People’s Council of Okmeydani’s Youth Comission drives the struggle against the decadence in the zone

The youth of Istanbul’s neighbourhood Okmeydani,under the leadership of the Okmeydani’s People’s Council’s Youth Comission, continues to respond to the decadence in the neighbourhood by organising patrols.

On November 8th, a patrol of 14 people was carried out with wooden clubs and covered all corners of the neighbourhood:
– in a zone called Comsan, persons getting drunk among the parked cars were warned and removed;
– patrol went through Sibel Yalçın park and searched the people who lit the fire in the amphiteatre; the youths were warned not to light the fire there and invited to participate in the patrol;
– in the Anatolia park, suspicious youths were searched, and two grups of people getting drunk were warned and sent home.