Political police in Istanbul, tortured a young lawyer in an effort to make her a police informant

According to the information provided by the People’s Law Bureau, political police “offered’ to lawyer Seda Şaraldı who was detained during the mass arrests on 28-29 October, to become a police informant.

Lawyer Şaraldı was detained on October 28th after the gendarmerie raided her family’s home in the town of Tavas, Denizli province, southwestern Turkey. After being held for nearly two days in a local gendarmerie station, she was taken to the outskirts of Bursa, where she was handed over to agents of the political police, who put her on a bus along with other people detained throughout Turkey during the mass arrests against the People’s Front.

After being brought to the headquarters of the political police in Istanbul, lawyer Seda Şaraldı was tortured. Under the pretext that her fingerprints would be taken, the police knocked her to the ground and kicked her in the head. For days, lawyer Şaraldı has been held with dozens of other people, most of whom have symptoms of coronavirus. It is very likely that she also became infected.

Agents of political police have threatened lawyer Şaraldı that they will “destroy her future”. Lawyer Şaraldı has rejected this “offer” and said the following: “Mustafa’s blood has not yet dried on their hands. They killed Ebru, with their lies. How they dare to offer me such a thing?” Mentioning the revolutionary political prisoner Mustafa Koçak, who died on April 23, 2020, on the 296th day of his Death Fast resistance, demanding a fair trial, and lawyer Ebru Timtik which Seda consider as her elder sister, who died on August 27, 2020, on the 238th day of the Death Fast resistance demanding a fair trial.

The agents of the political police in Istanbul must stop to commit new crimes. With your policies encouraging people to become police informants you can not make revolutionary lawyers surrender to you.

Seda Şaraldı is a young lawyer who is at the beginning of her career. Instead of preferring the practice of law in the service of the capitalist system, she preferred to continue to walk on the road, on which lawyer Ebru Timtik walked, and she practiced the profession of the lawyer for the benefit of the people.

Today she is facing imprisonment because she continues the practice of People’s Lawyer, which lawyer Ebru Timtik defended with her own life.

Lawyer Seda Şaraldı must be released!
Down with fascism! Long Live Our struggle!

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