DHKP 33: Our resistance to isolation begun on 20th October 2000, is continuing

Devrimci Halk Kurtulus Partisi

Bulletin No: 33 | DATE: 16 October 2004


Imperialism and the oligarchy couldn’t make the revolutionaries surrender, despite 117 deaths and 600 people being left crippled.

The Death Fast resistance, whose significance and meaning for the history of the people is taking on greater and greater dimensions, has entered its fifth year. This resistance, in which the heroic deeds of our people are reaching the highest level and writing one legend after another, has already given a great lesson to the people of the world. A resistance entering its fifth year, despite the massacres, tortures and isolation cells, is indeed a subject to deal with for all forces who have claims and responsibility for the struggle against imperialism and the oligarchy. It is educational for all of us to understand where the resistance derives this strength, how it could continue for so long despite the scale of the attacks on it and how these heroic deeds could gain a mass character and expand. It is also educational to understand what the enemy is trying to do and the meaning of our resistance to it. Considering the introduction of the F-Type prisons by means of a massacre, the dimensions of the operation and the level of brutality that was applied, it was an attack that has hardly had a parallel in the history of Turkey and even the world. They attempted to make the revolutionary prisoners surrender. They thought that by making them surrender, they could overcome an important obstacle to making the people surrender. It meant wiping out the idea of a possible ALTERNATIVE to the coarse and vile system in this country, an alternative consisting of revolution and socialism, if the revolutionaries could be made to surrender. Everybody was meant to submit to this system. Even the left should carry on its politics within the parameters set by this system. In order to reach this goal they attacked with all their forces. Though they knew that their fascist character would be obvious, they took the risk of carrying out a major massacre. They were very sure of their success. They trusted in their forces. They thought that 300-500 prisoners, left alone in their F-Type prison cells would not be able to resist a state an army of a million soldiers, a gigantic police force, contra-guerrillas, a secret service (MIT) and its prisons. But the question was not only one of numbers. It was the question of who was right and who was in the wrong, who and what is legitimate and who and what lacks legitimacy. What those who thought that they could finish the resistance by killing 40-50 and torturing the rest by putting them in the isolation cells didn’t calculate was the power of the people and the revolutionaries. They didn’t calculate the power of beliefs, the determination of those who have beliefs and ideals to lead countries to independence and the people to freedom. With our rightfulness and legitimacy and the power of our people and our beliefs we could upset their plans.


The revolutionary prisoners who didn’t surrender after four years in the isolation cells, teach the people and the revolutionaries that it is possible to resist oppression under each condition. They say, that the revolutionaries are stronger, and that, in whatever conditions, no force can break the willpower of the revolutionaries. And they show this in person with their resisistance. Either are we resisting or we’re destroyed. That’s the most naked reality that they teach and show us. This resistance shows that the people can’t be made surrender. This resistance has shown to imperialism and the oligarchy once again the willpower of our people. The “national willpower” which has become visible at the election chests, is a willpower, which has been brought off the road and distorted, in which the values and longings of the people are exploited. The real place, where the willpower of the people becomes visible, is the war arena against imperialism and the oligarchy. That’s the willpower that becomes visible in the resistance. The willpower of this resistance is representing the interests and values of all people.

The resistance that is entering its 5th year, has shown with great heroism, that they couldn’t intimidate and make surrender the people. They didn’t succeed to destroy the values in the depth of the people’s history and wisdom, by repression, terror, bans, poverty and degeneration. The resistance that is entering its 5th year is the barricade of the people. It is the people that resist against imperialism and the oligarchy. We are the people. To show those, who resist imperialism and the oligarchy in the F type prisons and outside, as if they wouldn’t be part of this country, is a puffed up, ordinary demagogy. Imperialism and the oligarchy, who are the real creators of this demagogy, know the reality and recognise, that it is not so easy to break the people with its gigantic military forces. There will always be people, who resist at the risk of life. There will always be people, who embrace the death with a smile in their face, instead of giving up their ideas and beliefs. They can use their politics of degeneratoion as much as they want, but there will always be people in this country, who resist and fight for dignity, honour, justice, freedom and independence, and who take into account even death for it. Those who are the friends of our resistance, those who are on the side of the people and labour, have shown the necessity to be strong, unaffected by the bourgeoisie’s propaganda, to trust in their own strength and to believe in the strength of the people and their dynamism.

Those who awaited our defeat through remaining silent, paying no heed to the resistance or not placing us on their agenda have been proved wrong. This error is a grievous error, bearing weighty responsibility before history, for it is the reason the people have had to pay a heavy price. Remaining silent, ignoring what is happening, whether consciously or not, is a means of assistance to imperialism and the oligarchy. Those who participate in the efforts of imperialism and the oligarchy to encircle the resistance by remaining silent or by displaying an inappropriate attitude are the ones who are forced to learn the most from this resistance. They must know that by remaining silent they are showing a alck of respect for the own willpower. It is their own willpower they are undermining.

What can those who have nothing to say about an oppression which has paved the way for the deaths of 117 people, and to the isolation policy which aims to cut off the various sections of the people from one another, rendering them powerless, have to say on any other subject that concerns the people? How can those who lack the courage to oppose such tyranny on the part of imperialism and fascism be the vanguard of the people on any other subject? Those who claim to be on the side of the people and labour, who claim to be revolutionary, democratic, socialist, are obliged to undermine the policies of imperialism and fascism and to open the way forward for people’s liberation. How will those who are silent about 117 deaths and do not take part in so epic a resistance be able to do this? The prisoners, who are the honour and pride of all of us are showing how to be leaders of the people, how to give confidence to the people, how to resist the counter-revolutionary attacks and how to defend socialism and open the way to revolution. The words of Turkey’s future will belong to those who know how to learn from this resistance.


The December 19-22 operation, carried out in 20 prisons of Turkey and which killed 28 prisoners, was started by the DSP-MHP-ANAP government. The AKP government is continuing it. There is no difference between them. Whatever adjectives like “democratic left”, “nationalist”, “liberal”, “Islamist” say about their differences, the roles they play have been the same. The isolation policy is the policy of imperialism and the collaborationist oligarchy. Whatever the pro-system parties, their faces and the assurances may be, this policy will continue. Because the governments based on these system parties are puppet governments obliged to serve the interests of imperialism and the collaborationist oligarchy. The resistance is opposed to imperialism and the oligarchy. Resistance consists of frustrating the policies of imperialism which aim at making all the world’s peoples submit to poverty, injustice and inequality. What the USA, the European Union and the AKP which collaborates with them stand for is the same; you are to think as we do, live in a way congenial to us, to organise in ways we do not deem “harmful” to ourselves and if you do that you will be considered satisfactory. The overt occupations of Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine is the same fight going on in all countries and all prisons on earth. All resistance, armed and unarmed, is the people’s willpower opposed to the willpower of the imperialists who seek to destroy the people’s resistance. The voice of the prisoners in the F-Types who for four years have shouted, “You will not destroy our beliefs”, “You will not force us to live without solidarity and organisation” is one of the most powerful parts of the resistance by the world’s peoples. All over the world, sacrificial actions have intensified in response to the pressure from imperialism. Everywhere in the world heroes of the people arose who sacrificed themselves for their thoughts, beliefs, indepepndence and the liberation of their peoples. The heroes of our people sacrifice themselves in order not to live as peoples who are exploited by imperialism and its collaborators but to live as the people of independent, democratic and socialist countries and also to repel the F-Type and isolation attacks. Our people should resist in the footsteps of the heroes who oppose hunger, poverty, tyranny and injustice. They must resist the plunder of our country and the shameless exploitation of our people by imperialism and its collaborators. Our prisoners who continue to defend the cause of the people in their prison cells are a role model on this subject. The path that must be followed is their path.

Under no conditions give way to hopelessness or a lack of confidence. Through their occupations, the bombs they rain down from the heavens, the monopolies they expand everywhere like an octopus, with their cell-type prisons which have sread like wildfire, and with their media which seek to prevent us from learing the truth, imperialism and its collaborators have darkened the horizons of the world. But every night is ended by the morning. Every day, imperialism and the collaborators who kill millions of our children, men, women, old and young, with weapons or with hunger, are also creating a very great anger which is opening the way for a bright future all over the world. There is no reason to be hopeless. Our prisoners and the people all over the world show us that it is possible to resist imperialism. Furthermnore we have the power to bring down the collaborationist regimes.

Look at the resistance; During these attacks, which have already continued into their fifth year, US and European Union imperialism have been full-square behind the collaborationist oligarchy. But in these years of encirclement, we have not surrendered. Nor have we surrendered outside the prisons. They could not destroy us. They could not make us deviate from defending and resisting in favour of independence as opposed to imperialism, democracy against fascism and socialism as opposed to capitalism. We are continuing to resist. We become stronger by resisting. By resisting our resolve becomes stronger and our claims become greater. For this reason the ongoing resistance in the F-Type prisons belongs to us all. It is the resistance of all the sections of the people and the left. To defend the resistance measn to defend our own honour, dignity, the future struggle, our claims and our ideals. The resistance is entering its fifth year. Join us, be a part of our resistance. It will increase through unity, it will grow stronger through resistance and we will tear down the cells of imperialism and the oligarchy! Our word is given to history and our people. The cells of imperialism and the oligarchy will be destroyed. No force will be enough to keep these isolation cells standing.

Devrimci Halk Kurtulus Partisi

(Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party)