“Earthquakes kill the poor, not the rich. The main problem is poverty. “

These words were uttered by one of the famous seismologists in Turkey, Prof. Dr. Övgün Ahmet Ercan. Of great importance is that these words describing the reality in the country, this time was uttered, nor by anyone else, but by a scientist.

The fact that a seismologist, not an economist or a political scientist, states that “not an earthquake, but poverty kills” is a kind of response to the supporters of political power in Turkey, who after every earthquake resort to demagoguery and outright lies with words like “This is destiny, we must accept it “,” God’s command, there is nothing to be done “, etc.

In response to a question asked during the Evening News on the FOX television channel, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Ercan said the following:

“In one country, the worse the economy, the more deadly the earthquake is. Until poverty is eradicated in one country, the earthquake will always be synonymous with death. People don’t build poor-quality housing because they want to. They are forced to live in such homes because they do not have the necessary funds for geodetic surveys, construction, and architectural projects. To solve the problem of earthquake protection in a country, you need to improve the state of the economy. That is, the more poverty there is, the more the earthquake is closer to you. In earthquakes, only the poor people die, not the rich. Have you ever heard of a famous person, or a rich man being taken out from under the ruins of his house destroyed in an earthquake? You will never hear anything like that. The main problem is poverty. “

Source: Gerçek news agency