People’s Front calls for action to support the Death Fast and Hunger Strike resisters

We want justice for Helin Bölek, Ibrahim Gökçek and the lawyers of the people(lawyers from People’s Law Bureau). The lawsuits against them were conducted with total disregard and violation of the legal norms. Injustice became widely known to all, after taking illegal decisions for hundreds of years in prison, life sentences under strict regime. We do not accept that people to be held in jail arbitrarily for years and forced to spend their entire lives in narrow isolation cells only on the basis of the testimony of “protected witnesses”.

Against all these injustices, we want justice

Ibrahim Gökçek, more than 260 days, Helin Bölek, more than 250 days, Mustafa Koçhak for more than for 230 days, have been on Death Fast(Hunger Strike till death), and the lawyers of the people who have been on Indefinite Hunger Strike for 1 month fighting for justice.

We call on our people to seek justice

On March 6, 2020, to ask for Justice in order to make public the resistance of the fighters for justice, lets make phone calls, send faxes and emails to the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Turkey. Let us expose arbitrary and unlawful lawsuits, let us demand justice.

Record phone conversations with Justice ministry’s officials, take pictures of faxes and screenshots of the emails you send.

We want Justice, we will win it!

Long live our Death Fast Resistance!

People’s Front-Turkey




* Ministry of Justice Of The Republic Of Turkey:

Telefon : 90 (0312) 417 77 70.

Faks : 90 (0312) 419 33 70.


Adres : 06659 KIZILAY / ANKARA


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