The Interior Ministry of the AKP has put a price on the heads of Grup Yorum and revolutionaries!

The AKP’s attacks on our people, revolutionaries and people’s artists are escalating.

The AKP lives in fear of the crimes it commits. Its fear grows the more it attacks.

And its aggressiveness grows with its fear. We will continue to increase the fear felt by the AKP. The AKP’s obesity and inability to be satiated will be its doom!

And we will establish a country on the side of the poor and the people!

Last week the AKP published a “wanted” list. It published photos on the wanted list and offered monetary rewards. Grup Yorum members and revolutionaries were on this list as well.

Oh look, the AKP has put a price on our heads.

For years, America has published such lists. Individual peoples, organisations and even states are declared to be “terrorist” and put on lists. US imperialism organises attacks based on these lists. It practises massacres and torture throughout the world. According to American imperialism, it is “terrorism” to do harm to American imperialism. Those who fight for their people and homeland are terrorists. This has no legitimacy at all for the peoples of the world!

Cuba and Korea were declared to be terrorist countries. Marxist-Leninist organisations were declared to be terrorist. All the peoples of the world know that the biggest armed terrorist organisation in the world is America. In 186 countries, America occupies them by setting up military bases. This is why the terrorism lists have no validity as far as the peoples are concerned!

Today the AKP has published lists out of servility to America and taking it as a model. These lists can be seen as a legitimisation of AKP fascism and of hostility to the people. The fascist AKP says, “You will not be artists of the people, you will not be lawyers of the people – if you are, you will be put on yellow, red, grey lists and declared to be terrorists…” In this way all of our people are threatened.

A group whose songs have attracted millions of listeners to concerts in the city squares of Turkey is declared to be terrorist. Tens of millions who listen to Grup Yorum songs are declared to be terrorist. They say, “Those who oppose us, we will crush them!” This is where the AKP’s fears start. Because they are opposed to tens of millions of our people.

AKP fascism is afraid! This is the fear of those who direct fascism, the fear that they will lose power, the fear that an account will be demanded…

They do not want even a single alternative to their system. They have committed so many crimes that they know nothing can save them. Nothing is left of all the tenders, construction, international agreements they concluded. So their government approaches everything considered dangerous with large-scale aggression.

Even those they marched with yesterday are declared to be terrorist. Abdullah Gul, one of the AKP’s founders and a former President, started to show a little bit of independence and he was bitterly attacked for it. Tayyip Erdogan in particular targeted him. They silence with threats all who do not show unconditional obedience. Mayors are removed, commercial firms taken over. Their biggest fear is of someone else becoming stronger…

These are fights for oligarchic interests and they will seek agreement on the day it is convenient. Because their common point is their hostility to and plundering of our people. They forget what they said yesterday in a moment.

The June Uprising of 2013 was an alternative to the system. A large section of our people rebelled. For days the AKP was in a nightmare. It is not the July 15 coup attempt but a popular uprising that frightens the AKP.

This is why they seek to eliminate and destroy all forces that can give our people leadership.

The government attacks without heeding any laws, legal basis or rules. They abduct people in the streets, they break arms in the city squares. In the prisons, they don’t give people clothing and practise torture. They beat people on the soles of their feet and try to get people to surrender by exiling them from one prison to another. They want to impose prison uniforms in an effort to make people change their beliefs. They want to murder sick prisoners by denying them medical treatment.

Using collaborators to spread slanders, they have opened court cases against hundreds of people.

Their greatest fear is the organised people! This is why they are attacking all organised forces. In particular, they attack revolutionaries who have not given up claims to socialism. Because even one Marxist-Leninist is capable of overturning their system.

This is why they have put prices on the heads of Grup Yorum members. Because Grup Yorum call on the peoples in our country and the world to get organised. They call them to the fight for bread and justice. Because Grup Yorum calls millions together to be one heart and one fist.

AKP fascism fears Grup Yorum because Grup Yorum is the fist of our people.

Hunger and corruption grow and the crimes of the AKP pile up.

The place where tyranny and repression are greatest is the place where revolution is the closest. No AKP policy of tyranny is sufficient for it, it brings out dozens of new laws all the time but its fear does not end. Hunger grows, corruption grows, a small spark could mean the end of the AKP and it knows it for the need for a revolution grows ever greater.

The Statistic Bureau of Turkey’s figures for May 2017 set unemployment at 10.2%. According to official figures more than 8 million people are unemployed. We know that the true figures are much higher.

The Union of Chambers and Stock Exchanges of Turkey announced the number of firms that opened and closed in the month of June. According to this, compared to the previous month, the number of firms established was 3.35% less, the number of cooperatives 5.43% less, the number of individual persons trading 16.28% less. Whereas compared to a month before there was a growth of 28.28% in the number of companies closing down, the number of individual persons trading who closed down grew by 24.82% and the number of cooperatives closing down grew by 39.13%.

In the past 13 years there has been a growth of 1833% in the number of people addicted to drugs. People as young as 14 are using drugs.

Tens of thousands of people have been thrown out of work, using the KHK (legal purge framework following the coup attempt) as an excuse. In a number of places, we have seen people rebelling against their poverty by setting themselves on fire. One of our unemployed people even set himself on fire at the door of parliament. Despite saying that he had voted AKP, he was at the end of his tether.

The AKP government knows very well that this is the situation. Because all these statistics go to the AKP first of all. All palaces of justice, police stations are full of complaints. Every day, on the bus, on the metro, at workplaces, one by one little uprisings are experienced.

Has a system begun to be afraid of folk songs?

From now on that system cannot keep standing.” RUHI SU


They have put a price on the heads of Grup Yorum and revolutionaries, calling them “terrorists”. What is terror? Let us look at the definition used by the Turkish Language Association:

To cause fear, to take lives, destroy property, intimidate, terrorise.” Let us examine the tableau described above and we will see who is a terrorist. They are killing our people by encouraging the spread of narcotics. In the mines, they massacre our workers by the hundred. Hundreds of thousands are thrown out of work with the stroke of a pen. The even make their own mayors resign by threatening them. They rain bombs down on our people.

Every day in the streets, armed police in armoured cars threaten our people. The only laws are those that protect the AKP. Apart from this they heed no laws. Theft, rape, massacres, fascism in all its corruption. But revolutionaries and Grup Yorum do not bow down to this terrorism. And this infuriates the AKP.

Because the AKP is guilty. Because they are the enemies of the people. Because Nuriye and Semih brought them low, for all their displays of power. They might publish books, they might issue court verdicts that call them terrorists but these do not deceive our people and have no validity at all. Our people are the ones who grant validity. Nuriye and Semih must get their jobs back!

There is no validity for armed forces armed with millions of weapons. Our 80 million people and those of the world at large supported the resistance of Nuriye and Semih.

Calling Grup Yorum terrorist and offering rewards is a weapon that will turn on the AKP. Because Grup Yorum does not give in. Because Grup Yorum continues to produce. Even if you jail them, they continue to produce in jail. Jail them and new members of Grup Yorum will become organised.

They are labouring in vain to seek to erase thoughts of liberation by eliminating revolutionaries. For this, on the one hand they are trying to intimidate, on the other they seek to deceive our people by using hostile propaganda. They are also trying to organise various sectors of society on their own front while trying to liquidate and destroy those who persist in fighting against their tyranny.

The contradictions of the AKP are deepening. They say, “You are with us or you are the enemy.” At the AKP congress Tayyip Erdogan said, “We must stop thinking in terms of ‘I’ and become ‘we’.”

This statement is one of the clearest expressions of the AKP’s fear. And Tayyip Erdogan is asking, “Who knows best? The one in charge over there knows best.” That is, those who are under orders from Tayyip Erdogan know. He means hundreds of thousands, the people do not know, do not think, do not say anything.

The revolutionaries are the ones who use the concept of “we” and our people do. They carry the feelings and the thoughts of millions. Because the “we” of the AKP is a handful of parasites who live in luxury. And they say, you will live in luxury while millions are left to go hungry. No! You cannot be us. You cannot be all for one and one for all. When your neighbour is hungry, you cannot go hungry yourself. When the miners burn in the mines, you do not burn… You do not die of cold…

For this reason, you can never be “us”. Each of you is just in it for himself or herself. Nobody trusts anyone else. Despite your armies, in ceremonies you take guns away from your soldiers and police. You will never be like “US”, like a fist.

But revolutionaries can be “US”! Grup Yorum can be “US”!

Grup Yorum is present almost everywhere the people are to be found, united with them as close as the skin to a fingernail. We are our history, traditions, principles and rules. They think that with an army of millions they are up against a handful of revolutionaries who can be cut off from the people, that thoughts of liberation from tyranny can be wiped away from Anatolia, revolutionary thoughts can be ended and the danger to themselves removed. But they are wrong!

They are trying to continue imperialism’s denial, destruction and liquidation operations.

They are putting into practice a programme of eliminating revolutionaries step by step. They do not want to leave even one revolutionary outside. This policy, this programme is imperialism’s.

For 30 years they have stated, either change your beliefs or die, from one corner of the world to another imperialism and the fascist governments nourished by imperialism have practised a policy of surrounding and eliminating revolutionaries and patriots in our country and they have practised it without interruption.

They occupy our country and practise massacres. They murder leaders or get them to surrender. Their biggest fear is socialism. They announced that they would never allow a Marxist-Leninist organisation to become strong. Because they fear a formation like the Soviet Union that lasted 70 years and could challenge the imperialists. The world’s monopolies also have this as a nightmare. They see that there are billions of hungry people. This is why they buy islands. They put the latest weapons on islands, they stockpile them with food. But the world’s peoples will demand a reckoning for all their crimes, one by one. It is not possible for them to escape from that.

Thousands of years of human history are an example. Pharaohs, sultans, empires on which the sun never sets, Alexanders, Caesars, the peoples have seen them all come and go. Perhaps not today but tomorrow they will wither up and depart. Imperialism is trying to postpone its inevitable end. Therefore there is no murder it will not commit.

The only system that can have children singing cheerful songs is socialism.” – Victor Jara.

Imperialism’s efforts to silence Grup Yorum are not new.

Grup Yorum has a major duty, nationally and internationally. Whether within the frontiers of our country, or internationally, its successes have become a serious source of anxiety to the exploiters. First of all, Britain began to deny visas. Despite all attempts visas were not issued and organisers of concerts were forced to cancel them. Then Germany imposed a ban on entry, not simply valid for its own country but for the entire Schengen area as well.

Certainly one of the basic reasons for the ban is German imperialism making racism into a state policy with Nazi remnants wrapping a policy of money and weaponry in a cloak of legality.

In all of Europe, millions have seen concert posters about racism in Germany. Grup Yorum songs have begun to be sung by peoples in a number of European countries, including Germany. Imperialism has tried to eliminate thoughts of socialism, beer parties that say one or two left-sounding things being passed off as the left, but Grup Yorum struck a blow at this. Not just in Turkey but in Britain, in Europe, tens of thousands have begun singing Grup Yorum songs, not just people from Turkey but other peoples. The exploiters are afraid of how strong Grup Yorum has become in the face of a music market that relies on big budgets.

Because Grup Yorum is no ordinary music group. It is the voice of billions of poor people, bread and justice. It is the powerful voice of Marxism-Leninism. It is the voice of the Soviet armies that raised the Red Flag over the capital city of fascism, under the leadership of Stalin. They are afraid of the sounds of the feet of the army of the hungry. This is why both European imperialism and Britain are working together to cause obstruction. But they did not know! Grup Yorum cannot be obstructed as it is the people.

Neither visa bans, nor bans on renting concert space, nor threats to those who attend concert can prevent them.

Grup Yorum’s European tour today shows the helplessness of German imperialism. It is the hope of the peoples of Turkey.

They did not succeed with the liquidation operation in our country, and this is what is driving imperialism mad.

A lot of organisations have given up their weapons in the world today. FARC has put a rose where its flag was and hoisted the white flag. In Latin America former guerrilla commanders have started to deny their own past. But they did not succeed in our country! However many times they attacked us to destroy us, they were defeated. We are living through another period in which they are trying to destroy us. But Again we will not turn back from our path. Grup Yorum will not turn back from its path. It won’t work in this period. Rebellions against tyranny do not end. The sides become clearer and contradictions deepen. The AKP’s fear grows moment by moment.

Isolation, imprisonment, wanted lists… Wherever there is tyranny, there will also be revolutionaries who resist!

We are Anatolia! We are the people! Grup Yorum is the organised art of our people. No army can seize the organised art of the people. Because it has conquered the hearts of the people. Our fortresses are the hearts of our people that cannot be seized. Grup Yorum has never entered into reformist, opportunist, conciliatory behaviour patterns in the face of attacks aimed at liquidating it, it has not sought to escape with the minimum possible harm. It has not stayed on the sidelines. In the face of all fascism’s attempts to impose bans, it has continued to produce new politics rapidly.

It has not held back from the fight.

Grup Yorum stands by its word: it does what it says and defends what it does. Everywhere in our country there are American bases, American bombs and aircraft. Our country is underneath enemy boots. We struggle for independence, democracy and socialism. That is, we are part of this war. Our homeland is our honour. That is why our behaviour is clear. In a situation where our country is under secret occupation, or under open occupation, our fight continues and it will continue. Millions of our listeners know that we are to the forefront in this struggle. Our saz instruments will not fall from our hands.

If the day comes, we will dance the halay and sign side by side/ replying to Mausers with Mausers, firing on the enemy.” This is Grup Yorum challenging fascism.

Organising people’s art with folk songs of liberating the people.

Salvador Allende said, “Without song there can be no revolution.” OK, can revolution be made with song?

Our folk minstrel Hasan Huseyin answered this. “I know that I have water in a flask, bread in a bag and a song in my belt, not a bullet/but again those who do not have water in a flask, bread in a bag or a bullet in their belts can stay upright.”

Certainly it is not possible to make revolution with music alone. Revolution must be the organised work of the people. The revolution will be developed by the people through organised struggle. Music will be a vehicle to support and serve revolution, before it, during it and after it.

Folk songs of a fighting nature are an effective way to bring the people together. They boost the morale and motivation of peoples. Our songs tell all the world’s peoples of socialism and that socialists are for a beautiful and honourable way of life. Yes, with music alone we cannot make revolution. But music is a powerful weapon in the revolutionary struggle.

A powerful weapon in the hands of the people and the oppressed, in their language and in their heart… Grup Yorum expresses the power of music in a struggle shoulder to shoulder with our people.

This is a fight against fascism, a fight for freedom! Fascism is an enemy of everything and of course that includes art as well.

Nazim Hikmet wrote as follows about those who destroyed the Tan publishing house in his poem “December 7, 1945”: (translator’s note: this produced a left-wing newspaper. On that date a right-wing mob was organised to attack it. It was an early Cold War event and a sign of Turkey slipping into the US orbit.)

They are enemies of the towel-maker Receb in Bursa/ Enemies of the wood finisher in the Karabuk factory, Hasan/ to the poor village woman Hatce and the worker Suleyman/ an enemy to you, an enemy to me/the homeland that is the house of these people

My dear/ They are enemies of the homeland”

This hostility now is why a price has been put on the heads of Grup Yorum members, the same hostility to Victor Jara whose fingers they broke to stop him playing the guitar before they shot him dead. This hostility led to Ahmet Arif being beaten to death and abandoned on the street, to the brains of the ironworker Kawa and his children being eaten… This hostility led to Nazis burning millions of people… This hostility led to thousands of students in South Korea being murdered for no reason, and tens of millions of Indians being slaughtered in America. Hundreds of thousands of the poor have been slaughtered in the mines, the streets, the squares, the schools, shelters, hotels, houses, and before the eyes of their families…

This hostility is hostility to the people. Hostility to the idea of earning bread and obtaining it.

This hostility is the reason for their hostility to Grup Yorum extending as far as putting a price on their heads. They do not realise that ideas are greater than physical bodies. They think they can imprison bodies, impose bans on them, murder them and in that way destroy them, but in vain. Bedreddin put his own seal under his death sentence, noting: “Someone who die for his idea cannot be counted as dead”. Are those who fearfully issued the death sentence against Bedreddin remembered now? They died long ago. All those pompous palaces and sultanates would not remain, he said, for Bedreddin could see the future. The Ottomans did not remain, neither the palaces nor the sultanates.

When they were alive it was only their bodies that were alive and they rot now together with their bodies. While the artists who worked for the people and produced works of art for the people are now immortal. They live on, even if they were burned alive or flayed alive. They try to suffocate people’s art in the swamp of poverty and corruption, but the art is sustained by not surrendering to tyranny through togetherness with the people, knowing that they are consciously anti-imperialist, and possessing belief and hope.

Everyone knows who the friend and the enemy is. We will win. Absolutely, we will win.”


AKP fascism is trying to create art and fake heroes. Cut off from the people, unconnected to reality, they produce hollow works.

Grup Yorum produces folk songs based on the experiences of our people gained in their own liberation wars, rebellions and resistance. Their folk songs create heroism, make it part of the people and brings them to the masses. This is why Grup Yorum are artists of the people.

The artists of AKP fascism say, “This comes and goes,” and they do their best to desensitise the people.

Grup Yorum awakens our people to every kind of repression and exploitation and mobilise them for the struggle. This is why Grup Yorum are artists of the people.

Other than artists of the people, no art can explain the life of our exploited and oppressed people and the struggle for socialism.

AKP fascism’s demonstrations of love are fake. The words they use about “the oppressed, right, justice, equality” are fake. They cannot defend equality because they are the clowns of a government based on inequality and illegality.

Other than socialist artists, no artistic current, whatever the country or countries, can defend the equal rights of the oppressed peoples. Because artists who do not serve the peoples do serve the capitalist system.

Grup Yorum is the vanguard.

The artist of our country takes an organised place inside liberation thinking. On this road, the artist of our country takes up a place in the front and aligns him or herself in its ranks.

Nazim Hikmet was organised. He defended organisation to the very end. He spent decades in prison, indeed he was among those who have spent the longest amount of time in prison in our country. But he did not give up even an inch in the struggle against tyranny. He issued a challenge when he wrote: “Your beloved is a Communist/ he is in jail but has broken his chains/ he has achieved the most excellent distinction/ for decades he has been imprisoned in Bursa castle”

This makes fascism uneasy. The system artists sign songs at the frontier of Afrin and eat out of the mess tins of tyranny while artists who do not support the government are put on wanted lists. Even in state of emergency conditions Grup Yorum put on concerts and continue to go out into the squares. They do not heed bans. They get their strength from being organised. And this is the reason for a price being placed on their heads.

Grup Yorum is everywhere in life and in the struggle. It has the aim of developing and perfecting the music of our people. It takes a stand against the effect of the bourgeoisie insidiously corrupting our music and our art. But it does not confine itself to protecting, it seeks to gain new positions.

The artists of fascism sow depression and consume all desire to live. Grup Yorum’s music awake a desire to fight even amidst death!

Grup Yorum has claims to make. It makes the art of socialism, accumulating the best of all previous epochs in civilisation and culture. This is why it continually create in order to leave behind the most beautiful art of the past in the most progressive art and culture in the world. And this is why they put a price on their heads.

Grup Yorum bears the responsibility for creating a healthy and cheerful generation not intimidated by force, and able to overcome its problems. This is why they put a price on their heads

The artists of AKP fascism distort history, claiming that our ancestors are the family of Othman (translator’s note: founder of the Ottomans). What they call culture is the corruption and self-indulgence of a handful of parasites in the palace.

Grup Yorum has a treasury of thousands of years of accumulated culture of all the peoples and ages. Whatever the source of the struggles of the Anatolian peoples are and whatever their successes, these are looked at with critical eyes even while being embraced. Embraced with heart and soul. This is a historic duty. The culture of the people is continually hemmed in by the corruption of imperialism and fascism. Its great wealth and its legacy are united with revolutionary culture.

The music of fascism continually skids to the left and right, depending on who is in power. They forget what they said one day, in order to say something completely different tomorrow.

Whereas Grup Yorum is sound, and stands its ground. Because its feet are firmly planted in the soil of Anatolia. Because it takes on the creative wealth of our people’s traditions. Because the wealth of our people’s internal world is able to emerge there and open up its specific and characteristic road.

How does Yorum open up this road, and what deep roots nourish this?

Grup Yorum did an interview with Free Prisoners in Kandira F-Type. What they said was very clear: “We have reached millions, for 33 years in the face of all oppression we have struck deeper roots among our people, our songs pass from tongue to tongue, we owe our productivity and continual growth to our socialist beliefs. Even the smallest details of our art are formed by our socialist beliefs. Socialism has never been homeless, in the coldest winters it means being in a house with the heating working overtime. It means making our people forget hunger. It means the right to freedom of expression and decision for our people. Our art aims to play an active role in the creation of new human beings. We are creating a barricade against the exploitative system’s cultural attacks, using our socialist beliefs and the art we produce as a barricade. We fight against corrupting attacks, using art formed by our socialist beliefs. However much this system seeks to corrupt our people and our values, we seek to liberate and have a cleaning effect. And we will destroy the culture of imperialism with much more noble feelings and beliefs. Instead of immorality, the morality of our people: instead of theft, sharing and solidarity: instead of false heroes, the heroes of our people. Instead of selfishness we say “we” and seek the best interests of all our people. Instead of psychological depression, scientific thought, sharing and solidarity. Love for an independent homeland in place of imperialist occupation, we will destroy imperialism’s cultural attacks with love of the people. The values we defend are very powerful. At the same time socialism gives life to the culture of the people and their values. In our art we communicate the people’s values that our socialist beliefs make necessary. This system seeks to make the people selfish, while we call on our people to share, as in our folk song “Other than the cheek of your beloved”. Our socialist beliefs are not simply expressed in what we produce. Naturally it is formed in our lives and how we work. We produce collectively. For example, we live in a collective fashion. We try to live in a just manner. We take up a place completely within the struggle of the people. We do not flee from paying the price for this. Because we know that the march for socialism passes through difficult terrain. We defend organised art and artistry and live in this way.”

Grup Yorum is the happiness of our people, its art only produced for the happiness of our people, their prosperity and interests. It has been the deepest voice of our people for 33 years already, standing on our feet, and we will live on. Because it aims to develop what our people like and to continually raise demands. It constantly aims to equip itself with new ideas that take our people further forward. It marched together with our people; sometimes this path teaches it, sometimes it indicates what the path is. Because they are at the same time leaders of the people. The June Uprising (2013) made this concrete and terrified the enemy. It became the nightmare of the AKP. To escape this nightmare, they threw Grup Yorum members into isolation cells. They have put prices on the heads of those they could not find to imprison. But in vain! Grup Yorum is a great folk song that cannot be imprisoned in an isolation cell. And the prisons are not big enough to contain its capacity.

The Art Of The People is to be found everywhere.

They are looking for the art of the people, it is everywhere. Within our people… Could it be interrupted even for a day? No! Because the people own this art. So they will not succeed…

The people cannot be finished off, and the artists of the people cannot be finished either. Just as the people cannot be annihilated, people’s art and artists also cannot be annihilated. Search, search everywhere! Every street, every house, every resistance, every mountain or stone – they are there. They are everywhere where folk songs are sung. New GRUP YORUMS are emerging.

Even as fascism puts them in jail, new people’s artists proliferate.

AKP fascism has nightmares every day. If they jail them every day, new revolutionaries emerge. They killed Mahir Cayan and those with him. Can they really be said to have killed Mahir? It was not very long before many children were born who were given the name Mahir. When Mahir handed over the flag it was taken up by our children of the people who continued to strike blows at fascism. They think they can resolve their fears by jailing revolutionaries and putting prices on the heads of people’s artists.

The poet Ataol Behramoglu answered this years ago:

What a strange puzzle/ people proliferate after being killed. The executioner woke up from his bed one night/ ‘My God’, he said, ‘what a difficult riddle: people proliferate after being killed/ I am consumed by killing…” And history is a witness that you cannot finish us off. You cannot finish off Grup Yorum!

To conclude: our legitimacy is stronger than their wanted lists and their bounties. You will not make our people accustomed to becoming informers or tell-tales. It is a vain endeavour. Since Ottoman times they have tried to destroy struggles with renegades and informers. But treason is one of the most accursed crimes. You cannot prevent a struggle by turning up a few ignoble people. Grup Yorum is right and legitimate. You cannot eliminate legitimacy by publishing terrorism lists.

The AKP with its lists will be buried in the history of Anatolia, and Grup Yorum will do it.

Grup Yorum is Pir Sultan Abdal, Seyh Bedreddin, Koroglu, Dadaloglu, Ruhi Su, Mahsuni Serif.

The AKP government is Hizir Pasha, Kuyucu Murat Pasha. It is Rayber who killed Aliser.

The AKP will be buried by history together with its lists. Grup Yorum will live on.


Our songs

Must emerge from the streets of the city neighbourhoods.

Our songs

Must stop in front of our houses

Must tap on the glass

And shake the hands of all who open the door.

must shake them

Until it hurts,

The doors

until bound arms are freed…

We do not understand

A folk song from one mouth.

Every mourning night

every holiday day,

Our songs

Bringing down the gas canisters

Triumphing over them

Must keep up the tempo with great hands.

Our songs

like the wind in the pine forests

always have to sung as with one voice!!.

Our songs

must attack the foremost front of the enemy.

The faces of our songs

Must be painted in blood…

Our songs

must emerge from the streets in the city neighbourhoods!

a single heart

curtains down

the door cannot stay locked in the house!.

Our songs

Must set the breeze in motion…



Yuruyus magazine No. 55; February 25 2018