Syria belongs to the Syrian People. No to occupation!

The imperialist states have been trying for eight years to launch attacks on Syria in any way to carry out a real occupation. To help them all their lackeys in the region: Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan and, of course, the Islamists (jihadists) who had gathered from all over the world. Against the resistance of the Syrian People to the occupation, subdivisions have been created in the alliances between the imperialists and their lackeys and, during these years, the changes of the scenarios. The strength and perseverance of the resistance of the Syrian people have caused controversy and clashes between the imperialists.

At this stage, of course, we must not forget some of the “successes” of the imperialists. Some of the lands belonging to the Syrian people are under their control now. In the forefront is the Idlib region, controlled by jihadist gangs supported by Turkey, where imperialism does not even allow the legitimate forces of the Syrian Army to act. Then there is the scenario of the Rojava region: controlled by the PYD (Kurdish Nationalist Party in Syria), with the particularity of having 24 American bases on its territory as a counterpart to the alliance with the USA. PYD forces and US troops are fighting together. They do not deny it. These regions, however, apparently under the control of Turkey, the jihadist gangs, or the PYD, are in fact areas under the control and “protection” of imperialism.

Against whom?

Of course, against the Syrian Army and the Syrian People. In Syria, there is no other legitimate power than that of the Syrian sovereign people. The imperialists can only support the intervention of the Turkish Army or PYD, as long as they are against the sovereignty of Syria. The purpose of the imperialists is to capitulate Syria to achieve this goal, today they can use the Turkish army, or PYD, or both at the same time. It depends on the negotiations and agreements between them, but the only thing that does not change is imperialism’s quest to crush Syria.

The fact that in one part of Syria the occupation is carried out jointly with the Turkish Army, or that in another part of Syria it is carried out with the PYD, does not change anything. WHATEVER FORCE IS NEEDED TO OCCUPY SYRIA, IT IS ILLEGAL AND ILLEGITIMATE.


The power of the AKP (the ruling party in Turkey, led by Erdoğan), intensifying militaristic sentiment, fuelling chauvinism, gaining the support of all bourgeois parties, is once again trying to occupy Syria. Moreover, by strengthening militaristic sentiments, he wants to dampen the power of the popular struggle for bread and justice, making it even more violent in his attempts to occupy Syria. All the forces of the capitalist system – the parties, the army, have joined together as if Turkey were occupied and are waging a war of liberation from the occupiers.

They convince the people that, from America to Europe, all nations are against this military operation, and the power of the AKP opposes the whole world and is carrying out this intervention against the will of the imperialists. This is a distortion of the truth. Or rather, they want everything to be like that.

They want the people to be intoxicated by the poison of chauvinism. THE TRUTH IS THAT THE OPERATION CARRIED OUT BY TURKEY IS IN THE NAME OF IMPERIALISM AND IN DEFENSE OF ITS INTERESTS. An operation is being carried out to occupy the lands of all the Syrian people, against the Arab and Kurdish peoples. When Trump declares that “if they go beyond what I ordered of them, I will ruin their economy”, he exposes this truth. IT MUST BE CLEAR TO EVERYONE THAT IMPERIALISM HAS ALLOWED THE TURKISH ARMY TO ENTER SYRIA BECAUSE IT SERVES ITS INTERESTS. THE REWARD THAT THE U.S. IMPERIALISTS GIVE TO THE FASCIST POWER OF THE AKP FOR ITS SERVICE IS TO ALLOW IT TO ATTACK THE KURDISH PEOPLE.

To be in the service of imperialism, or to surrender to it, cannot bring freedom and justice to any People. The only right way for all People: Arab, Kurdish, Persian and Turkish is to fight against imperialism.

Source: Gerçek Press Agency

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