People’s Militia punished a pimp in Istanbul

In a statement released today, the People’s Militia reported that on May 19th a man known with his nickname- Efo, who was involved in drug dealing and pimping, was punished with shots in both legs.

Efo who lived for some time in Istanbul’s Küçük Armutlu neighborhood, some time ago was banned from entering the neighborhood because he was involwed in drug dealing and his home was placed under foreclosure by People’s Militia. Later, the Militia allowed Efo’s daughter to continue living in the house. In recent months, however, the incidents piled up, the residents of the district reported to People`s Militia that luxury cars pulled up at Efo`s house and there again prostitution is operated. Recently, two people were caught by the residents during a sexual act. Efo has added another crime to his crimes in selling drugs and been pimping, opening his doors to prostitution. One who is thrown out of our neighborhood can not get in here again. Efo has multiplied his crimes against the people by entering Küçük Armutlu and pimping.

In order to punish Efo for the crimes he committed, at the noon of May 19th, the People’s Militia carried out a specialized operation against his home, and after the raid, Militia caught Efo and punished him with shots in both legs. People`s Militia announced his action to the people by graffiti on the walls of the neighborhood.

At the end of March 2014, the home of another drug dealer was crushed when the repeated warnings of the People’s Militia had failed.