Deathfasting political prisoner in Turkey was subjected to forced medical intervention

Today at 13.30 GMT, lawyers from the People’s Law Bureau, in their official Twitter profile, tweeted that political prisoner Mustafa Kocak, who has been on a hunger strike till death(Death Fast) for 255 days demanding a fair trial and justice, has been subjected to forced medical intervention.

Yesterday, around 3:00 pm local time, Mustafa was forcibly taken out from his cell at the Sakran Isolation Prison, located near the city of Izmir, western Turkey, and was taken against his will to the prison hospital on the pretext of danger to his life. Doctors have banned Mustafa Kocak from meeting everyone, on the pretext that there is a high risk of infection, and his lawyers have not been able to meet with him.

Lawyers from the People’s Law Bureau, said they had concerns about the health and life of Mustafa Kocak, as forced medical intervention which means infusion of nutrients and medicines into the body can lead to mutilation, and it is a method for torture. Torture is a crime against humanity.

Mustafa Kocak, who was forcibly taken to the hospital on the pretext that there is a danger for his life, should be released immediately after a forensic examination. The applications made by his lawyers in this regard were rejected.

According to information provided by Mustafa Kocak’s relatives, at the first moment, while conscious, he was able to disconnect the serum and the systems to which he was connected against his will. There is no information on what Mustafa Kocak’s current health state is.

Mustafa Kocak’s father, Hasan Kocak, called on all those who support his son’s struggle to go to Izmir and show their support.


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