Responsible for the coronavirus pandemic is imperialism!

Statement by the Representation of the People’s Front – Turkey in Belgium about the ongoing corona virus(CoVID -19) pandemic.

Responsible for the coronavirus pandemic is imperialism!

They are trying to get peoples of the world to pay the price for it with their lives, property and rights!

By using as pretext the coronavirus pandemic, they are trying to make using our democratic rights impossible. They are trying to bring peoples to a state in which they are to bow their heads before anything they are told by governments. Instead of solidarity between peoples, they try to put selfishness and individualism at the forefront.

Imperialism cannot take away our rights, using as pretext for this the coronavirus.

Against imperialism, which turns the virus into a weapon against the peoples of the world, we must firmly grasp our weapon – solidarity.

Taking precise measures for our health and that of the people, we will not give up our rights. Instead of taking the real and truly effective measures, in line with the wishes of the capitalists, governments have not closed the factories, and are content to isolate people in their homes. And this, as the Italian example has shown, is not an effective measure.

European countries, which restrict our daily social life and the exercise of democratic rights, tell us to remain silent and stay in our homes, while the most honorable children of our people resist.

While members of the Grup Yorum – Helin Bölek and Ibrahim Gökçek, and political prisoner Mustafa Koçak, melt with each passing day, approaching to the death, we will not remain silent and will continue to be their voice.

The healthcare system of the imperialist-capitalist world has collapsed!

The coronovirus showed the true face of the healthcare system based on the pursuit of profit. Healthcare in imperialist Europe is a commercial sector whose sole purpose is profit, the health of the people is left in the hands of healthcare monopolies. This is the main reason for everything that is happening today.

Everything that has happened has shown the truth that, in seemingly developed capitalist countries, no measures have been taken against infectious diseases similar to the coronavirus, while at the same time it has become clear that they do not have any healthcare and public institutions in place to prevent growth (spread) of the pandemic. They do not take measures because preventing an infectious disease that can occur in 10-20 years is not a profitable investment for capitalism.

The imperialists are not taking adequate measures!

All measures taken, are taken in such a way as not to prevent the capitalists from continuing to exploit the people. They say nothing to the people except “buy toilet paper”, “wash your hands well”, “stay home”. Because of this, hundreds and thousands of people die every day.

They restrict or completely prohibit access to the streets, but workers from sectors that are not of primary importance at the moment, such as logistics, courier services, automotive, construction, continue to work. The ban on taking the streets, which was planned to be introduced in Italy, was changed at the request of the big companies and corporations so that factory workers would be out of its scope. Workers were forced to work in places with hundreds and thousands of people. As a result, thousands of people have lost their lives and continue to die.

The French state has declared lockdown and the army, police and gendarmerie take the streets, and while wondering how many people to be fined, the French goverment do not provide masks even to meet the needs of healthcare workers.
Greece, which imposed a ban on taking to the streets, did not hesitate to deploy 1,000 police officers into a large scale police operation against the revolutionaries to arrest and torture them.
While doing so, the Greek state was not interested in whether these people would be infected with the coronavirus or not.

In Britain it is openly stated that the elderly people must die and no adequate measures are taken. They then take measures, but cannot prevent the spread of the disease.

What can be said for all European countries is that they fail to take the necessary measures against the coronavirus. Instead, the only thing they manage to do is to restrict and impose restrictions on the social life of the people. Strikes and protests are prohibited in all European countries.

Not the coronavirus, but the imperialist capitalist system is killing!

And in our country, Turkey, not the coronavirus, but the AKP’s fascist government is killing!

The medicine and treatment methods developed by Cuba illustrate, which system the health of the people is valued and take measures to care it. While there has been no reported coronavirus deaths in Cuba so far, the country sends delegations of doctors and medical professionals to many places around the world.

No one doubts that the imperialist pharmaceutical monopolies today are making calculations on how many billions of dollars in profits that will accrue from the medicines for the coronavirus.

In the light of all these truths, we can say the following:

-The Crown virus is being turned into a weapon by imperialist states, which is used against the peoples of the world.

Let’s not allow this.

Let us prevent them from restricting exercising our democratic rights. Let us use our democratic rights for the sake of the lives of the children of the people who fight for justice. Helin Bölek, Ibrahim Gökçek and Mustafa Kočak fight for the sake of human dignity.

Let us stand for human dignity. Let us not leave them alone.

Utilizing to the end and even crossing the limits of the conditions we are in:

We must continue to support, defend and stand in solidarity with the continuing death fasts( hunger strikes till death) in our country, Turkey.

In order not to turn the prohibitions imposed here in Europe into isolation, we must organize mutual assistance and solidarity between the people.

March 24, 2020

People’s Front(Belgium)

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