Statement of the People’s Front in Greece regarding the wildfires

In Greece’s Attica area, both on the East and on the West, in the wildfire that started in five different places 74 persons lost their lives until now, and close to 200 people were hurt. At the moment we do not know why and how the wildfire started. What we do know however, is that this type of calamity is not natural. Only socialist power and socialist system can do something to take sufficient precations against this and similar calamities. Capitalism can take only false precautions. This and similar events continuously repeat. Those that die and lose their property and lives are the people.

The people of Greece supported the revolutionaries for years and stood together with them against Turkish fascism. We too will stand by the people of Greece with might and main. We share the pain of the Greek people. We give our condolences to the families that lost their beloved ones, and to those hurt we wish speedy recovery.

People’s Front of Greece