Solidarity actions for hunger strikes in Ankara and Istanbul

Members of the Solidarity Association of the Families of Political Prisoners’ – TAYAD have been conducting almost daily solidarity actions with political prisoner Mustafa Kocak and members of the leftists music band Grup Yorum since the end of the 2019. The actions takes place in the European and Asian parts of Istanbul, as well as in the center of the capital city of Turkey – Ankara. Despite police attacks and torture, members of the association have not refused to publicize the protests of Mustafa Kocak and the musicians from Grup Yorum who they call “our children”.

For 11 weeks, every Thursday on the square in front of the courthouse in Istanbul’s Caglayan neighborhood, members of the association have been staging a solidarity action with Mustafa Kochak’s hunger strikes and musicians from Grup Yorum – Bahar Kurt, Helin Bölek and Ibrahim Gökçek, who are struggling with their hunger against the injustice and repression of the fascist oligarchy in Turkey. Despite the advanced age of most of the participants in the action, they do not lack the enthusiasm and courage inherent in their young comrades. The mothers of Helin and Bahar also participated in the action in recent weeks. This week, along with TAYAD members, was the father of Ibrahim Gökçek, the guitarist of Grup Yorum and the mother of Bahar Kurt – Nagehan Kurt. Gökçek’s father showed a picture of his son and daughter-in-law – Sultan, who is also a member of the Grup Yorum and was imprisoned only a month ago at the next assault on the Ayce Idil Erkmen Cultural Center.

Another common place of actions in support of Mustafa Koçak is the Kalkedon Square in Kadıköy neighborhood, located in the Asian part of Istanbul. The single TAYAD protest action here focuses on the Hunger Strikes till Death of Mustafa Kochak and Ibrahim Gökçek. Every day since the beginning of this year, one TAYAD member goes out to the square with a banner in his hands and announces the demands of Mustafa and Ibrahim. Naturally, not long after, he was detained and beaten by the fascist police, which is doing everything it can to prevent the hunger strikes from reaching the people.

In Ankara, in the last 2019, TAYAD members Cemile Temizkalp and Sercan Cakir launched a joint hunger strike that will last for one month (30.12.2019 to 30.01.2020). Since December 30, Cemile, who has been actively involved in TAYAD actions for several years, and Sercan, who has been childhood friend with Mustafa Kocak every day, despite the attacks by the fascist police and the torture that has been applied to them, continue to come before the Republic’s monument in Guven Park in downtown Ankara. In addition to Cemile Temizkalp and Sercan Cakir some members of the People`s Front in Ankara are taking part in the action. The two declare their determination to continue to fight for justice for Mustafa Kocak, members of the Grup Yorum and for all peoples in Turkey who face the terror of fascist oligarchy.

Source: gercek haber ajansi


One of the actions in Guven park


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