The People’s Councils are now on the agenda. They were much discussed, albeit not in a very progressive way. It was not asked what was necessary and urgent now, theoretical and abstract aspects were discussed instead.

The People’s Councils are now a matter of urgency, but they will have far reaching consequences for the future. On the way they will develop in the future, we will only have influence in practice.

The People’s Council is no longer a mere utopian proposal, it has come to life. This institution is still very young, and participation is limited. But experiences will be gathered. The idea will spread.

The booklet “50 Questions about the People’s Councils” explains what a People’s Council is and what purposes it should serve, without going into theoretical and abstract questions. The brochure intends to show how a People’s Council is organised and how it gets started. The formation process is realised by the workers in a neighbourhood and the People’s Councils themselves, according to the words of a revolutionary genius: “Get the masses moving and let them have the initiative…”

 The People’s Councils are important for the future of our people and its struggle. This practice and theory will spread. It will be an enrichment for our people, for our country and for our struggle. These Councils will teach us new things. They will give the people an even stronger coherence against the cruel order and they will serve as a basis for a better future.

Let us strengthen the People’s Councils to become stronger.

“The masses are the real stronghold”

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