Police assaults against protesters in Ankara

On Friday SWAT teams and agents of the political police raided the home of teacher Acun Karadağ in the Turkish capital city Ankara. Since 2016, Karadağ has been struggling for her workplace, from which she has been deprived during the purges started by fascist power in Turkey following the attempted military coup in the summer of 2016. Since November 2016, the long-time teacher of history and social sciences at one of the primary schools in the Turkish capital took part in the protest action entitled “We want our jobs back”, which takes place twice a day, on the Yuksel avenue in the central part of the city.

Yesterday the Karadag`s home was stormed while she was not in it. According to the information she published in her Twitter account, the police took her computer and smarthphone from her home, asking questions about Nuriye Gulmen (the academician who first began protesting the purges of the fascist power in the autumn of 2016), as well as Merve Demirel, a 22-year-old university student who, although not affiliated with the purges, regularly supports the protest on Yuksel avenue, earlier this year she was sexually abused by a policeman while she was detained in one of the protests actions in which she participates.

Merve Demirel, who yesterday again participated in the protest at Yuksel avenue, was detained by agents political police and taken to the Ankara police headquarters. The police have not provided any clear reason for detention. Almost at the same time, the homes of the 70-year-old Mehmet Yilmaz, member of TAYAD (Association for Solidarity of the families of political prisoners), and Bengisu Demirel, Merve Demirel`s sister were stormed. They were also taken to the headquarters of the political police.

Fascist power once again tries to break the participants and supporters of the protest action on Yuksel avenue. Already for nearly 1,000 days, a group of civil servants who loose their jobs during the purges of the fascist oligarchy, have begun after the attempted military coup in the summer of 2016, are struggling not only to return to their jobs but also against all the injustices the peoples of Turkey and Kurdistan face.