Two members of TAYAD were detained during a protest action in Istanbul

On Saturday (January 5th), two members of the TAYAD were detained by the Istanbul police after they successfully cross the police blockade on Galatasaray Square and protest the imposition of prisoner uniforms on political prisoners.

The two members of the association, Feridun Osmanagoglu and Ismail Kara, wore vests on which was writte: “We will not wear prisoner uniforms!” Kara and Osmanolu chanted slogans such as: “End the isolation in Sincan prison!” And “Torturing people is dishonorable! “. Shortly after the start of their protest, Osmanagaoglu and Kara were detained by the police. Before the fascist authorities imposed a protest ban on the Galatasaray Square every Saturday, members of the TAYAD held protest actions against isolation in Turkish prisons and the imposition of uniforms for political prisoners.

Galatasaray Square, located in the center of Istanbul, has been under constant police blockade for several months, with the perimeter around it almost completely blocked by police barriers. The reason for the blockade was the attempt of fascist state in Turkey, to stop all sorts of protests.The ban on Galatasaray square was ordered by the interior minister, who banned all kinds protests in the Beyoglu district, in which boundaries is located the square.