A corrupt system but revolution will clean it…

Local elections took place on March 30, 2014. The elections produced no “surprise”. The oligarchy can create no alternatives. The parties in the provincial general councils and the councils of the major cities received the following shares of the vote: AKP 43.3%, CHP 25.64%, MHP 17.67%, BDP 4.68%. The AKP in the 2011 general election received close to 50% of the vote. Despite the AKP’s thefts, corruption, fascist terror and the dirt, unemployment, hunger and poverty it sows, the explanation for it receiving such a high vote is the system’s lack of ways out.

The March 30 elections were elections utterly appropriate to a corrupt system. The elections finished, the arguments go on… Can it be expected that an election will happen under the normal rules made by the theiving, greedy, corrupt system that gorges itself on the marrow and blood of the people? Votes stolen and burned, Objections lodged and new election counts ordered…

The AKP government will try to use the votes to conceal all its dirt, and the elections also showed its expertise in the act of theft.

The imperialists and the collaborationist oligarchy cannot create any alternative party to the AKP to represent them in parliament. While the March 30, 2014 local elections on the one hand are an opportunity for the oligarchy to take a breath in its administration crisis, on the other hand the elections have deepened the crisis even further.

In countries like ours, elections are a breathing tube for the oligarchy. They are the form fascism takes in practice. They are the most important mask covering fascism. In neo-colonies such as ours another term for fascism is “ballot box democracy”. The situation we find ourselves in today is such a concrete manifestation of this.

The AKP confronts all voices that contradict it with TOMAs, truncheons, pressurised water and gas canisters. Detention, imprisonment, torture… Censorship and bans… We are among the front ranks on a world scale in such matters. Over three years, or five, democracy has been reduced to planting a ballot box in front of the people. Criticising the prime minister, writing, speaking are prohibited: “Whatever cards you have to play, let’s setle it at the elections,” he says. And other than casting a vote, the struggle to search for any kind of rights is forbidden.

The system does not respect its own institutions, judiciary and laws… After open crimes like stealing trillions of lira, corruption and bribery, Prime Minister Erdogan says “Our people will decide at the ballot box” and looks to the elections to launder all his dirty work.

In ballot box democracies, the elections are a means used by the system parties for pulling people back into the system when the repressiveness of fascism, terror, hunger and poverty deprives the people of hope in the system. The system gasps for breath and looks to the elections to ease its crisis.

In neo-colonies, in elections the party in power is held responsible for the structural crisis of the system and through a change of government the people’s displeasure and anger is used to pull them back into the system…

But on March 30 the elections did not achieve such a result. If the AKP received a high vote of 45% the crisis of administering the country only became greater. Because against the 45% there are also the 55%. And the gradually increasing anger of the people cannot be drawn inside the system by parties like the CHP and MHP.

Despite all the AKP’s theft, corruption and plunder, the people see no hope in the CHP and MHP. Against the AKP the only growing alternative is the PEOPLE! And this alternative is not inside the system, reformist, conciliatory, but in a resisting and revolutionary spirit. Revolutionaries unite around slogans, and resistance is the means by which revolutionaries resist.

The June Uprising was where the people saw their own power. The CHP and reformist left are not able, despite all attempts, to direct the growing popular anger inside the system. With every passing day it is ever clearer that AKP fascism cannot be brought down by the system parties.

It will soon be more clearly seen through the March 30 local elections that while the AKP tries to whitewash itself through the bllot box and make its government legitimate, the people cannot demand a reckoning from it at the ballot box.


However much the AKP, uses demagogy that “our people prefer us, they chose us again”, against the 45% of the AKP, those who did not vote for the AKP and despise it amount to 55% of the people.

The AKP cannot continue in power by saying “behind us we have such and such a number of people voting for us…” There is no alternative to using yet more terror, repression and bans against the people.

The AKP’s lies no longer have an effect on a large section of the people. Against the AKP’s fascist terror the people are no longer silent as of old… It is of no importance that the people vote for this or that system party. Since the June Uprising the people preserve their spirit of rebellion. It sees that it will be able to struggle by resisting AKP fascism and fighting it, resisting police terror with Stones, sticks, Molotovs and barricades…

All institutions of the state are identified with the AKP by the people. The AKP’s police, the AKP’s army, the AKP’s judiciary, health services and so on… The people do not trust the state institutions. So Tayyip Erdogan saw the slightest stirring of the people in the June Uprising… And we saw in Erdogan’s election speeches what a nightmare it was for him…

The AKP can give nothing to the people in the parliamentary elections other than terror. So the AKP crisis of administration will also continue to increase. Again in August, there will be presidential elections and the parliamentary elections due in 2015 if not earlier will not solve the oligarchy’s government crisis…

And as the system’s administration crisis deepens, this means the revolutionary situation connected to it will ripen…

LENIN, in his work entitled Socialism and War, puts the revolutionary situation like this;
“(1) when it is impossible for the ruling classes to maintain their rule without any change; when there is a crisis, in one form or another, among the “upper classes”, a crisis in the policy of the ruling class, leading to a fissure through which the discontent and indignation of the oppressed classes burst forth. For a revolution to take place, it is usually insufficient for “the lower classes not to want” to live in the old   way; it is also necessary that “the upper classes should be unable” to live in the old way; (2) when the suffering and want of the oppressed classes have grown more acute than usual; (3) when, as a consequence of the above causes, there is a considerable increase in the activity of the masses, who uncomplainingly allow themselves to be robbed in “peace time”, but, in turbulent times, are drawn both by all the circumstances of the crisis and by the “upper classes” themselves into independent historical action.”
We can sum it up like this: “The rulers, that is, the ruling classes cannot rule in the old way and those who are ruled do not want to be ruled in the old way”…

On March 13 in Istanbul, three million people said farewell to Berkin Elvan while on the same day in Ankara, AKP Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, Assistant Foreign Secretary Ferudun Sinirlioglu, MIT director Hakan Fidan and General Staff second chairman Yasar Guler held a “top secret” meeting. At this meeting, by means of a listening device, it was shown the AKP staffs are making a plan to attack the Suleyman Sah tomb in Syria in order to trigger a war and save the AKP from its crisis.

The method of the fascist state to rule the people is plots, inventions, lies, slanders, lynchings and massacres. By setting up an attack on the Suleyman Sah tomb the AKP is trying to start a war.

The most basic truth shown by the bugging device is how corrupted these institutions have become. The enemies of the people make plans to start a war… How helpless they are…

The AKP’s foreign minister Ahmet Davutoglu’s utterances allow us to see how the system has collapsed. Davutoglu says; “At the moment we have to march over some individuals and people in order to be able to take proper decisions…”.

General Staff second chairman Yasar Guler says: “The state instrument is not working at the moment”…

This shows how great the crisis of the AKP government is… The system is leaking filth from every pore. This system is rotting in its own filth.

The duty of revolutionaries is to deepen the oligarchy’s governmental crisis!

The emperor has no clothes. Davutoglu and Guler are admitting it. This system is collapsing.

TUSIAD members and their collaborationist monopolies with their constant statements are deepening the AKP’s crisis of government by referring to the AKP’s problems. The rulers do not want administration in this form to go on, without a change. Because no matter how profitable the AKP is for them, they do not feel safe.

We hear constant calls for “stability” from the reformist parties. Stability means the stability of the system. The stability of the system means the continuing of exploitation without any problems. Stability inside the system means exploitation without obstacles. The work of revolutionaries is not to call for stability. The duty of revolutionaries is to deepen the crisis of the oligarchy.

The bourgeoisie is the representative of a system in decay. The corruption is present in the working world of the bourgeoisie, the world of the family, the poltical world and none of these are independent from one another. Morals, honour, glory have been wiped from their books. In the class struggle it is only the revolutionaries who defend values.
THE BOURGEOISIE HAVE NO MORALS OR PRINCIPLES! Plots, ambushes, slander, threats, blackmail…All these are the ways that bourgeois politics is administered.

The bourgeoisie tramples all values under foot and replaces them with money relations and sees everything as a commodity. The decay of the bourgeois order is contained in the alienation of human beings from one another and “all that matters is money”.

And it is in this image of decay that the revolutionaries with their spotless history and clean politics can stand out as different. You can look for this in vain in bourgeois politics. The only road to liberation from this corruption andthis swamp is revolution, under the leadership of revolutionaries!

We have been fighting for 44 years to overturn the oligarchy’s corrupt system.

On March 30, 1972 Mahir and his friends increased the oligarchy’s crisis at Kizildere and showed Turkey and the world the way to tear down the corrupt system….

44 years we have been marching on the road of Kizildere.

Founding of Hope.

In commemeoration of our martyrs we went to the grave of our Uncle and then went to Kizildere where the manifesto of Turkey’s revolution was written.

Kizildere is the place of birth of the revolution as opposed to the rotten capitalist system.

Only revolution can purify a rotten system.

For 44 years we have been fighting to tear down this rotten, foul-smelling system!

We are dying and killing for the sake of founding Turkey as an independent and democratic state…

But we will tear down this system. And clean up the filth…

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