Imperialism And Oligarchy Are Afraid Of The Revolution And The People

At the end of the 1980s and beginning of the 1990s, following the collapse of the socialist system, imperialism was declaring itself victorious but its dream of a “unipolar world” was rapidly shattered. Nowadays, imperialist institutions are issuing reports non-stop. Instead of “victories”, there are “fears” in these reports. To appease their fears, they are discussing precautions that they need to take. “The most wanted organizations” list which was recently issued by the USA, the report of the United Nations Development Conference and the last meeting of NATO showed the growing fear of imperialism.

Recently NATO held a meeting in England, which it called “NATO and Security and a True Vision for the 21st Century”. The report that was published after the meeting displays the level of imperialism’s fear and also expresses the failure of the “new world order”. The report points out the major danger as the revolutionary organizations, and assesses the 21st Century as “the century of uprisings”.

The “new world order” of imperialism has caused nothing but tears, hunger and poverty to people. It is not possible anyway. With the collapse of the socialist system, imperialism thought that they could play the game with their own rules. The daydream of imperialism ended in a very short time. The rising national and class liberation struggles of people around the world, against the unlimited exploitation of imperialism, became a good response to the “new world order”.

The establishment of NATO by imperialism was aimed against the socialist system. Socialism became a nightmare for imperialism. “Against the danger of communism”, NATO tried everything, and committed provocations over years in an attempt to calm its own fears. It established many organizations, both ones operating openly and secretly. The formation of contra-guerrilla organizations in Europe and the neocolonies is also the product of this era.

Following the collapse of the socialist system, imperialism was thinking of relaxing a bit and consequently, NATO became nonfunctional. The capitalist restoration in the former socialist regimes and the reactionary winds blowing throughout the world affected many organizations leading national and class liberation struggles. During this period, “giving up weapons” and “peace” speeches were very popular amongst these unbelieving and indecisive organizations and individuals. Of course it would not be worth it to die for any ideology, they said!

But their plans collapsed. Despite all efforts of imperialism, lies about a unipolar world and globalisation were unmasked, and again national and class liberation struggles reached a terrifying level for imperialism.

“This Is Not The Future That Had Been Predicted”

Imperialism is aware of these developments. None of their plans worked. They cannot escape from crisis. At NATO’s meeting they confessed this by saying, “This is not the future that had been predicted”. Because they had predicted that they would be able to exploit the peoples of world without any trouble.

Now they are experiencing fear and a collapse that goes beyond any disappointment. At this meeting of NATO they stated that; “the century of uprisings has started” and “the first 30 years of the 21st century will be the period of revolutionary uprisings”. The main centres of the uprisings are listed as follows: Middle East, North-West Africa, Caucasus, the Persian Gulf and Latin America. That are the neo-colonies – the weak links in the chain – where imperialism limitlessly exploit the underground and ground resources. At the same time these are the places where national and class struggles are rising every day.

Despite its enormous technology, imperialism has been defeated fighting against guerrilla struggles. That is why they are trying to develop new war tactics. “The theory of unsymmetrical warfare” is one of them. The “theory of unsymmetrical warfare” has developed as a result of the fact that regular armies, even though equipped with technology and manpower, are failing against guerrillas. The expert on biological and chemical weapons who is assistant US secretary of defense confessed in the NATO meeting that, USA, with their technology, was successful against Iraq but unsuccessful against the national and class liberation struggles in the same region.

At the meeting, NATO’s function was also discussed, and the mission which was given to NATO was one of being a “police force” for imperialism. The fear of “uprisings” made imperialism begin searches for something new. For decades NATO was the gendarme of imperialism against the socialist system, and now it is on guard against the fear of revolution. “To start the century of uprisings” and to shake the world – these lie in our hands.