations, they determine the borders of the newly created mini-states which depend on them to create new exploiting regions for their monopolies. After the bringing down of the socialist system through a huge conspiracy, the countries involved have become dependent on Russia in many regards. The imperialist monopolies still did not succeed in securing their hegemony in this region.

The revolutionary dynamics of the peoples in these countries, aware of the cruelties of capitalism, still exist. To weaken these countries and to force them on their knees, imperialism uses the “divide-split up-weaken and rule” policy, provoking national and religious splits in these countries.

The imperialists , who apply this policy in the Balkan and the Caucasus, have – aided by collaborators and agents – created nationalist emotions and animosity among the peoples, destroying their unity. Together with the US-imperialists, the EU-imperialists applied this policy to create new regions for their monopolies. For this reason, the other imperialists, hiding behind the masque of NATO and led by US-imperialism, attacked Yugoslavia for their own interests. Another contradiction, to take away the hegemony of Russia in the regions where it still is influential.

Besides all this factors, US- imperialism wants to show Russia, the European imperialists and all the oppressed peoples, that it is the sole ruling force in the world. The reason for founding NATO was, and is, to defend and expand the exploitation regions of the imperialists.

That’s why NATO, where Turkey is represented too, always played the role of the hitting force against people’s liberation movements. Nowadays NATO is kept alive for this reason, to secure the power of the imperialists and their collaborators and to prevent the  development of revolutionary people’s liberation wars. The co-operation of the oligarchy in Turkey with the USA is the result of the own interests, the interests of the USA, and the fear for a developing people’s liberation war and the revolution.

The imperialists can never defend the rights, liberties and interests of a people and a nation. Those who claim that the imperialists do defend them are either naive, or they are agents of imperialism. Although it are the imperialists themselves who eradicate human rights and the nations’ right of self-determination all over the world, they play the role of defender of these rights and incite the peoples against each other, carry out massacres and draw artificial borders behind this masque. And when this doesn’t work, imperialism  attacks once again and attempts to enforce surrender. And exactly this is what is done in Yugoslavian and in Iraq.


US-imperialism, feeling stronger after the fall of the socialist system, wants to bring the entire world under its control. The USA tries to break the resistance of all those countries which resis theirrule. That’s why they attack and divide.

By expanding the exploitation regions through these attacks, the USA tries to take out the imperialist competitors. They ally against all peoples which fight for their independence and freedom and they attack together. To create animosity among the oppressed peoples and to incite them against each other, religious conflicts are induced. Thousands of agents, radio, television, economical and social investments, they all serve this goal.

In our epoch, ruled by imperialism, in which the monopolies firmly rooted, no national struggle can be waged without opposing imperialism and the local collaborating monopolies. A struggle which is aimed against imperialism and the monopolies ends with the revolutionary people’s power.

Every national movement which does not aim for the revolutionary people’s power will nowadays, be it from the moment they emerge or in the course of time, become a force which is used by imperialism .

Nowadays numerous movements which fight on a nationalist basis take such a position. At first they are supported by imperialism, the road is paved for them, and later educational measures are taken against them. They are surrounded ideologically, psychologically and military, from all sides, they are made dependent on imperialism and forced to their knees. Every nationalist movement which does not fight against imperialism and which does not aim for the joint struggle of the peoples and the joint revolutionary people’s power will sooner or later be forced on its knees by imperialism.  The imperialists, fully aware of this reality, play with the national feelings of the peoples and can use them for their own interests without any great effort.

Also groups which want to come to power through religion are being used by imperialism. The attacks and the exploitation by imperialism and its collaborating monopolies do not interest them. The Islamists in our country are an example. They don’t see, and they don’t want to,  what imperialism plans for the Balkan, how it exploits the peoples and leads them to mutual annihilation. With the demagogy of “the Muslims are being oppressed”, the imperialist attacks are being supported. They are even accomplices in the oppression and exploitation by imperialism. Being at the side of the people, of justice, means opposing imperialism. The nationalists and Islamists which do not oppose imperialism are in fact defending neo- colonialism and they take position against the oppressed people.

The policy of attacks and occupation, continued by imperialism and for which it uses nationalism and religion, will be pushed back and ended when the oppressed people see through the imperialists’ game. This process will be the process in which the peoples will learn from their experiences and in which the search for independence and socialism will be strengthened.

We, as all peoples of different nationalities and religions, living in this country, must resist the pro-American Ecevit-government and its army which attacks the Yugoslavian people in co-operation with imperialism. There are no animosities between our people and the peoples of the Balkan.

We have to demand accountability from the “National Security Council” and the Ecevit- government which allowed themselves to become America’s lackey, expecting gains from the attack against the people’s in the Balkan.

We must build up the revolutionary power by strengthening the unity and the struggle of our peoples. Every policy based on nationalism and religion is induced by imperialism to mislead the peoples, to use them, and to incite them against each other. The freedom of all the peoples can only be achieved through the notion of a joint struggle, of combined power.