We are the sole alternative of this system

What is essential in capitalism? Profit, money. What is essential in socialism? The satisfaction of needs of the people. There’s no intention as making profit or gaining money. That’s why the poor population of third world countries is destitute of everything, lags behind everything. Those, whom have money, can study, they can make music, do not have to feel cold in winter, can eat organic food. Those, who do not have money, can neither see a doctor or heat their houses, nor can they make sport or healthy diet. But this is everyone’s right. Everyone has the right to live a joyful and peaceful life. Happiness and the satisfaction of basic needs can’t be dependent from money of a person. For, we believe in that, we take action to solve the problems of the people. We can’t wait for that until revolution, the problems have to be solved there and then. Because people are confronted with them in this very moment. Capitalism leaves our poor population without alternatives on every level. It shows it’s own methods and it‘s own exploitation system as it’s the only way forward. Because production isn’t made according to the needs of the people, but for profit, almost everything is much more expensive as it should be and can only be affordable for those, who have money. Therefore, people are deprived of many innovations and developments. It deems the population worthy of unhealthy nourishment. As much capitalism is a system based on the POWERLESSNESS of the people, socialism is based on the POWERFULLNESS of the people. The powerful people are, the powerful is socialism.
As sophisticated as people are, as much as they are equipped with scientistic knowledge and self confidence, as invincible is socialism. One of the objectives of socialism is to step up the standard of living and welfare for all people.
It aims the development of people at all areas, both economically, culturally, socially and politically. It targets to advance people’s values of quality and admiration.
Socialism is not just an issue of hunger and toughness but aims at enrichment and flourishing of the population at all areas.

We do not simply refuse, protest and move over.

We will take power. We will establish our own power. And we’ll build up everything from scratch.
We will improve the world, that has been turned upside down. Therefore, we can’t just refuse.
The projects we’re putting into practice are concrete alternatives of socialists against capitalism.
We’re going to multiply these examples and regulate the life of the people step by step. We’ll start to show these with examples; what kind of country we’ll live in, when we come to power.
While continuing the revolutionary struggle most effectively, we already plan our future today.

Let us examine more closely, which steps we’ve started