The tortourous USA brings “democracy” to the world

The tortourous USA brings “democracy” to the world

The USA is waging a war against the countries and occupies them. It violates all national and international laws.

To intimidate and make surrender the peoples of the country it has occupied, it uses torture, rape, massacre and any kind of terror activity. It endorses the same practices to its collaborators in the countries, which are not directly occupied by imperialism but under secret occupation through the collaborating regimes. For instance, the torture, massacres and rapes which are a means of torture and destruction of the personality, are ‘made by the USA’. There were created all kind of logistic possibilities, so that the USA is able to apply these activities most extensive. Therefore it has openened the ‘School of America’ and there it teaches how to use crimes against humanity, as for example torture, how to succeed in plots, how to commit massacres, coups, and even rapes, in order to intimidate the people.

To commit all these crimes against the humanity, it produces its means of torture as fabrication and develops the isolation prisons and tretman practices (programm for the destruction of the personality)…

There’s nothing secret about this. It’s not possible to commit them secretly on secret places. There is no reason for the US-imperialism to commit these crimes secretly. Cause there’s no force that could stand against it. The only force against it is the resistance forces of the entire people. It doesn’t feel any need to hide these methods, cause all its terror is anyway used against these forces.

The USA which is committing all these crimes against humanity, also wants to enforce all these terror applications to its allies EU and other countries and collaborating regimes in the neo-colonies. To make imperialism be the only ruling force in the world and because it feels the need to judge its opposition and seem “just” in the public, in the discussions about the International Criminal Court, the USA is reckless enough to say “These courts can’t indict my citizens, if it trying to indict them, I will conquer the Netherlands (the country in which the ICC was set up). And the EU countries left the US citizenns out of the competences of the ICC due to these threats of the USA.

As the gendarm of imperialism, the same USA calls the countries who are opposing their politics “FRONT OF EVIL” and puts the organisations that fight against its politics into the list of terrorist organisations applying “BLACK LISTS”, announcing that it is going to destroy them.

It is enforcing the same things to ally countries like EU.

The black list of the EU arose with this enforcement. It didn’t even pass the legal procedure required by the EU and was accepted and implemented in an illegal way. To prevent the forces from taking a position against these practices the EU countries began to release Anti-Terror-Laws for the removal of democratic rights.

In its war against Afghanistan and Iraq, which is directed against the people, the USA doesn’t respect any international law.

It has commited the crime of massacres.

The USA has occupied these countries, confiscated all the opulences of the country and robbed their historical values. They still continue steal the petrol of Iraq. The USA forthright robs and uses violence.

It is either trying to break the personality of the people in the country that it conquers illegally by torture, while bringing them to the concentration camps of the new generation Guantanamo, or it is killing hundreds of people in front of the camera, as it did in Afghanistan..

Especially the 15.000 prisoners in the prison camp Ebu Garip In Iraq and the 7.500 prisoners it helds in Umm Kasr, are subjected to torture, women and men are raped, with the counter-guerilla methods and under the direct leadership of the CIA.

The current pictures that view the torture and rapes in Iraq, are just a small part of the reality which has become public.

And finally, the confessions of the director of the prison camp Ebu Garip, Janis Kaprinski, “All these tortures were carried out under the direct participation and command of CIA agents’ prove that this torture politics is the general politics of the USA.


The USA brings “democracy” to Iraq by using any kind of terror, from massacres, robbery, banditry, torture to rape. The EU countries applaud to this democracy. That’s not even enough: As imperialists they also use the US politics in their own countries. With their new Anti-Terror-Laws, for example the Terrorism Act 2001 in England, which is also known as Guantanamo law, people can even be held lifelong under isolation without any investigation. Italy is adapting the illegal issued black list and based on its new Anti-Terror-Law No. 270 it is carrying out common police operations in Italy, Belgium, Netherlands and Turkey and to support the fascist regime in Turkey, it tramples under foot any law, terrorising legal and legitimate institutions in these countries.

Two years ago, on 3 May 2002, EU black list was published with the pressure of the USA. The black list for which wasn’t even approved by the European Parliament, is an example of total illegality.

There is no OBLIGATION TO GIVE ANY REASON for the inclusion of organisations to the black list of the EU.

Those persons and organisations who were included to the list, do not have the RIGHT TO APPEAL against it.

Although this decision which wasn’t approved by the EU doesn’t have the right to act, it is in practice used by the state prosecutors of EU-countries as an example of complete arbitraryness and illegality. This illegality is used against the DHKP-C, which was included to the list of the EU on 3 May 2002, by England, Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium.

By now it is even attempted to prohibit that we state the torture that is existing in our country.

Despite of the black lists we are going to continue to expose the reality in our country in every condition. We are going to continue to expose the fascist practices in our country and the methods of imperialism in the Middle East.

It is not terrorism to resist against fascism and imperialism, but a duty of humanity.

Those who are searching for terrorists should look at the US- terror on the torture photographs. The USA and EU, who created the black lists, have taken their places in the entire people’s list of criminals.


May 3, 2004