International Conference about Revolution and Power in the Neo-Colonies: JOINT DECLARATION, APRIL 1998

We live in a world in which more than two thirds of the entire population live in poverty, inhuman conditions and without freedom. The war between imperialism and the oppressed peoples has not come to an end. The last 50 years have been defined by this war. And today, the same war continues to determine the future of the world. The form of the world in coming years depends on the extent to which we make imperialism retreat and how many victories we gain and fronts we build in the peoples´ fight for freedom.

We believe that the main role belongs to us “people´s liberation movements and revolutionary parties/organisations” how we think, how we fight and which targets we concentrate on. Our crucial point in common is these responsibilities we bear on our shoulders.

Threats and attacks by imperialism, mainly the USA, continue in every corner of the world. After the collapse of the USSR, we lived through and witnessed the intensified bandit attacks of imperialism. However the expectation of a “unipolar world” proved false. On the contrary, the imperialist countries´ rivalry and power struggles have increasingly intensified. The main threats to imperialism are peoples struggling for freedom and their armed liberation forces.

After a NATO meeting it was announced that “the 21st century will be the century of uprisings”, which shows the extent of danger from their point of view. Therefore, bourgeois economists, diplomats and contra-guerrilla chiefs concentrate on the elimination of the liberation movements of the oppressed people and specifically the armed liberation movements. For that reason, methods of destruction through violence, deception, provocation, false promises, hypocritical posturing regarding peace and human rights, psychological warfare, the effects of ideological attacks and so on are used. In addition, tendencies towards parochialism, narrow nationalism, giving up weapons and searching for compromise are noticed in some liberation movements as a result of self-isolation, the damage done by the authorities´ attacks and the negative effect created by the collapse of the USSR. Despite all this, the negative impact of the last 10 years is disappearing and the struggle of the peoples is being extended worldwide. And we see that there are other revolutionary movements that persevere in the correct path of armed struggle.

We declare that since imperialist powers deliver arms to the reactionary regimes, the people have the lawful right to use these arms in their struggle against imperialism for their freedom and national liberation.

The basic necessities of the revolutionary forces are to trust in their own strength and determination to achieve revolutionary power. In today´s world, in this period of history, our words and attitude are very important, now more than ever.

Our task is to bring about revolution. Our task is to put an end to the domination imperialism and its collaborators exercise over our people. In this sense our agenda consists of stepping up our peoples´ revolutionary struggle for power. We have the task of strengthening revolutionary internationalism and joint work, with the aim of firmly linking our peoples together.

Our organisations wish to declare that we are united on taking concrete steps among ourselves to strengthen international co-operation and solidarity against imperialism and regimes hostile to the people.

The more the revolutionary friendship and fraternal solidarity of our peoples develop, the closer we will come to achieving the goals of independence, democracy and socialism. We look forward to great strides and great victories in the struggle against imperialism and for socialism in the 21st century.





Devrimci Halk Kurtulus Partisi-Cephesi (DHKP-C) /Turkey and Kurdistan
Movimiento Revolucionario Tupac Amaru (MRTA) /Peru
Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) /Philippines
Frente Patriotico Manuel Rodriguez (FPMR) /Chile
Partido Mapu /Chile
Parti du Travail de Belgique (PTB) /Belgium
All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks) (AUCPB) /Former Soviet Union
Communist Action Group (CAG) /Britain
Iranian People´s Fedayee Guerrillas (IPFG) /Iran