“Kill Dursun Karatas and you’ll get whatever you want!”

“I think it was about the end of 1994. A former officer of the Turkish state’s intelligence service (MIT) wanted to meet me in Amsterdam. He informed me about the development in the Karatas incidents. They tried to cheat me by telling me that they had not managed to get in contact with Karatas at all and asked if I could try to contact him. At that moment I realized that this wasn’t just an idea of this one person, but of a whole gang working for the state and I asked him without beating around the bush: “Are you offering me a job?”. He said: “Why not?”. 

They made me the same offer through Cantürk, which I also rejected, but I know other persons whom they made the same offer to, and they accepted the task.”
These are the words of the mafioso Hüseyin Baybasin, who lives in the Netherlands. In the magazine Arti Haber he speaks about the promises that a fortune could be made by killing Dursun Karatas, the leader of the DHKP-C.
Baybasin is not the first to make statements like this. Many mafiosi made similar ones before, admitting that they tried to hunt down Dursun Karatas and were commissioned to do this by the Susurluk state. The mafiosi Alaattin Cakici, Nurettin Güven, Tevfik Agansoy or the mafioso and MIT agent Tarik Ümit are just a few examples. But all this is not the whole story. There are other things we know.
The mafioso contra-guerrilla state used all its resources, each mafia gang, thief, suspicious person, drug-dealer, collaborator, agent and consular official it could find in order to track down Dursun Karatas. They still search for Karatas in order to kill him. And what would the state be prepared to pay for that?


Dursun Karatas, the founder and leaader of Devrimci Sol on the trial against organisation. Istanbul, 1989.

This is what the state promises the mafia gangs and collaborators:
Are you dealing in drugs or heroin? Do it. We can do it together if you want. Do you want to poison the Turkish people and the people of the world? Poison them as much as you like, let’s do it together. If you want to pillage your people, want to make them addicted to gambling, want to rob and burn places down, all right, do it; if you want to spit on the honour and self-respect of the people? Just spit away! If you want to sell your land, your people, sell them, do whatever you like, let’s do it together!
I’ll take care of you, give you licences for your weapons, give you green diplomatic passports, you can go wherever you want to without any fear, I’ll let you pass through the V.I.P. salons like lords of all that you survey without your having to go through a search, and if you get in trouble with the police by accident or end up in the law courts – don’t worry, I’ll take care of you and you’ll be freed again.
See, you can live like a king, like a god! You can commit any filthiness and do any dirt you like, if it isn’t enough I’ll give you all the money you want; just kill that Dursun Karatas. Kill him, rescue me from this grief! I don’t want anything else from you.


The Susurluk state uses the mafia gangs in many different ways. They even channel them into the city neighbourhoods and schools. It says: We aren’t managing to finish off the revolutionaries and the people with torture, massacres and executions, so help us, poison all of them, benumb them, let them forget that they are human beings, make them lose their self-respect and slowly kill them by the hundreds of thousands. The Susurluk state is without any honour. A regime that tortures its people in the meanest way, which “loses” them, massacres and poisons them, is one of the dirtiest and most dishonourable regimes of the world.
A regime like this is not able to continue its filthy system without doing this. But all its struggles are in vain. It cannot prevent the people from coming to power, it cannot prevent the revolution.
The Susurluk state is afraid. It is afraid of the revolution, it is afraid that the people will come to power. It is afraid that it will have to pay for the crimes against the people, that it will have to render an account to the people for its crimes. The oligarchy is afraid of this revolutionary organisation and its leader, whose aim is power and which has its roots within the people, because it is not able to destroy and split it into pieces, in spite of all its massacres, policies of destruction and all its methods aimed at countering it. The slogans “Long live our leader Dursun Karatas”, “Long live the Party-Front” shouted by the People’s Liberation Fighters in their bases surrounded by the enemy, the “DHKP-C” signature that the fighters draw on the walls with their blood – these are what makes the oligarchy afraid. So that’s why destroying them is a matter touching on the oligarchy’s very existence. The more it sees its end approaching, the more confused it gets and doesn’t know what to do. It becomes more and more miserable. It is hoping for help from drug dealers and mafia gangs. It is letting the mafia gangs attack the people. It says: find Dursun Karatas and kill him.
We say to imperialism’s offspring, the collaborators, the contra-guerrillas, the military and the police, the mafia gangs and the ones commiting crimes against the people, who are continuing to commit them:
You cannot and will not manage it! We are the ones who are going to punish you. There is no way you can escape us.
The Front, the people’s justice will continue to call for an account and punish the guilty ones.
None of you will escape unpunished; justice is going to be served.


A transcript of a phone call is published in the Susurluk Report issued by Kutlu Savas. The dialogue is between a “MIT officer” and the mafia chief Hadi Azcan:
MIT Officer: Yes?
Hadi: Hello, how are you?
MIT O.: Aaa, Hadi, is this you?
Hadi: Yes sir…

Hadi: I would like to ask you for a favour.
MIT O.: Well then, tell me.
Hadi: Sir, this Veli Albay is becoming more and more a problem. He doesn’t leave me in peace, especially after the incidents with Kürsat. I think he’s in contact with Sedat Peker. Or Kürsat told him something himself.
MIT O.: I guess that Sedat is the channel.
Hadi: Probably. Can’t someone talk to him?
MIT O.: Now, how are contacts between Veli Albay (Colonel Veli) and the haci (Yesil/ “Green”, a notorious figure connected to both the state and the underworld), do they have good relations now?

Hadi: Here there are 30-40 of us right now, sir. We made more than 10 billion lira in less then a month with this tombola business. He knows about it now. It’s allowed to sell women.
They are putting up obstacles in the way of the tombolas. It’s a winter day now. It will make 2 billion, if you give all the 40 persons 50 million. I gave away 4 billion. No-one has a penny, I swear to you, sir. MIT O.: You speak with the haci. He knows a lot of people at the gendarmerie. I don’t know anyone.
Hadi: This Veli Albay does this on purpose.

This short dialogue on the telephone reveals everything: The contra-guerrilla chief at JITEM (the gendarmerie’s intelligence service), Veli Kücük, is allowing any dirty business, trafficking in women included. Very likely problems arose about sharing out the money gained from the tombolas.
Yes, when you manage to harm the revolutionaries somehow, when you damage and injure them, when you serve the oligarchy’s policy of destruction and provocations against the revolutionaries and fighters for national liberation, then you may do anything you desire! Yes, this is the oligarchy’s “gang justice”