DHKP Statement on inclusion in the USA’s list of “extra targets”


Statement No: 19 Date: February 14, 2002

“The organisation OPENLY criticised the USA and its operation in Afghanistan”

The CIA wants to include our organisation to the other targets of the USA by reasoning as above. We should be targeted because we had OPENLY criticised the USA!

An imperialist is trying to make the entire world its slaves. An imperialist, arbitrarily and by ignoring the law order, threatens another country and another organisation on daily basis. This imperialist is dreaming of becoming an empire. This dream of imperialist means a nightmare for the rest of the world. As if they are the masters of the world, mainly the President, ministers and the other statesmen of this country are issuing orders, threats and abuses to the peoples and countries of the world and forcing them to take their side in this unjust and unlawful war. Everyone knows about this imperialist country. Since September 11, the US aggravation is increasingly continuing.

Since September 11, certain organisations and countries have been announced as their enemies and targets. Our organisation is also included now. The head of the CIA George Tennet, stated in his report to the US congress that, including our organisation, 5 organisations should also be targeted by the USA.

These organisations are Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party-Front (DHKP-C), Colombian Revolutionary People’s Forces (FARC), Palestine People’s Liberation Front (FHKC), Islami Jihad and Hamas.OK but why?


First of all, it should be realised that the US’s targets WILL NOT BE LIMITED with the officially announced countries and organisations. The targets were not only Afghanistan and El Kaide

We had emphasised this previously and now it was proven correct. Today we are emphasising once again: The target will not be limited with Iraq-Iran-North Korea, DHKP-C, FHKC, FARC, Islami Jihad and Hamas! On September 14, 2001- 3 days after the September 11- the dust over New York and Washington was still intense and everyone was talking about it. We commented on this incident too. In our statement with the title of APPEAL TO TRUTH we tried to direct everyone to the truth while in a cloudy and invisible atmosphere the demagogy of terror and the screams of revenge were on the peak. We had said that; Even if Islamic organisations are presented as the target, in general all organised forces and peoples who are against the American empire and are opposed to capitalist exploitation are targeted. The peoples of Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Balkans and Caucasus, and even all the progressive and opposition people in the metropolitan countries of Europe are the targets of this attack. US imperialism wants to achieve this with the demagogy of terrorism. No one should calculate on getting away from this attack by showing sympathy to the USA. No one can get away from it. If US imperialism launches an attack there is no other way but to oppose them like the oppressed people of the world and their organisations. There is no other way than to resist.

Remember whom and which countries and organisations have been announced enemy and target since then.

You will come across with a long list. A list including from Iraq to North Korea, from the Hamas to the FARC and finally our organisation. Iran tried to not to be targeted by not opposing the US attack to Afghanistan. They could not succeed. While El Kaide, Taliban, pro-Shariat and Islamic organisations were mentioned, suddenly socialist North Korea and then our organisations and then others were announced. Will it end then? Did it finish? No. The list will get longer. Have a look at again what we had written on September 14. All opposition and progressive forces are targets of this attack

This list can be extended to the anti-globalisation movements in Europe and the USA and even any of the European countries, which resist against the orders and demands of the USA. THE REASONS OF THE CIA ARE THE PROOFS OF OUR CORRECTNESS OF BEING OPPOSED TO THE USA: The head of CIA says that these 5 organisations should be targeted. Because, he says, Islami Jihad, FHKC and Hamas are traditionally concentrating on attacking to Israel. If these organisations feel that the USA threatens their existence, they may start to threaten the US citizens directly.

About FARC: The organisation did not carry out any attack against the USA establishments but it creates a threat by putting the Colombian government and the USA in the same pot…

The reasons for our organisation are as follows: The organisation OPENLY criticised the USA and its operation in Afghanistan

You are a threat, you did not attack but you may, you openly CRITICISE; so you are a terrorist? Or you are a potential terrorist. And therefore you are our TARGET. No one will criticise the USA! No one will oppose the US interests!

No one will defend his or her independence against the USA!

No one will oppose the US-backed zionists and murderous governments and rules. Freedom will only take the form of freedom of defending and applauding the USA. The democracy will only be exercised in a way that you can give free speeches if permitted by the USA and you can live the way that the USA wishes you to live. Read these reasons once again. You will clearly see the US mentality and how the US empire is imposing its way to the rest of the world within these reasons. What else could we do but opposing the USA?

This is exactly what we oppose; this despotism, this world scale banditry. We oppose this banditry’s condemnation of the world to starvation, its massacres for the sake of continuation of its rule and its support to the entire fascist rules in the world.


Leave aside the legitimate right of the people to revolt against tyranny, leave aside the nations’ right of independence, the USA says there will neither be the freedom of thought and expression. Let’s pay attention here.
They are not arguing about violence and people’s liberation wars, the hatred of those who are condemned to starvation and oppressed in here, they are arguing over the freedom of thought and expression. The USA wants to abolish it. Have a look at the level of arbitrariness and unlawfulness. They may pose a threat… they OPENLY criticised… That’s why let’s kill, destroy and wipe them off. Read the reasons of the head of CIA again, you will see that these reasons are an assault to HUMAN BEINGS WHO THINK. This is a threat to destroy science, culture, ideology, logic, law and justice, basically everything. Can thousands of intellectuals, hundreds of organisations, stand up and say yes, like DHKP-C, we also OPENLY criticise the USA and its operat ion in Afghanistan?

Now we must strongly answer the head of CIA, those who attempt to rule the world with the CIA’s laws, the CIA’s injustice and the CIA’s plots. Stand by us! You may not agree with our entire ideology. You may not accept our strategy and tactics. But we call you to be together with us to oppose them OPENLY. We call upon those who defend the freedom of thought to take up the struggle. If this is the democracy they want to impose the world, we call upon you to condemn this democracy and this understanding of freedom OPENLY


Yes this is our CRIME; we OPENLY criticised the USA. The US style democracy, human rights, freedom of thought and expression are focused on this word. Then, here we are, announce the entire world as target. Of course, Openness does not suit them. For the CIA, the openness itself is a horror. They got used to impose their politics by deceits and plots and seeing the opposition being mild through oppression, threat and violence. No. In our entire history we have never adopted such a way and we will never do. For decades we had no secret policy and nothing to hide from our people and the peoples of the world. And today is the same. If in a world, only a bunch of monopolists are richer than hundreds of countries and 1.2 billion of people are starving and 3 billion of people having lack of drinking water, of course we will fight for a better world where no one is condemned to hunger, believes and thoughts are free and everyone’s todays and tomorrows are secured. We declare to the entire world that, we will continue to OPPOSE THESE OPENLY. If this is terrorism… If demanding a world where there are no occupations like in Vietnam and no massacres like in Rwanda means terrorism… We announce that we will continue to be terrorists. And mainly the USA, everyone should know that, even if they destroy us there will always be such terrorists in this world.


Our knowledge and analysis of the USA are not new. We know the USA from our spilt blood for 50 years. We know the USA from our spilt blood. We know the USA from the poverty of our people. The main thieves who steal our bread are the US monopolies. We know the USA from the juntas in our country. It was the force behind them. We know the USA from Vietnam, Middle East, Latin America, and Africa. Therefore it was not difficult for us to comment on its speeches following the September 11 and to analyse its attack to Afghanistan. And since we correctly analysed the truth, we announced to the peoples of the world, once again that, we oppose the USA and its attack against Afghanistan.

We had warned everyone on September 14, 2001 within the concept of Appeal to Truth:

EMPIRE IS THE TOTAL NEGATION OF DEMOCRACY, JUSTICE AND FREEDOM. America wants to use the whole world for the continuation of its empire. This is becoming concrete in the decisions of NATO. Those who defend democracy, right and freedom can’t reach an accommodation with this empire.

TO THE VARIOUS COUNTRIES WHO ARE IN NATO; The USA want to use you as part of the demagogy of terrorism. Don’t serve as reinforcements for the US empire. Discuss the truth. See reality. Don’t you have any people with scientific training to tell you that the problem can’t be solved with demagogy about terrorism? To conceal the truth will only aggravate the example of anger that you all witnessed on September 11.

When we declared these the date was September 14, 2001. A group of defenders of democracy and human rights, by backing Bush, were talking about struggle against terror in those days. A majority of intellectuals throughout the world, were serving for the creation of an unclear atmosphere, in which the USA would appreciate, by saying we oppose both war and terror. And now, have a look at what French minister of international affairs said on February 2002: The USA’s way of seeing the world politics is ‘simple’ and their approach to the entire problems of the world by minimising to ‘struggle against terror’ is a threat for Europe

Compare these with the concept of our statement Appeal to Truth on September 14, 2001. The truth catches those who try to escape from it.
Of course the main thing is to do what the truth is required. The first thing that those who see the truth should do is, TO OPPOSE THE US EMPIRE OPENLY.
And to struggle against the invasion of the world by this empire. Countries and Peoples of the World! You should not pay attention to the CIA reports and USA’s definitions. Because these reports and definitions are only for serving the US interests.



We are always proud of our anti-imperialist tradition. We are proud of our struggle for independence, democracy and socialism. We are for independence against imperialism, for democracy against fascism and for socialism against capitalism. Could USA be proud of condemning 1,2 billion of people to starvation? Could USA be proud of supporting the fascist dictatorships and bloody junta regimes in all regions of the world?

While we are defending each of our actions proudly, can USA proudly defend all they have done? They can not. We want a justified and free world

A world;
Where there is no starvation, poverty, torture and massacres,
Where fascists rule do not exist,
Where nations can determine their own fate,
Where no chemical, nuclear or biological weapons exist, Where people’s health, housing, education problems are solved permanently,
Where invasions, colonies and exploitation do not exist. In a world where there is no invasion, colonies and exploitation, violence does not exist anyway. In such a world, the struggle between countries and between sections of the society in a country continue in democratic and peaceful forms. In such a world those who are for violence and use armed struggle for this and that can be considered crazy. How about today? Today it is opposite. Then the question of; who is preventing such a world to exist, who is preventing the peoples of the world to build such a world?

Since the main answer of these questions is the USA, we oppose them. And this is the same reason why we were announced as a target. In fact, it is not a new story. The USA’s annual lists of terror have always included our organisation. For years, with the order of the CIA, operations were carried out against our organisations and our fighters were massacred. We oppose the US’s hegemony in our country and also oppose its new world order. Soon or later every organisation, everyone who demand a democratic world and struggle for this goal will be announced by the USA as terrorists and targets.


USA says that, you must be killed, destroyed and abolished… Why? Because you are openly criticising me!

It says, you must be killed, destroyed and abolished… Why? Because you criticise injustice which condemns the 4 billion people to poverty. We are against such a world system. Certainly and openly we say that: this system must be abolished. In order to bring justice, equality and freedom to the world, this US empire, this new world order and globalisation must be bolished. As we said on September 14;

Developing a new wave of repression using the demagogy of terror, in order to prevent a discussion of why and wherefore such anger arose that dealt it this blow, the USA is reckoning on stabilising its empire on top of all this debris. It prepares itself for the occupation and bombardment of the territories where it couldn’t yet establish its control. Again it aims tomake the whole world discuss the matter within the framework preferred by the USA, to lead them to act in its own interests and to hide the truth.

Shall we accept this?

Either you will struggle against the empire or you will be destroyed. Either you will take the side of those openly oppose the empire or soon or later you will be the servants of the world order of the USA.

Not those who struggle against the USA but those who serve for them will be destroyed. The situation where revolutionaries, socialists and anti-imperialists are targeted by the USA does not change this truth. In such a world, where being an US servant and submitting to the USA became the way of survive, it is difficult to be anti-USA and anti-imperialist. But only when such a difficult task is achieved the world will be a New World. Only when such a difficult task was achieved the flag of equality, freedom, justice and liberation will wave all over the world. Threats do not change the truth about the world.
Let’s assume that we gave up being opposed to the USA. Will USA become not an USA? Will this scenery of the world change? Today, as long as the revolutionary, progressive, patriot, anti-imperialist forces are concerned, the issue is not whether they are in the target list of the USA. On the contrary, not being included in the list should be the issue.

To criticise the US imperialism OPENLY is a duty, is a right and it is legitimate.

Everyone should carefully think about how the USA wish to create a world order when they include an organisation because this organisation criticised them OPENLY, because we defend the interests of the peoples of the world against the USA’s. Everyone must re-evaluate which self-interests are trying to be hid behind the demagogy of struggle against terror.



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