On whose orders and in whose interests did the Tsipras government jail revolutionaries, calling them terrorists?
On November 28 there was a “terror operation” in Greece. The Greek police raided houses and detained nine revolutionaries from Turkey. In the media there was a “DHKP-C operation”, a “terror operation”, and from the first the Greek police practised torture. Those who were detained were brought out the following day to make a statement and were tortured – they were dragged along by force and their faces were nearly unrecognisable.
They were on hunger strike over their unjust arrest but the torturers refused to allow them to receive water or sugar.
Some days later fascist Tayyip Erdogan visited Greece. They shook the hands of a fascist leader while attacking revolutionaries!
The torturers at their lowest…
Tsipras is prime minister of a neo-colonial country. It is of no importance that he calls himself “socialist” or “left-wing”. He is the representative of imperialism in his country. So whoever the imperialists call “terrorist” will also be a “terrorist” for him.
OK, why did the Tsipras government carry out this “DHKP-C operation before Erdogan’s visit” and why is it being presented as a success? To answer this question, it will be necessary to look to the politics of Syriza, its dependence on US and EU imperialism and its interests in relation to fascism in Turkey.

Syriza (Radical Left Coalition) came to power in Greece in elections in 2015 while known as socialist. Greece is one of the neo-colonial countries most affected with every passing year by the growing crisis of imperialism. In particular, following the 2008 crisis, because of growing indebtedness and economic crisis, the reactions by the people grew, actions and strikes spread. In this period Tsipras and Syriza were presented to the Greek people and the left as “hope”. In our country all the reformists greeted the victory of Tsipras, “a member of Communist Youth in his student days”. Some even rushed to proclaim that Syriza was their sister party.

However, Syriza, like all previous system parties, continued the policies that imperialism required of it. Policies of austerity and repression were pursued. Privatisation, price increases, growing inflation and foreign indebtedness continued. In particular, when the refugee crisis erupted as a result of foreign intervention in Syria, the interests of the European Union determined its policies. And tens of thousands of refugees were deprived of their basic right to life.
Tsipras, who calls revolutionaries struggling for the people “terrorists”, is an anti-socialist. He is a hypocrite. The greatest terrorism is collaboration with imperialism.

The marks of torture in these pictures show the ignobility and dishonour of Trump and Tsipras. The supporters of the Cephe(Front)remain upright and are the people’s honour with their marks of torture. While supporters of the Cephe shout “down with US imperialism!” Tsipras and Trump are its lapdogs. Those like Tsipras call revolutionaries terrorists in order to make people forget that they themselves are collaborationists.

In its election propaganda, “socialist Syriza” sought votes by saying that it would solve the crisis by cutting ties with the IMF, the World Bank and the European Commission and would not pay the debt, it promised to leave the IMF.
Tsipras came to power stressing that Europe’s exploitation of Greece and its dependent ties were the reason for the crisis and made propaganda about leaving the Euro zone.
Only six months later Tsipras sought a term saying “We want conditions to be created in which we will pay our debts by continuing our relations with Europe on a sound footing.” This contained nothing that could bring hope to the people of Greece or to the left of the world, yet the reformists still continued to present this as a solution. A case in point – one of the leaders of ESP (Socialist Platform Of The Oppressed), Ziya Ulusoy, had said the following after the election success of Syriza: he could say he believed that “this will be very effective throughout southern Europe. While in northern and central Europe the masses of the impoverished people are moving towards fascism, the fascist movement can be stopped and the masses of the people will again turn to the left”. (Quote from Yuruyus No. 457.)

Tsipras is a bourgeois: the only way to pay debts is to “tighten your belt” and even escalate austerity. So general strikes were called and the people continue to come out into the streets against “socialist Syriza”. While its ties of dependence on imperialism continue and gradually develop further, it is also seeking to correct its ties with Turkey. In October Tsipras was in the USA and said, “Turkey is a powerful member of NATO and cannot be separated from it. Moreover we support its EU membership.”
Syriza even allotted an island to the USA for use as a NATO base.

In conclusion:

This who turn over their soil to NATO, a war organisation of murderers who exploit the whole world to the marrow, are unable to refrain from calling revolutionaries “terrorists”.
Syriza which tortures revolutionaries from Turkey in the name of imperialism cannot be called left-wing and can offer no hope to the peoples.
Syriza which shakes hands with USA and EU imperialism and collaborates with fascism in Turkey can be no friend of the peoples.
Once again look at the faces of the tortured: these are the marks of fascism. Every blow struck in the name of imperialism will turn back on your own people in the form of price rises, tyranny and torture.
The visit of Tsipras to the White House deepened the dependence of the Greek people. Trump announced that the F-16 fighters used by Greece would be modernised at a cost of 2.4 billion dollars, and said this was good news. This means even deeper impoverishment.


We say to the Greek people, that those presented as being terrorists are the children of the people.
The true terrorists are Tsipras and his imperialist bosses.
Let us not accept those like Tsipras who in the name of leftism and socialism collaborate with imperialism and fascism.
Let us demand a statement from those like Tsipras on the matter of torture. Their shouts of “terrorism!” seek to cast a shadow over the legitimacy of struggle.
Terrorism is “methods like repression, torture and massacres, limited by no laws or rules, aimed at intimidating the people in order to govern or achieve political goals.”

We are not terrorists, we are revolutionaries!
Our struggle cannot be labelled terrorism – we wage people’s liberation war. We have the honour of struggling for independence against imperialism, democracy against fascism and socialism against capitalism!

Source: Emperyalizme ve Olıgarşiye karşı Yürüyüş(Marsh against Imperialism and Oligarchy), page 19, No. 44 ; December 10, 2017.

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