Where is the Revolutionary Arameans activist and journalist Dallala Nirto?

Dallala (Dallale) Nitro, also known as Duygru Arinç, is a 22-year-old lawyer Student from Hamburg. She is an activist of the People’s Movement Revolutionary Arameans and journalist in the People’s Council of the Aramaeans.

Since July 22, 2019, every sign of life from her is missing. On this day she wanted to leave her home in visit Mardin (Sirnak)/Turkey; but She never got there.

At Istanbul airport, her trail gets lost. Since that day, her social media accounts have been deleted and her communication devices turned off.

After the Aramean People’s Council issued a multilingual appeal, a witness has come forward. The man stated that he saw Dallala on June 29, 2019 at Istanbul airport accompanied by a Turkish policeman and an unknown person.

On August 20, 2019… also a witness from Turkey, who reported that he has contacts with a left-wing cyber-movement from Turkey and was made aware of the issue by the People’s Council of the Arameans through the Dallala search campaign.

He asked the cyber-movement from Turkey to do research on Dallala within the Turkish state. The results were subsequently communicated to the People’s Council of the Aramaeans:

Dallala was called “Revolutionary Arameans” because of its membership in the Aramaean People’s Movement and its journalistic activities for the People’s Council of the Aramaeans was arrested by the Turkish secret service (MIT).

She was subsequently …brought to a secret location, interrogated there…and tortured. The current stay and health status is still unknown. In Turkey, the social media are blocked and banned by the People’s Council of the Aramaeans through a criminal court of Ankara, since 16.07.2019.

That means one month before the kidnapping of Dallala by the Turkish secret service, any journalistic activity was classified as terrorist by the People’s Council of the Aramaeans.

The People’s Council of the Aramaeans of Europe calls on the fascist Turkish state government of the AKP to release immediately the activist and journalist Dallala Nitro, of the People’s Movement Revolutionary Arameans,

The ban by the People’s Council of the Aramaeans in of Turkey, The criminal case for alleged to stop “terror support” against the Aramaic monk Aho Bilecen, to stop the repression against the Aramaic monastery of Mor Gabriel, To hand over the murdered parents of the Aramaic priest Remzi Diril by the fascist counter-guerrilla,

The full disclosure of the Turkish secret service agent and war criminal Abu Banat, who killed the Aramaean bishops Pavlos Yazigi and kidnapped Johanna Ibrahim,

Acknowledge the 1915 Aramaic genocide and immediately stop the current massacres against the Aramaic people in Syria as well as in Iraq by the Turkish military and its fascist militias!



-People’s Council of the Aramaeans of Europe-

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