DHKC: Elections in Turkey, Counter-guerrilla infiltrates parliament

There are already several top level bureaucrats, chiefs of police, directorsof security resigning from their positions and queuing up for the membershipto the parliament, even cabinet posts. Who is not amongst them? Istanbulchief of security Necdet Menzir, Governor of Istanbul Hayri Kozakcioglu,Director general of security Mehmet Agar, Govern or General of state ofemergency region Unal Erkan, Former attorney general of state security courtsNusret Demiral… In other words, all the known figures who planned andcarried out attacks against people which resulted in missing persons, summaryexecutions, mass murders, burning of whole villages, tortures, etc on behalfof the Counter-guerilla state are on their way to the parliament. This process is being closely supervised by the Prime Minister Tansu Ciller. Tansu Ciller’s arrival literally hand in hand with Necdet Menzir and Hayri Kozakcioglu to the party conference in which the election campaign begun isone of the many examples of it. As it is known, Menzir and Kozakcioglu aredirectly responsible for the attacks against the people in Istanbul.

These figures are not picked solely to create an image for the bourgeoispolitics. This is a direct intervention by the Counter-guerilla to parliamentand avoid any kind of restrictions. There is an a priori agreement on allsides that these fi gures will be ministers or at least hold key positions. Inother words the Counter-guerilla is trying to make interventions into thenewer and deeper crisis’ in the future from above.Various bourgeois politicians, columnists and members of parliament who wishthe regime to be kept within the legitimate boundaries express their uneaseover these developments. The chairman of the inquiry on the murders carriedout by unknown suspects, an expelled member of True Path Party (TPP) SadikAvundukoglu stated the following: “Top level Security staff are trying tocapture Parliament dressed as civilians. I am warning the citizens. Theyshould defend their rights. They must see the danger… Politics is a bridgebetween the people and the state. If these (ex-officials) enters theparliament the bridge will be demolished.” These warnings should beinterpreted as the signs of anxiety the bourgeois politicians have for thefuture of the regime. They seem tot have certain belief in the necessity ofkeeping the re gime within its legitimacy even to a small degree. They warnthe enormity of danger if the boundaries were overruled.

There is also the anxiety about the people’s reluctance to have furtherinvolvement with the bourgeois politics. Indeed the people do not showinterest in the elections. While attendance to the 1991 elections was 60%. Itis expected to be less in this elections. It seems that bourgeoisie politicalmarket is being seized by its rightful owners, namely Counter-guerilla andthe mafia. Ministry of Justice Criminal Records Directorate made thefollowing announcement. “Most applicants for the candidacy have criminalrecord. Many of those are embarrassing crimes such as unbalanced cheques andbonds, bribery and impropriety.”
It is obvious that these are episodes of an organised plan. This is anattempt to consolidate the Counter-guerilla Republic. So far many steps weretaken. Now they want to put all the pieces together. Following the elections,inter-parliamentary new alliances, n ew regroupings and reorganisations willreconsolidate the regime.
But the crisis will not end only deepen with sharpened contradictions. With the aid of key Counter-guerilla figures being placed within the parliament,the state’s new front against its own people gives the indications that thewar carried out on the people, shamelessness, terror, furious exploitationwill be on the increase and rubber-stamped by the parliament and thegovernment.
With it our war of people’s liberation will grow even bigger!…

Excerpts from the press…

Zulfu Livanelli:“The transfer of that many police, governors and directorsinto the parliament and the government by the TPP and NAP (**) alliance isnothing other than the admission of the secret government. Weren’t H.Kozakcioglu, U. Erkan and N. Menzir in power up until now anyway?” (Milliyet*,4.11.1995)

Fikret Bila:
“Legal as well as the political reasons necess itates thatthese elections should not be carried out. The TPP- NAP-Bureaucracy allianceindicates that Turkey is subjected to be dragged into a new Fascist Front.”(Milliyet, 4.11.1995)

Yavuz Gokmen:
“This elections mean that our people will be forced into acivilian dictatorship.” (Hurriyet*, 4.11.1995)

Enis Berberoglu:
“Please, please, I don’t want to upset you. But I amcertainly not a candidate. My, my.. who am I anyway? I did not bankrupt anypublic bank. I didn’t carry out any summary execution. I did not beat upanybody. I did not swear at a minister. I don’t know how to win a contract ona 10% commission. I cannot be a coalition matchmaker. I cannot bark like aHis Master’s dog. What have I got to do amongst you?” (Hurriyet,2.11.1995)

Ertugrul Ozkok:
“People in the most delicate positions within the stateare falling over each other to resign and stand for the parliament. Have alook at the positions they are leaving? Police force, Privatisationdirectorate… and especially the public banks… In other words the mostargued over institutions in recent years. In other words from the gun and thestate money.”

(*) Milliyet and Hurriyet: Pieces of a press empire. Right wing newspaper(Hurriyet) is famous for carrying the news dictated by the Counter-guerilla.In very close contact with the circles of power in Turkey. Two together holdsthe largest circulation in Turkey.
(**) NAP: Nationalist action Party, Notorious extreme right wing partywith fascist overtures. Bitterly against Socialism, recognition of theKurdish nationals. Previously carried out mass murders.

Those who prepare for parliament….

Mehmet Agar: Former director of security, originally of Kurdish descent. He won famefor new and “original” torture methods. He shares responsibility in all thecrimes against people in Ankara a nd Erzurum since 1979. Holds first degreeresponsibility on the murder of 12 revolutionaries on the 12 July 1991. Hesaved his skin barely from the people’s Justice in Erzurum.
Necdet Menzir: Enemy of the People, mass murderer and torturer. So shameless to enterinto the torture chambers in person. Holds first degree responsibility on themurder of more than 200 progressive, patriotic and revolutionary and the “dissapearance” of another 19. He ordered the murder of 11 revolutionaries on the 16-17 April 1992.
Hayri Kozakcioglu:Responsible for all the crimes against the Kurdish nation including massmurder, oppression, terror, forcible eviction, burning villages etc. between1987 – 1993. Since 1993 one of the master planners of all crimes againstpeople in Istanbul. Responsible for Gazi massacre. Embezzled UN monies sentfor the Kurdish refugees. The incident was covered up despite the courtdecrees.
Unal Erkan: Originally Kurdish. Gove rnor General of State of Emergency Region since1993. One of the signatories of the crimes against the Kurdish people. Thearchitect of “systematic” torture and oppression as well as forced migrationby means of food embargo.
Dogan Gures: One of the Counter-guerilla chiefs. Retired armed forces chief of staff.Being protected by an army of body-guards on the Aegean coast. Responsiblefor the massacres and tortures in Kurdistan during his post.