Statement about the torture on revolutionaries in Istanbul`s Gazi police station





Gazi police station has become a centre where the AKP’s anti-people policies were implemented. Kidnapping, threats and torture, especially against the revolutionaries, have become common methods used by Gazi police station in recent times.

The reason for this was explained when they detained a revolutionary after a public meeting on the campaign against drugs at the Gazi cemevi (Alevi culture and religious centre), asking him “You don’t sell drugs, you don’t drink, why do you bother?” The AKP police, who are drug dealers, corrupt and who poison the people of the neighbourhood, also explained the reason for their hostility towards the revolutionaries. With this hostility and on the instructions of the Degenerate Suleyman, The Gazi police are attacking the revolutionaries. In the middle of the street, they are detained amid torture, the vehicles are turned into a house of torture, in the police station, they break the bones of revolutionaries.


On October 15, 2019, the Gazi police attacked the revolutionaries marching on the road, Ezgi Kul, Yunus Emre Didin, Vedat Dogan and later, again in the same way,  Çağdaş Aydoğdu and Onur Gül were detained under torture.


On 29 November, AKP police attacked the revolutionaries marching on the road and detained Hüseyin KÜTÜK, Coşkun ÖZTEKIN and Yusuf Gülen. The detained revolutionaries were again tortured. Ribs were broken, eyes were swollen, feet left bruised, arms were wounded and swollen from torture.


The AKP wants to destroy revolutionism. This desire is primarily the will of imperialism. All over the world, they want to end revolutionism, destroy patriotism, destroy all obstacles to their exploitation and pillage. “We will not let you engage in revolution here,” they say to the revolutionaries detained by the AKP police. They aim to dismantle the revolutionaries from Gazi. On the one hand they poison the people with drugs, on the other hand they try to intimidate the revolutionaries by attacking them and trying to make them retreat.


Why Gazi?


GAZI because it is the Gazi front.






Dozens of Gazi revolutionaries were involved in the war to end the rule of fascism. Gazi has prisoners and martyrs. Gazi revolutionism is one of the most important neighbourhoods where the organisation and the people become flesh and blood. Gazi is one of the areas where the policies of the front come to life.


That is why the AKP is targeting Gazi district. The AKP has targeted the neighbourhoods where the front is organised and is attacking them with all its might. Neighbourhood police stations are no longer neighbourhood police stations as known in the past. They’re all torture centres. Where torture is done professionally. The conversion of police stations into torture centres is the result of the state’s organisation for Civil War. Organised for Civil War, the state has extended  its anti-people policies from its centres to its lowest-ranking police stations.


No one can distinguish between ”torturers“and ”ordinary” police anymore. The entire police force has been turned by the AKP into torturers. The smallest police unit is a torture facility as part of the war against the people.


What is torture?


Torture is the policy of psychological and physical oppression and violence systematically applied by imperialism and fascism against the people and revolutionaries.


Although the aim of this policy may seem to be to break one’s will, it is essentially to create pressure and fear among the people as a whole. Torture of individual persons breaks one’s will, forcing him or her to surrender. The purpose of this is to get some information from the person. The revolutionary is asked to betray his comrades, betray his people and homeland. When “sweet language” is used from time to time, threats and insults begin when this doesn’t work, then physical torture when that doesn’t work. The purpose of physical torture is to break the will by inflicting pain on the person.


Pain is an emotion that the body feels due to some external and internal factors of the nervous system. Pain is felt more or less according to the area being pressured and the method used. The purpose of torture is not just to make this pain felt, but to be able to influence one’s thoughts with this pain, to create the feeling that more and worse might be inflicted, or even to open a breach in his will by creating the fear that he can be killed.


The main purpose of torture is to intimidate the people by keeping them under pressure, to try to prevent them from becoming revolutionaries and fighting for their own future. Torture is a systematic policy against the peoples of all countries where there is a revolutionary struggle and there are wars of independence against the occupation of imperialism. The torture policy has been used by imperialism and its collaborationist powers in all countries of the world, from Africa to Asia, from Europe to Latin America.


Why does the state resort to this method?


The state’s soldiers, police and MIT (Turkish state intelligence service) all engage in torture. Torture has never fallen off the agenda of our country for many years. Almost every revolutionary who is detained, even ordinary people, and the people who go to the police stations for ordinary reasons, are tortured.


Why do the state, the police, the military torture the people and the revolutionaries?


This is due to exploitation and poverty. It is to prevent the poor from wanting their rights and fighting for their rights. It is the people resorting to mass suicides in poverty while they themselves reign in palaces every day. Last month, as reported in the press, there were mass suicides with cyanide in Istanbul and Antalya. These suicides developed in the form of a rebellion against poverty. However, according to reports dated 5 December, 2019, 8 million Turkish lira have been spent on Parliament. It’s been decided to open a restaurant there.


That is the reason for the torture. A people struggling with hunger and poverty, and a bunch of parasites who sell the whole country and use it as their father’s farm.


Poverty is the cause of revolutionism and revolts. In a country where there is poverty and exploitation, the most natural thing is to fight against it. The revolutionaries do that. The right and legitimacy of the revolutionaries frightens the state. The potential to rally and fight against exploitation by organising the people scares the state and the exploitative ruling classes. They know best that their capitalism underlies murders, despicable crimes against the people. This is the cause for revolution. Fears that ”they will come from the slums and cut our throats” are also the cause of the torture they are doing.


What should we do against torture?


Yes, we are faced with a state and its institutions that have no morals or values that attack the people and revolutionaries. What should we do against it? Either we’re not going to do anything by saying, “the enemy is the enemy, the enemy is doing what it does,” or we’re going to expose that policy.


The right thing to do is to expose it. We need to expose the state’s torture, the police, the MIT, the military’s torture and the reasons for these tortures.


Graffiti, banners, leaflets, press releases. We have to go from house to house, visit the shopkeepers, and go from person to person, exposing the torture. We need to use the Internet, mobile phones, all kinds of methods.


In particular the police station where the torture is carried out should be exposed immediately. The way to frustrate a policy is to expose it while resisting it.


We have to tell the whole people the reason for the state’s torture. We have to tell women, old people, children, young people… all the people. We should, because the way to frustrate any policy of fascism is to organise the people.


As a result, torture is the policy of oppression and violence imposed by imperialism and fascism against the people. He’s illegitimate. Torture is a crime, torture is dishonour.


The purpose of torture is to ensure the continuation of the schemes of  imperialism and its collaborators for exploitation. For this they want to get the revolutionaries to seek conciliation and surrender by attacking and torturing them, in order to end the struggle against exploitation, hunger and poverty.


That’s why they attack neighbourhoods where the Front is organised, they attack Gazi.


Gazi Is The Front!


Gazi Is Revolution!


It is the place where the people meet the Revolutionary Organisation. They won’t be able to dismantle Gazi’s revolutionism. We’re not going to let that happen. And we will destroy the policy of torture by resisting and exposing it.





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