Declaration on the cases of torture against revolutionaries in the isolation prison in Bolu province


Our clients Deniz Sah and İlhan Kaya were tortured in Bolu F Type Prison! Torture is a Crime of Humanity!

We have been receiving news of torture and ill-treatment from Bolu F-Type Prison to our office for weeks. The latest example of these inhumane practices took place on January 14, 2021.
The guards who came to the cell of our client Deniz ŞAH in Bolu F-Type Prison, said that they would take him to another cell without any justification;

Our client Deniz Şah, who objected to this arbitrariness, was taken to another cell by being dragged and kicked on the ground in front of the 2nd director of the prison.

While the guards tortured our client, they tried to humiliate our client by using expressions such as “Oh my dear …”

Later, the demands of our client, who wanted to go to the infirmary to detect the torture, were not met, and reporting of torture was prevented.

The cell where our client has been taken is the cell where a person who had psychological problems previously stayed; There are rotten food residues, broken glass, blood stains on the floor.
In addition, our client İlhan KAYA was deliberately squeezed into the door while being taken back from prison yard.

The Bolu F-Type Prison administration and its guards must put an end to their attacks on prisoners which have been continuing for weeks.

We remind the prison officers and directors who committed the crime of torture once again of the life-sentence of the prison director and his guards, who murdered our client Engin ÇEBER, who was murdered by torture, and the struggle for justice for this cause. We would like to state that we will make all necessary applications to punish perpetrators of torture.



Translation in to English: Anadolu News Blog

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