Two political prisoners in Turkey were forcibly taken to a prison hospital for forced medical intervention

Last evening at around 18:30(local time), the lawyers from the People’s Law Office (Halkın Hukuk Bürosu) in their official Twitter account, announced that the political prisoners Didem Akman and Özgür Karakaya, who since February 19, 2020, are on a Death Fast(hunger strike till death) with demands for improvement in prison conditions and fair trials, were forcibly removed from their cells late yesterday afternoon and taken to the hospital at the Şakran prison complex.

Shortly afterward, the two political prisoners were returned to their cells respectively in the women’s and men’s isolation prisons in the same prison complex. After the “treating specialist” observing the case of the two prisoners, has objected to the return to their cells, Akman and Karakaya were returned against their will to the hospital of the Şakran prison complex.

Information about the abduction of the two political prisoners was reported to lawyers from the families of Didem Akman and Özgür Karakaya. Akman and Karakaya’s lawyers and relatives fear they will be subjected to forced medical intervention, which is an extremely brutal form of torture used against revolutionaries conducting hunger strikes as a form of protest against the injustices imposed by the fascist oligarchy.

In mid-March this year, political prisoner Mustafa Koçak, who was on a Death Fast demanding a fair trial, was taken to the same hospital, in the Şakran prison complex, where he was subjected to various brutal tortures for 5 days without interruption. Koçak martyred nearly 40 days later, with nerve connections in his pelvis and musculoskeletal system severely affected during the forced medical intervention and brutal torture. Earlier this week, the court in Istanbul, take a decision, that there is no need to investigate the case of the torture and forced medical interruption against Mustafa Koçak in the hospital of the Şakran prison complex, near the city of Izmir.

Lawyers and relatives of Didem Akman and Özgür Karakaya are demanding an end to all attempts for forced medical intervention and demands of the Death Fast – improvements in prison conditions, and fair trials to be accepted immediately.

We will continue to inform our readers about the development of the case of the attempts for forced medical intervention against the two political prisoners.

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