The truth: American imperialism means exploitation and massacres! (2002)

Date: September 10, 2002 Statement: 22

The truth: American imperialism means exploitation and massacres!

Consequently: in order to survive, the peoples must resist imperialism and must struggle against it!

It is the first anniversary of the action which struck at America on September 11.
In the course of the past year, the terrorism, threats and aggression of US imperialism have reached unprecedented new levels.

And we can also say without fear of contradiction that in the year past, American terrorism did not force the peoples of the world to give in.
Last year, a few days after September 11, the entire world was exposed to tough and empty talk about fighting terrorism. Countries, peoples, organisations, religions, opinions were declared one after another to be targets.
An intimidating atmosphere descended upon the entire world. The USA was about to destroy all its opponents!
Influenced by this atmosphere, the European imperialists set aside their internal contradictions and subordinated themselves to the USA, the Islamists busied themselves with claiming that September 11 could not have been carried out by Muslims and the democrats competed with each other to see who was most indignant about terrorism and violence.

We were the ones who opposed US terrorism
We made the TRUTH ABOUT THE WORLD clear, without letting ourselves be influenced by demagogy about terrorism, violence and civilians. And we invited everybody to discuss this TRUTH.
We declared that there were points in the September 11 action to be criticised, but that should not prevent us from discussing the objective reasons for the action.
It was the USA that was in the dock.
With our ideological clarity and political courage, we called things by their right names and condemned them.

Naturally, this attitude of ours made us a pre-eminent target of the imperialists. And that is what happened. Then the USA presented us as one of the organisations that was a principal target. After that the European imperialists placed us on their list of terrorist groups. But the truth about the world remained the same and did not alter.
This truth could not be changed either by smart bombs or by terror lists.
A year has gone by. America has levelled Afghanistan to the ground. In Palestine, Colombia, our country and the Philippines it has carried out operations against the revolutionaries or had others carry them out.
And that is the balance drawn up for an entire year. AMERICAN TERRORISM COULD NOT MAKE THE WORLD SURRENDER.
On the contrary, in the past year the USA was condemned by the peoples of the earth.

The statement on September 11 presents the truth about the world

In the past year the world passed through a phase in which the shameless lies put about since the collapse of the USSR were exposed and it was freed from demagogy about a unipolar world.
The exploitation the world had to suffer under and the camouflage behind which massacres were committed and which served to hide them have been revealed.
The discussion about whether or not imperialism has changed has been brought to an end by imperialism itself.
It is imperialism with its exploitation and massacres, in the form the people of the world have recognised for centuries. It has not changed in any way. Changing would be contrary to its very existence. Discussion to the contrary was guided by people who relied on other forces and did not possess the strength to resist the new American world order. When these forces collapsed, so did their means of hiding their own capitulation.
The world is confronting the truth.
Over the past year it has become clear that one cannot run from the truth and hide from it forever. Those who run from the truth and hide from it are condemned to failure before the bar of history.
It was inevitable that a period of this kind would be lived through.
The title of the first declaration that we issued just three days after September 11, APPEAL TO TRUTH was the expression of this inevitability.
Those who could only see the September 11 action and its implementation in terms of conspiracy theories, those who only saw it as blind Islamist terrorism or those who saw it like US President Bush does as a terrorist attack are now confronted by the fact that such viewpoints fail to explain anything.
On the anniversary of September 11 we can express our sympathy for the dead and the ordinary members of the population who do not bear responsibility for the USA’s machinery of exploitation. But this anniversary cannot be restricted to that.

American imperialism, which only considers Americans to be human beings and sees the impoverished peoples as bugs who can be stepped on, is responsible for all violence in the world!

Do they know how many people on earth have lost their lives between September 11, 2001 and September 1, 2002 as a result of imperialism’s bombing and shelling?
Do they know how many millions of people in Africa and Asia have lost their lives as a result of the uncontrolled exploitation practised there?
They must know it. At the very least they should take an interest in it and find answers to these questions.
They would like the entire world to brim over with tears for the dead in the Twin Towers. In the bourgeois media, these are accompanied with dramatic pictures and heart-rending music. But what about those who died in Afghanistan? Or in Palestine?
Or the dead in Colombia, Nepal and the Philippines?
Or those in Africa and Asia who die of hunger and disease?
Or those who have died in the neo-colonial countries because the USA’s henchmen have deprived people of their rights?
If you only mourn for the one and do not remember or understand the others, then the tears shed for the dead in the Twin Towers are nothing more than a state of mind desirable to US imperialism.
Those who are pouring out tears for the dead in the Twin Towers are turning loose the dogs of war to slaughter the Iraqi people!

It is all quite overt: In America, while on the one hand the victims of September 11 are being remembered, on the other the very same America is preparing plans to massacre hundreds of thousands in Iraq.
The truth can be seen in the light of this quite obvious contradiction.
Such and such countries are called dangerous, and in order to change their regimes all economic, political and military forces, from the IMF to contra-guerrillas, are set in motion.
Such and such national, revolutionary, Islamist movements were placed on lists of terrorist groups with the aim of destroying them.
Shortly after September 11 America carried out an attack that was neither right nor legitimate. During this attack, tens of thousands of people in Afghanistan were massacred or were injured with permanent consequences.
On September 14, 2001, when America was distorting the facts with demagogy about terrorism and was declaring war on the entire world, we said the following about the possibility that the USA would attack Afghanistan:
You could execute or slaughter people in Afghanistan or unleash a bloodbath in some other country. And then? Violence breeds violence in response. That is a quite simple fact that everyone should know. (Bulletin of the Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party, number 14)
The USA has committed massacres in Afghanistan and arranged a bloodbath in Palestine. At the moment it is preparing to unleash further bloodletting.
The result?
The result is that the anger of the world’s peoples is now even more intensively targeting the USA.
They are trying to legitimise the USA’s economic and political terrorism under the guise of fighting terrorism!
Globalisation, a unipolar world, the war against terrorism, whatever you want to call it: the aims of American imperialism are so obvious that they cannot be kept secret.
The USA is trying to create a world in which the world’s population can be directed hither and thither for a piece of bread and a gulp of water just like in the times of slavery, be fed just enough to survive, and have all governments in the world Americanised and all opposition forces intimidated.
The war against terrorism conceals the intentions of the empire.
The war against terrorism is a pretext invented to spill the blood of the peoples in the interests of the monopolies.
Look at the organisations that were put on the terrorism list, and look at the countries accused of supporting terrorism. It is not just those who are conducting an armed struggle who are on this list. It is not just socialist countries which are on the list. Nearly everybody who is opposed to US imperialism is on the list, and those who are not on it are candidates for the list!
The terrorism list is the direct expression of an empire’s wishes. The result of the wish to let no force exist that could rebel against it.
But the calculations of the USA have not come to pass because the longings and the demands of banned organisations, countries and peoples have not been taken into account.
They rebel against the USA in the name of the peoples of the earth in order to put an end to misery, barbarism and exploitation. This wish of the peoples cannot be destroyed. It is the wishes and interests of the peoples that are legitimate. For this reason the terrorism lists are not legitimate and cannot stop the struggle of the peoples.

The USA is principally responsible for hunger and misery.
The peoples of the earth will resist and struggle against the USA. The peoples of the world have no other choice if they want bread and freedom as well as to live according to their own will and beliefs!
What the USA has done in the past year is enough to draw upon itself the wrath of the peoples, without taking into account events before September 11.
In our September 14 statement we said that the people’s wish for bread, justice, freedom and independence could not be suppressed. However strong the USA’s military power is, that remains the case.
Moreover, in the same statement we spoke of: a world worth living in: where the USA does not humiliate the peoples or let them go hungry, where justice and what is right are not abolished, where America together with England do not bomb the peoples of the world. A world in which nobody says, ‘I do not like your government and so I can foment military coups against it.’
The main obstacle to such a world is American imperialism. The exploitation and massacres for which this empire is responsible. The peoples must remove this obstacle from their path if they are to lead a life of human dignity. O they must at least render it ineffective. The peoples will resist and fight for that.
The Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party is one of the parties of the oppressed.
It believes that the liberation of the peoples of Turkey and the world is possible if American imperialism is resisted and fought. For this reason, within the framework of its own principles, it supports all the oppressed in their struggle against America.
In the struggle against the USA our Party is on the side of the Islamists, revolutionaries, democrats, anti-globalisation campaigners and defenders of the environment, in short, all those sections which stand in contradiction to imperialism.
For today, the principal contradiction is the contradiction between US imperialism and the peoples of the world.
Peoples of the world and organised forces of the people!
While we continue the struggle amid our ideological differences, let us unite against American imperialism.

Devrimci Halk Kurtulus Partisi
Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party