The Revolutionay Peoples Liberation Front is the flag of the opressed people of the world

As each crises of imperialism depended, the revolutionist rulers of the CPSU and similar countries , who were caught up in the “nuclear war” phobia obstructed the revolutions in various countries of the world because of the fear they had created in their own minds that their status quo would be shaken.

They isolated those who did not listen to them and allowed the imperialist to close-in every where. Their fear and collaboration gradually turned into surrender, betrayal and finally into allowing imperialism to take the final blow on those countries and to bring their collapse. It was so much so that when international solidarity had an historical significance during the Gulf war instead of taking side with the people who were under imperialist attack. On the contrary they became the key supporters of the massacre and exploitation was being forced upon the people of the middle east under the name of the new world order. Those who supported this imperialist attack, are directly responsible for the massacre and for the bombs that were dropped upon the people of the middle east, within the revolutionist front they have displayed to the people of the world their treachery.

However when we look at the honourable history of the struggle of the oppressed people of the world and the profetanat of the world, we can see as many positive examples of internationalism as well as the negative ones. What is of importance is to evaluate them with the accordance with the situation. And to add new loops to the positive examples. Che, one who symbolised proleterya internationalism as a revolutionary person. Said, ” Other countries in the world want the did of my humble efforts. I am able to do that which you are not able to do because of your responsibilities to Cuba it is time that we separated. You known that I do this with pain and in happiness here I leave the most purest of my hopes the most loved of my loves and I leave behind the people who have accepted me as their son. This means culting a piece of my soul.”

In the new fields of war I shall carry with me the belief that you have given to me, the revolutionary spirit of my people, the feeling of no matter where it may by one must carry on the task of struggling against imperialism. A I, he has saying good-bye to the people of Cuba and Its leader whose liberation’s he had fought for, he was adding another guiding loop to the Marxist-Leninist tradition of international solidarity of the people. The 3rd International, which was formed with the aim of developing revolutionaries of the world and to take to victory the revolutionary struggles of each country through an internationally organised proletariat, supported the Spanish Republicans who were resisting against the Franco fascism during the Spanish civil war. The reason for this was because the duty of Marxist-Leninist an international basis is as well as supporting the liberation struggle of the working class and of the oppressed people, is also to support the wars of states and classes which are directly weakening and setting back imperialism. With this aim communist from various countries formed an “International Barricade” and whilst fighting with in the Republic of Spain front against fascism they kindled the flame of fraternity amongst the peoples.

Internationalism, is a revolutionary tradition of the oppressed people, there are many fine examples that have been achieved through the sacrifices of the proletariat of the world and by the oppressed people.

In Angola, Holland in accordance with the interest of imperialism, against the spreading of racism in South Africa, in the years of struggle of the Cuba, in the revolutionaries of the world defending the CPSU under the slogan of “Defend the motherland of socialism” during the second imperialist share war years; in the French dock workers refusal to load the ships that were carrying weapons to Vietnam, and in the active role that the Red Army played in the Balkans and in the East European revolution through all of this the highest examples of international solidarity has lived.

The internationalist conscience and spirit which rose to its peak in the 1960`s in the revolutionary character of the who said;

“The victory of each country against imperialism is also a victory for as. At the some time the defeat of a country against imperialism is also means our defeat. Proletariat internationalism is not only a task for nations who are fighting for a better future at the some time it is compulsory.”

However, in the 1970`s with the influence of revisionism it began to be came distant and to darken. The problem is the comprehension of whether or not each countries revolution is a part of the world proletariat revolution and the building of socialism. “Those who do not act as the traffic warden for the left of the world, it has been proven that those who defend the revolutionary text of Marxism-Leninism and in accordance with this believe that it is necessary to wage and ideological struggle in the world generally and that parties of those countries which have achieved revolutions must aim to develop solidarity on the basis of criticism and fraternity. This is the rising point of an international attitude and to achieve revolution by applying Marxism-Leninism to our own concrete conditions. (From DHKP Congress Report)”


Despite the fact that in the CPSU 20th Congress resolutions the correct criticism of the deniance of internationalism, was made CPC did not continue with the correct attitude instead in the following years it remained logal and acted with the understanding of the “social imperialism theory” that they had created, that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. As a result of such understanding debate and all the establishment made in accordance with this distance and blunted the thoughts of internationalism. This growing separation has arrived at the point where if one is saying while the other is saying black.

A during a period when these is a great need for internationalism to develop with the aim of a united stand that there is a great lack of this solidarity and support, this has not led to a set back in the national and social liberation struggles of the oppressed peoples of the world it has also struck a blow in the belief of socialism. The reason for this is because internationalism which stated the basis of its solidarity with all the people of the world are equal, they are brothers and sisters and do everything possible in the war against the rulers was replaced with revisionism and the pragmatism of opportunism ,statuesque and gradually by treachery. The CPSU, CPC and the Labour Party of Albanian politics which had left it’s print up until the period leading to the 1980’s, which broke up the socialist force, which was the reason for the revolutionary forces becoming hostile to each other and which had for its own economic political interest shown no remorse is collaborating with the imperialist and when necessary even with the fascist regimes has today become completely bankrupt. In these countries for removed from Marxism- Leninism the politics of pragmatism and fear has directed.

Particularly the pragmatism of the CPSU revisionism, which was reflected through their external politics is one of the most sticking examples seen during that period. The invasion of Afghanistan has a historical importance in relation to this.

In many of the neo-colonyes a tooth for a tooth struggles for national and the peoples liberation were being continued against imperialism, to which the CPSU revisionism remained disinterested towards and in some cases actually openly displayed an obstructive attitude, it supported the revisionist “revolutionary model” in Afghanistan which relied upon the military-civil bureaucratic section, in other terms “the junta revolution” which did not have the support of the people. The show of support understanding that was displayed by the revisionist is not an attitude that is reflective of revolutionary internationalism. Whether this attitude was internationalism’s show of solidarity for the revolution or if it was the continuation of the disformed text of revisionism is a striking and when correctly ascertained an educational example.

Socialism has problems and these problems in the long term will be resolved by socialism for this reason it is wrong, to take the differences and turnings that exist within the socialist analysis to base hostility upon it and thus form camps, yet by defending the principal of criticisms and fraternity and by defending the fact that the actual task is to make a revolution in our own country the Marxists-Leninists are pronounced as “centralist”.

During this period many socialist countries and states within the international political arena gave importance in developing their relationships foremost in the direction of their own benefits and interest. The revolutionaries who “expected many thinks” from the socialist (revisionist) countries, the patriotic movements, and some of the countries experienced big depressing and to a great extend still are.

The values, principles of the revisionist rulers had become non existent and their politics was being directed by capitalist selfishisim and self interest, along with the substantial dicamponing that they were experiencing they were not able to with stand the blown of imperialism, one by one they collapsed. However, along with this collapse, as a result of the pragmatism that revisionism infected the world left, with the collapse of revisionism brought about those who felt powerless and lonely, organisation which effected by it shaped accordingly, thus as will as being a party to the surrender they are now applying more so the understanding of pragmatism in a more blatant way under the conditions of lonelinen and weakness. Of course as a result of this internationalism and words of revolutionary solidarity have lost their true meaning, they have hired into empty worlds, it’s place has been taken by capitalism two many interest relations. When one organisation is developing a revolutionary-patriotic relationship with another organisation, it has came to like point of evaluating what will benefit in return. Although this is not the case of every organisation but in general this is the case.

One of the important results that has been created by the revisionist system and by the relationships it has developed because of the huge irregularities in what they say and actually do is the trust and ethical moral depression. By saying “Long Live Internationalism” but not doing what is reguried by this in practice is a characteristic of the bourgeoisie and petite-bourgeoisie not of the socialist. Unity in words and to be principled is a factor that should be underlined. As stated by the revolutionary leader Amilcar Cabral “The basis of solidarity is very simple, to struggle.” The main problem of today is to struggle. Against the determination and exploitation of imperialism we must stand with class revenge and we must shout with all our strength our war slogans, not to be conscience of our historical responsibilities is to smear on the mark of shame on our forehead which we will continue to carry tomorrow.

Today the liberation movements, the Marxist-Leninist even if they are wrong have almost no country that they can evaluate, gain strength from such countries as Vietnam, Cuba, North Korea who have been closed in by the imperialist are continue in various ways the revisionist heritage of pragmatism by giving concessions to imperialism in this way they are thinking breaking up the imperialist closure it is very difficult to break up the imperialist closure with this politics.”

“Liberation movements and revolutions must develop, if imperialism is not struck by new blows for these countries to be rid of the closure is impossible, the thoughts of solving the problems that life brings will gradually secure the development of capitalism, it will take the revolution to a dangerous point. These countries, instead of developing the revolution, they have taken the daily problems as basis, they have emphasised on developing relations with imperialist and capitalist countries, they have incorrect thoughts of not giving importance to revolutionary developments.” (From DHKP Congress Report)

In these situation as Che specified;“Revolution stops becoming a during force and falls into a drowsiness which can be very easily benefited by imperialism, the determined of revolution.”

RLP-F’s Understanding of Internationalism Is to Fight Against Imperialism and Oligarchy

“In June 1977 a demonstration was held infront of the Dutch Consulate in Istanbul to protest Holland for the savage massacre of the Molokai guerrillas…”

“German imperialism was protested for raiding the Mogadishu 1977 and killing two Palestine guerrillas. With this aim the German Cultural Centre was destroyed.” “The Belgium government was protested in November 1978 for attacking the Katangali guerrillas. A demonstration was organised infront of the Belgium Consulate in Istanbul, harm was brought to the consulate.” (From We Will Right, We Will Win Pg. 133)

From Katanga, Mogadishu, Molokai, Palestine wherever in the world all attacks directed on the people are an attack on us, believing has acted accordingly the Revolutionary Left (Devrimci Sol) is a tradition which carries out what it says. Today this tradition in the Revolutionary Peoples Liberation Party-Front. The Revolutionary Peoples Liberation Party-Front (RPLP-F) has even under the most severe conditions, without holding it’s own group or term interest has never turned a blind eye to attacks directed at the people and has not remained silence. From the Peoples Liberation Party-Front of Turkey to the Revolutionary Peoples Liberation Party-Front, through out it’s honourable history of struggle has carried out countless anti-imperialist, internationalist revolutionary solidarity activities, armed and unarmed. In no period of “our history has our revolutionary movement fallen into a dromsinies from which imperialism could very easily benefit from”. We have acted with the belief that these who have no ……………….. and principles, those who do not hold on tight to their values have no future. With this understanding as a necessity of international solidarity, when on the 6th June 1982 USA imperialism’s gendarme in the Middle-East Israel occupied Lebanon and attacked the Palestine and Lebanon people we made the first political analysis of this is the world and look a revolutionary stand. The attitude adopted at the cart court of the Junta by turning court into a revolutionary platform is a statement of revolutionary principle, of keeping hadition alive and taking it forward no matter what the conditions are.

During the years of chaos and depressing that came about from the diseare of statuesque and pragmatism of revisionism which the left was infected by the clear stand taken is shown in the below slated words.

“The duty of us Marxist-Leninist is to foremost fight for our own countries independence and peoples liberation. It is for this reason that we are here today under arrest. It is for this reason that we can not stand and watch imperialism wipe out a nation. Imperialism has tough is solidarity amongst the people against imperialism and fascism, to when necessary to fight shoulder to shoulder in the same front against the common enemy.” (12 September Court Files Annual 1. pg. 14)

Along with the collapse socialist system those countries which chose revisionism as a guide for themselves under the name of socialism surrendered to socialism, following this imperialism became even more fearless. It became even more clear during the Gulf Crises through the imperialist Gulf attacks that were made on the people of the Middle-East what the “New World Order”, which had been integrated into all of the imperialist countries stead for. Against this imperialist attack our movement with the internationalist spirit took on the responsibility, of standing against them, whilst hitting out at imperialist targets we were expressing imperialism’s “New World Order” and at the same time we were conveying foremost to the people of the Middle-East and to all of the oppressed people of the world an anti-imperialist conscience. All of the people of the world observed a heroic concrete example how internationalism should be practically applied. Imperialism and revisionism in collaboration dispersed of the socialist block and imperialism, which gained strength from this increased its attacks on the people, in this period that the Gulf Crises came to the agenda and with it’s continuation the imperialist war gave cause for the peoples anti-imperialist conscience and feeling to rise. This period also brought the anti-imperialist struggle and revolutionary solidarity amongst the people to the fore…. in our country also The Revolutionary Left (Devrimci Sol) who displayed in practice, in an explorary way, what should be understand by revolutionary internationalism, this attitude it also carried on within the Revolutionary Peoples Liberation Party-Front as a powerful tradition. With our being anti-imperialist one cannot be a Marxist- Leninist, the Revolutionary Left which stated this has concretely shown this its own practice by the attitude displayed during the imperialist war, it has showed anti-imperialist struggle from being were words and has turned it into a practical realing.

During this period in particular it has drawn the attention of the whole world through armed action, aimed at USA imperialism, it has shown to all revolutionary, patriotic progressive forces that it is necessary to use revolutionary radical force against the barbarism of imperialism.

“Every action that we take is a call for war against imperialism and is against humanity’s greatest enemy USA, our call is test call to the people, if are call for war is to spread from ear to ear and if are weapons are going to be passed from hand to hand and if others are to light viduals for our death with machine guns, new wars and shouts of victory, than let death come, wherever and however let it come, we welcome it, we greet it.” (Che, Two Three More Vietnams pg. 29)

Since peace and collaboration became imperialism “acceptable currency” and under the conditions where most forces became reluctant to oven or discreet, armed or unarmed anti-imperialist action or to stand up against USA imperialism what the Revolutionary Left did in practice was the product of a revolutionary politics and was in the political sense the result of a courageous stand. Through out the Gulf War the Revolutionary Left was the honourable leader of the armed revolutionary stand from the peoples front directed towards the imperialist war front. With the start of the attack of the imperialist forces, foremost that of USA imperialism, against Iraq, the Revolutionary Left increased the level of the armed attacks and further developed the anti-imperialist struggle, by doing so an explorary stand of war displayed, which revolutionary internationalism makes necessary. For to be an internationalist is spirit. To further hit out at imperialism and to for ever wipe out imperialism from the stage of history is a spirit. Those who love the people, who believe in socialism and to these essences, who has this belief does not remain limited to their own country but takes a revolutionary stand. It is the spirit and triumph of those who know how to die for socialism, for that country’s revolution for the oppressed people liberation struggle. When necessary in a place thousands of miles away from his own country. The essence is being able to march into, to think, to fight, to shout without saying “I do not care” about any development. This the “most beautiful characteristic of a revolutionary.”

According to Che Guevera a genuine internationalist; “Is a person who feels pain when a person is massacred in any corner of the world and feels proud whenever a flag of freedom is raised. A person who is able to feel that every act that has been carried out against humanities eminence and happiness, and that every achieve that has been taken is an attack made upon himself.” (Che’s Thoughts pg. 18)

The historical crosscut that was being lived under conditions where there had been e very serious corrosion and degeneration of the internationalist spirit. The Revolutionary Left’s anti-imperialist activities at this stage gained a further historical mission. Particularly our armed activities were being heard all over the world, which was a source of moral and inspiration for the revolutionary forces, because against this imperialist barbarism. It was necessary to put into action the means of revolutionary violence and to use them in a effective way. This duty, in the absence of the International Brigades is a duty of historical importance that fall upon every world revolutionary understandings shoulders. In order to for this duty to be full filled the Revolutionary Left raised the internationalist spirit. After Turkey and Kurdistan in both the metropolitan countries and the neo-colonial ones voices began to be heard.

“We have lived are living through a period where the absence of an International Unity organisation has been very heavily left. At all chests it must be re-established so as to be able to take steps to delete this absence. It is necessary to use the moment that was found during the Gulf War to take steps to delete this absence.(From Mucadele Newspaper)

The 1990’s which was marked with the politics of “Disarmament” and “Peace” brought many revolutionaries, patriots, left organisations to the door step of surrender and treachery. Under these conditions Marxist-Leninist criticism and efforts to develop solidarity relations on the basis of friendship would have been comprehended as either being a new example of pragmatism or as revolutionary inexperience. Under these circumstances to create an international unity organisation on the basis of all people are equal and fraternity would only be possible through the patience of the Marxist-Leninist and their determined struggle. In the historical period that we are living through this necessity is itself persisting in a more significant form. The reason being is that, “in prache imperialism’s efforts of encouraging nationalist politics by supporting it in different places, its politics of wiping out national and social liberation movements has become bankrupt today, Marxist-Leninist thaughts and organising styles are developing and these developments will continue in a way that can not be prevented.(DHKP Congre’s Report)


We are still living under the conditions where in the world, socialism has regressed, revolutionary, patriotic organisations are within the ideological influence area of imperialism is still trying to do its utmost in order to wipe out revolutionary, patriotic, Marxist-Leninist organisation that continue to resist. Under these conditions it is for great importance that all revolutionary, patriotic, Marxist-Leninist forces show international solidarity, that they resist against imperialist ideology at an international level and to wage a struggle for socialism and Marxism- Leninism.

Today, the most important influential politics that imperialism has for lift organisations is collaboration, disarmament and peace, the acceptance of these can be observed. Under the circumstances a very important task falls upon the RPLP-F who has made a flag of anti-imperialism in its honourable history of struggle, for we know that in order to be a Marxist-Leninist with principles one of the condition is to be consistent in representing anti- imperialism. Today our part-front has more strength and dynamic that before to full this task.

By raising the armed struggle in our country with our Party-Front we past every passing day make bigger blows upon imperialism and their internal collaborators, the enemy of the people and the parasite exploiters and with a challenging spirit against the judges of the world we take on the task of our country’s revolution, we do this with belief in the soundness of our ideology and in our own strength. We do this with the conscience that it will not be limited to the boundanes of the country. From today we must prepare the world of tomorrow, we must be surrounded by internationalist conscience.

“A country’s revolution can not be kept. Within the borders of a country or imprisoned in a certain area by isolating it from the people of the world we throw the future into danger. Those who do not continuously widen the borders of the revolution do not create new revolutions cannot be secure, those who do not support the developments and strengthening of the national-social movements which have spread to all four corners of the world and who do not strike blows at imperialism then the revolution becomes like an island in left alone in the ocean. No revolution most leave itself alone to be left alone means to be hungry, thirsty to die.” (DHKP Congress Report)

On the other hand at an international level it means collaboration with imperialism and surrender to peace, it is treachery. Among our urgent tasks are; to struggle on a ideological basis, to seek solidarity with those who are against imperialist peace and collaboration, with all patriotic, revolutionary, Marxist-Leninist organisations. Along with this we must also careful observe and expose those who follow the line of collaboration and peace with the imperialist. With the confidence that we have gained through the correctness of our Marxist- Leninist line and with it being more clear and understanding the RPLP-F’s politics, ideological solutions analysis should be introduced and on this basis we must develop fraternity and solidarity relations.

With organisations who do not think as we do, who do not organise in the same way, who are carrying out the struggle through a different path but are waging an armed struggle for national and the peoples liberation against imperialism, must secure an international unity, solidarity with them. Marxist-Leninist must be the supporters of every anti-imperialist struggle which hits out at imperialism in manors that will give confidence to the oppressed people against imperialism.

“We have always been members of the world’s most crowded family. Even in the most remote and darkness dangerous we have heard voice from different languages surrounding us, saying “bear it”, “resist”, “don’t stop walk”….From E Salvador to Ireland, From Cuba to the Bask country, from South Africa to the Philippines, from Peru to Palestine we have everywhere, in all colours, from every language comrades, brothers, sisters guerrillas. We are internationalist our problems are mutual our struggle is mutual, our enemy is the same. Very soon you will be able to hear more strongly the noises of our feet.” (Revolutionary Left Main Trial, “Last Words”)