DHKC 350: The AKP government is responsible for the massacre that solitary confinement has brought about

Those who think that they will not have to present a reckoning for 119 dead are fooling themselves

We stood at the door of the Justice Ministry in order to demand a reckoning.


On July 1 we stood at the door of one of the centres where the oppressors have taken countless decisions to carry out massacres. We armed ourselves with bombs to demand a reckoning for the 119 people of ours that they murdered in opening their F-Type prisons and continuing their policy of prison isolation.

On July 1 our fighter Eyup Beyaz carried out a sacrificial action against the Justice Ministry. For some reason not known to us, the explosion did not occur. Our comrade was murdered by the death squads of the AKP (Justice and Development Party) government which are charged with the task of protecting its torturing, murdering, thieving and pro-American ministers.

It is a law of history that a reckoning is demanded of oppressors. Justice is the demand of the people.

Our actions against those responsible for the prison isolation massacre will continue!

It started with the massacre which took place on December 19, 2000 in 20 prisons simultaneously.

In the course of three days, from 19th to 22nd December (2000), 28 prisoners were murdered by bullets, bombs or burned alive. Then the slaughter was continued in the F-Type prison cells.

The number of the dead had already risen to 119.

In our action of July 1, there was no doubt for even a moment as to why our fighter Eyup Beyaz was there.

The journalists, TV reporters and officials of the Justice Ministry all knew that Eyup Beyaz was there to demand a reckoning for the 119 dead.

So some expressed their “suppositions” while others stuck to the policy of censorship they have maintained over the past five years and preferred to leave the question of “why?” unanswered. And these are the ones who leave no alternative but to confront the policy of isolation with violence.

It is our legitimate right to demand a reckoning from those who are responsible for 119 deaths. That is also the reason why we targeted the Justice Ministry and will continue to do so.

On May 25, only 37 days before our action, Faruk Kadioglu was martyred in a cell of Tekirdag F-Type Prison, where he set himself on fire. The government has hushed it up, the newspaper columnists have hushed it up and the media have continued to hush up this death as well. New fascist laws and regulations have been instituted so the prison isolation massacre can go on.

They carry out massacres, burn people alive, torture, let people rot in prison cells and kill them, but nobody is supposed to demand a reckoning from them!

The way they shot our comrade Eyup Beyaz in the legs and then executed him during the action at the Justice Ministry is a consequence of this murderous policy.

The AKP government wants a country in which nobody questions its actions or seeks to investigate them.

No! Our country will not be dominated by those who remain silent and bow down to all these things. As long as the exploitation and oppression go on, our bombs and gunshots will also be heard.

Those responsible for the prison isolation massacre will not be able to escape from a reckoning!

Our sacrificial action was not completed but the murderers have deeply felt fear of the bomb that was attached to the body of our comrade. They have seen once more that their persistence in their isolation massacre will not go unpunished.

They know well enough what their CRIME is. Since its coming to power, the AKP has stepped up security measures and increased the numbers of security staff.

Even if they set up road blocks, place their armies of bodyguards on the doors and rig up their buildings with the most up-to-date security technology, like our comrade Eyup Beyaz, we will come to the doors and demand a reckoning.

The bourgeois politicians, police chiefs, generals and bureaucrats, who constantly issue orders for torture, massacres, executions and solitary confinement, always trust in their bodyguards and security staff. But in our country dozens of bourgeois politicians, police chiefs, generals, bureaucrats and torturers have had to present a reckoning to people’s justice, even though they were surrounded by bodyguards. As if the oligarchy’s murderers and robbers do not know that! But they would rather forget it, so as protect themselves from their nightmares. But they cannot. For fighters like Gultekin Koc, Ugur Bulbul, Sengul Akkurt, our bombs which exploded in front of the vehicles that transported murderers involved in the prison operation and Eyup Beyaz all do not allow them to forget the justice of the people.

The fascist laws they introduce without any interruption, the rulings which give the police and the MIT (Turkey’s civilian security service) new areas of authority a nd the constant acquittals of torturers and murderers in the courts are all the consequence of this fear.

Our sacrificial action against the Justice Ministry, though it was not completed, exposed the helplessness of the government and the police. Despite all their precautions, we could get very close to them. Our comrade Eyup Beyaz, who carried out the action was, as was said by the media, on the wanted list for a long time. He was in the underground. But even apart from that the police wrote a “scenario”. As we have already said in statement 320 of December 24, 2003, and 349 dated June 5, 2005, “there is no plan by our organisation to assassinate (Prime Minister) Erdogan”. So the claims about our fighter Eyup Beyaz in the police “scenario” do not correspond to the truth. And although, according to their statements, they have “created hundreds of teams” to catch our comrade, they could not find him. They are trying to cover up their helplessness with invented scenarios in order to conceal their fears with lies. Their fears become greater when they use isolation to murder and w e will increase their fears even further.

The isolation massacre continues!

We will demand a reckoning from the AKP for all our comrades who were murdered through prison isolation!

The policy of isolation in the F-Type prisons has gone on for the past five years. It is being intensified through new, fascist laws which were introduced on June 1, as well through the regulations brought in as codicils to them.

Our comrades in the F-Type prisons have resisted prison isolation for the past five years by means of the Death Fast.

There are three prisoners on the Death Fast. The policy of isolation in our country must be ended immediately. Those who defend it are implementing Nazi policies in our country.

So long as it goes on and the dying goes on, our actions will also continue.

Those who remain silent about prison isolation have no right to question our actions. The legitimacy of our right to demand a reckoning cannot be questioned.


Eyup Beyaz: A teacher of the revolutionary struggle and a sacrificial fighter for people’s justice

Our comrade Eyup Beyaz was born in 1980 in Golbelen village of Cildir district, Ardahan Province (in the far east of Turkey). He came from an ethnic Turkish family of Sunni Muslims. After he finished primary school in his village, he graduated from a boarding school in Ardahan and in 1996 entered the teaching faculty of Karadeniz (Black Sea) Technical University.

During his time at university he took part in the revolutionary struggle. In 2001 he graduated from the teacher training faculty. But he had decided to exchange being a teacher of the people for an even greater cause. He was in the front row of the strugle, with the awareness that our liberation from exploitation and oppression and decent training for our children were only possible through revolution. He took on tasks in the youth organisation.

He was arrested for the first time on May 1, 2000 in Trabzon. He withstood the torture and kept his head held high. During a democratic action on July 30, 2000, in which the lifting of prison isolation was demanded, he was again arrested and again he resisted the torturers.

There was no room for the status quo in his conception of revolution. With his openness to learning, his self-sacrificial, modest and militant personality, he showed that he was ready for even greater tasks. He was accepted into our armed units. The oligarchy had set up special units over a long period of time and published his name and his photo in order to catch our comrade but he continued his underground activities in a cool and disciplined fashion.

For our comrade, who called himself a “private soldier of the struggle”, being organised meant “uniting his life, his thoughts and his practice with the organisation and at the necessary moment being able to behave like an organisation”.

The organisation is for all of our comrades, the name of revolution, as it was for Eyup.

This is what he said in this context:

“For me the movement is a patient teacher, it embodies an iron willpower and the creation of a new life. For me it means purity and genuineness. It means the liberation of our people and the liberation of all people on the road to this liberation. It is the effort made to liberate our sweat and toil from compulsion.

For me the movement means justice. It expresses the fear that tyrants have. It means happiness to me. I see the movement as a force whos historical mission is full of dignity. I see it as the only hope our people have for liberation. With its ideology, practice, the traditions it has created and its current struggle I see it as one of the strategic forces of world revolution.”

He lives on as a symbol of courage, self-sacrifice and justice. He was a fighter of the Front and embodied the fear the oppressors have. And he increased their fears by challenging their hundreds of gun barrels they pointed at him and by getting to one of their most heavily guarded points.

The courage and self-sacrifice of Eyup will be an example for new fighters of the Front.

We will demand a reckoning for the death of 120 people!



Sevgi Erdogan Armed Propaganda Unit



Our comrade and fighter of the Sevgi Erdogan Armed Propaganda Unit left four letters behind before his sacrificial action.

The letters have the titles 1) To my people and revolutionary public opinion 2) To my Party, my great family, 3) To the Revolutionary Youth, 4) To my family.

The following is the letter “To my people and revolutionary public opinion”.

“To my people and revolutionary public opinion”

I am Eyup Beyaz. I graduated from the teaching faculty of Karadeniz Technical University and still fight for the liberation of our people and the independence of our country in the ranks of the DHKC (Revolutionary People’s Liberation Front).

On the basis of the youth struggle we carried out for an education that is tuition-free, scientific and democratic, as well as our struggle for an independent, democratic and socialist Turkey, the police organised a plot in 2001 against me and several other patriotic young people and so I ended up on the wanted list.

I did not surrender to the oligarchic government and its police who collaborate with the USA and the EU, and I continued my struggle. Numerous mendacious news items were placed about me in the newspapers and on TV. It was an attempt to narrow my sphere of life and struggle and legitimise attempts to murder me.

I have learned from TV and the newspapers that I am “a living bomb” and have been “arrested”!

I have something to say about the dozens of lies and plots that have been disseminated about me.

On the press, which is a willing tool for the plots it serves: what a disgrace you are! Your plot has not succeeded, you have not achieved your aim. Despite your lies and plots you will not succeed in stopping our people’s struggle.

As long as poverty and oppression reign in our country, and the puppet governments of imperialist powers are at the helm, we will be the voice of our people in the search for bread, freedom and justice.

This voice cannot be suffocated and your lies will turn back on you.

The F-Type prison policy and isolation have already been on our people’s agenda for the last five years.

This policy, called into being with the consent and support of the USA and EU, is being continued through massacres, repressive laws and a policy of censorship and creating ignorance. The Death Fast Resistance, which we are conducting to demand the lifting of prison isolation, has been in progress for five years. Up to today, 119 revolutionaries and patriots have been martyred in the December 19 prison massacre, in Armutlu (November 2001) and in the Death Fast Resistance.

While the government gives rewards to murderers, it increases the attacks on the resistance with new penal laws.

I am carrying out this action as revenge for the isolation and massacres practised in prison, in opposition to the new penal code and laws, against the impoverishment of our people and against the repressive laws and fascist attacks which seek to prevent their struggle. In a country where there is no justice, the people will seek its own justice. That is legitimate and no law can blacken this legitimacy. As long as isolation and massacres continue as a policy, and the resistance is ignored through censorship, our sacrificial actions will also continue.

Nobody should try to blacken such actions with expressions like “organisational pressure” or “glorification of death”. I am carrying out this action of my own free will and on my own initiative. Although I love life very much, I am consciously and willingly ending it so that injustice, poverty and dependence on imperialism might be ended and dignified life be possible. My life is to be dedicated to my people, homeland and a brilliant future for this country. It is to be dedicated to the future of our children.

Nobody should serve the demagogy about terrorism. It is essential to remember who uses such concepts and why. The _expression “terrorism” is used by imperialist and oligarchic governments to intimidate, repress and massacre their opposition. The resistance to the occupation of Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan are therefore called terrorists today! To demand independence, to oppose privatisation and isolation in the F-Type prisons, means being a terrorist! And criticising the government, writing, drawing cartoons and reading poetry – all these are punished as terrorism.

The Seka workers and the officials of the trade union Egitim-Sen were all punished under the pretext of terrorism. .

Everyone should see that the real terrorists are the imperialists and the oligarchic governments which collaborate with it. The real terrorists are the AKP, the government of the Great General Staff and those who implement the decisions of this government. They are the police, the MIT and JITEM (the military intelligence service).

In all periods of history the people have sought justice in opposing unjust and violent governments.

Spartacus, Kawa, Dede Sultan, Baba Ishak, Pir Sultan, Koroglu, Dadaloglu, Deniz, Mahir (note: people’s liberation fighters from various periods, all but Spartacus coming from Anatolia)Â… these were all the voices of this struggle. At present the justice system is on the side of the minority which rules. Can justice which functions for the murderers and not for the murdered, or for the lynchers and not those who are lynched, really be justice? Justice which imposes high penalties on small scale robbers but promotes and rewards major thieves, that is what the justice of the system means.

The people demand justice but where is it? This system cannot offer the people justice. We are the voice of the people’s struggle for justice. The Revolutionary People’s Liberation Front will continue to demand a reckoning from the people’s enemies, collaborators and lumpens who are a burden on the people, and will continue to speak out for people’s justice.

All the peoples of the world are our brothers and sisters. The struggles of the oppressed peoples against imperialism are also our struggles. Their suffering is our suffering and their joy is also ours. I greet the peoples in Iraq and Palestine who oppose occupation, as well as the resistance of oppressed peoples of the world who oppose imperialism.

Workers: the rights you have achieved are being taken away by isolation. As in the case of Seka and Seydisehir, those who resist are called terrorists and attacked. Attempts are made to suffocate resistance by censorship and isolation, so as to cut it off from other sections of the people. The trade union bosses cannot solve our problems. They leave everything to the EU and are preoccupied with reaching conciliation with the employers… We can only solve problems through our struggle and through creating solidarity networks. Our struggle is for you. It is a struggle for a socialist Turkey, in which power actually belongs to you, in which production takes place under free conditions without being a matter of bare survival.

Civil servants: isolation and censorship are also on your agenda. This is a fascist government. Our trade union Egitim-Sen (an education workers’ union) was closed down by the government. Isolation has reached such a point that Egitim-Sen was left in the lurch by those who used expressions like “an ideological trade union, marginal groups and centres of terrorism”. The SES trade union met the same fate with the handing over of BES and social insurance institutions as a result of the tax law. Isolation affects all areas of life and is used to silence opposition… We will break through isolation and the attacks by the government by uniting. It is a huge mistake to postpone struggle for the foreseeable future, relying on the the EU or the ILO or the International Court of Human Rights. Let us drive back isolation, censorship and hostile laws through our common struggle.

Peasants: Isolation, censorship and the policies of the IMF are also on your agenda. The IMF programme aims at ending a rural and livestock economy… If you try to oppose it you are told, “Look, haven’t you had enough of the land?”All governments are the same in this regard. They implement the same IMF programme. And no mainstream party can solve your problems. Our struggle is for you. The system which actually stands for the power of our peasants and workers, is Revolutionary People’s Power. With land reform and agrarian policies which are on the side of the people, Revolutionary People’s Power represents the hope of our peasants. Together, let us step up the struggle for Revolutionary People’s Power.

To our young people: isolation is on your agenda, too. You are the bearers of hope and the future of our country. Today you are exposed to massive attacks. On the one hand your consciousness is dulled by a culture of degeneration, while on the other hope for the future is taken from us by a reactionary and greedy education system and by unemployment. Honourable young people who face the future are subjected to investigative hearings, are expelled from school and represented as terrorists. Through collaboration between the police, school administrations and fascists, their attacks aim at preventing our struggle and taking away our right to an education.

Our young people, defenders of an independent, democratic and socialist Turkey: let us broaden the struggle.

Shop owners and small businesspeople: this system belongs to the monopolies. In this system, the big fish swallow the small ones and you have continual problems. Your interests lie with Revolutionary People’s Power. Let us fight together against this system.

People of the slum districts: since you emigrated from the villages, the governments have not solved your accommodation problems. Indeed they want to tear down the houses you sweated to build yourselves. They try to turn our areas into centres of prostitution, the drugs trade and degeneration. Let us fight together in the ranks of the Revolutionary People’s Liberation Front against the tearing down of houses and against poverty.

Honourable intellectuals of our country: let us work together to solve the problems of our people. Let us jointly undermine illusions about the EU. Together, let us create a democratic and free Turkey. That is a condition of being an intellectual for the people. Let us live up to such a responsibility.

Peoples of Anatolia of all languages, nationalities and religions: let us step up the struggle against poverty, national oppression, the destruction of our culture, the humiliation of our national dignity, against the USA and EU, and the injustices and tyranny of the collaborationist, oligarchic government. Let us not be fooled by the fake patriots of the Great General Staff and the MHP (Nationalist Movement Party, a far right party linked to the Grey Wolves)… Let us join the Revolutionary People’s Liberation Front in the struggle for independence, democracy and socialism.

Let us fight for people’s power, for our own government. With this wish, I dedicate my life to my people and homeland. I love you, my people.

I call on revolutionary public opinion and political organisations to comprehend this period without sectarianism and to wage a joint struggle against isolation, poverty, IMF laws and fascist attacks.




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