The conspiracy of the fascist oligarchy in Turkey against the fighter for honor and justice lawyer Aytaç Ünsal

In the evening of December 9, 2020, lawyer Aytaç Ünsal, who had been on a Death Fast(hunger strike till death) for months with his comrade and colleague martyr for justice Ebru Timtik, demanding a fair trial, was detained by agents of the political police in the city of Edirne, which is close to the borders of Turkey, with Bulgaria and Greece.

Hours after his arrest, the bourgeois media controlled by the fascist ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) began circulating the version that lawyer Ünsal had been detained while trying to cross the border with Greece illegally and to escape from the country, to avoid re-entering prison.

The bourgeois media also spread the false information that he had been caught with human traffickers, and an inflatable dinghy, a GPS device with the coordinates of the border area, and a map of the region were found in the car in which he was traveling.

While they were writing all these lies and spreading them through all possible channels for communication, lawyer Aytaç Ünsal was tortured by the agents of the political police in the city of Edirne.

On December 10, a court in the city, imposed on lawyer Aytaç Ünsal a permanent detention order while he even was not transferred by the police to the courthouse. Thus, his right to defense before the court was demonstratively violated, and he was taken directly to the F-type isolation prison located near the city of Edirne.

The mother of lawyer Aytaç Ünsal, Nermin Ünsal, who is a retired judge and currently works as a lawyer, gave an interview to the opposition TV channel ARTI TV. In her interview, which was part of one of the TV shows on the channel, she revealed the truth about the case of her son’s arrest.

The truth behind the dirty propaganda campaign against the fighter for honor and justice, lawyer Aytaç Ünsal, in the fascist media under the control of the AKP government, has finally come to light.

The theatrical production with the police operation, which was part of the Conspiracy, organized by the top leadership of the repressive structures of the fascist oligarchy in Turkey, and whose way of coverage by the media was prepared in advance, as is clear from similar publications in the pro-government media, was revealed after lawyer Aytaç Ünsal, met in the prison with his mother, and he told her the truth about the day of the event.

A few days ago, it became clear that the AKP government, which could not reconcile with the resistance of the people’s lawyers, organized a nefarious plot to arrest Ünsal, whom the Supreme Court was forced to release under the pressure of Death Fast resistance and the popular mobilization.

On the day of the arrest of lawyer Ünsal, the Gerçek News Agency had written the following

“The truth is that, as with all other events, the immoral media of the AKP should not be trusted.

The truth will be clarified after the lawyers of the fighter for honor and justice Aytaç Ünsal make a statement on the case. “


Read carefully to the words of the lawyer’s mother, Nermin Ünsal

“On Monday I met with Aytaç, he told me the following:

«A taxi came, white in color, a man was sitting inside, another was driving the car. At first, I was puzzled because it was a white car, but when the man said “I was sent from the taxi company, I transport passengers without a permit, I help them because they don’t have enough taxis, I will take you to the address you are going to”, without thinking I got in the car.»

And as soon as Aytaç got in the car, policemen came down to the car in front and behind, as I have already said, they were constantly watching him and ambushed him. He was subsequently detained.

They took him somewhere, under a bridge. They hit him twice in the face and head with a stone, punched him in the stomach. After he was beaten, he was taken to the Edirne Provincial Police Directorate. He was later taken to a hospital for a medical examination, which is part of the standard detention procedure. After they took him out of the cell as they went downstairs, the agents of the political police started dragging him on the ground and he hit his knees on the stairs. During the medical examinations, because the agent of the police did not leave the doctor’s cabinet, the doctors refused to examine Aytaç. He was taken to two separate hospitals in Edirne, but due to the insistence of the police to be present during the examination, he was not examined.

I asked the police where you caught him, they told me that, they could tell where they detained him, they had no right to give information about the case.

The next day, they told Aytaç that they would take him to court, but instead, they took him directly to the prison.

One of the police chiefs told him: “These are not our routine procedures, we treated you like that because from above(the top chiefs), they asked us, to make you look like this.”

They made false reports that he had been caught trying to escape abroad, that an inflatable boat, GPS navigation device, and map in the car were found, it’s all a conspiracy. He was detained in the central part of the city of Edirne and was not imprisoned on such charges. Although the case against him was not classified, the documents in it were not made available to his lawyers at their request. “

This is what the conspiracy of the fascist oligarchy against lawyer Aytaç Ünsal looks like in short.