Bavaria is expanding the criminalization of Aramaic activists

A 38-year-old Aramaic activist from the Aramaic popular movement “Revolutionary Arameans” (Süryani Devrimciler) from Bavaria is criminalized by the German police from Bavaria for her political reporting in the social media!

For the publication of these articles in the social media, she was sent a police summons by the Bavarian police on 01.10.2019 for violation of the law on associations, because she has not followed up.

On 16.02.2020 her a penalty order a fine of € 3600.00 at 90 daily rates. The Aramaic woman concerned has meanwhile lodged an appeal against the penalty order. Currently nine activists of the Revolutionary Arameans are under investigation with a total
fine of 15.700,00 €.

Of these, eight activists were accused by the Bavarian and Baden-Württemberg authorities of having been involved in the May 1 demonstration in 2018, when the flag of Marxist-Leninist organization “Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party Front”(DHKP-C) to have worn In fact, in all cases around flags of the “Communist Aramaeans of Mesopotamia”, an association founded in 2017 to commemorate 100 years of the socialist October Revolution of 1917 by the Revolutionary Arameans.

With the ninth Aramaic activist against which is now also being investigated, is about contributions in the social media about the current situation of the peoples in Northern Syria and their resistance against the fascist occupation of Turkey. Among other things, there are pictures and symbols that are supposed to are to be prohibited according to the Bavarian Office for the Protection of the Constitution.

The main accused in these proceedings is the 28-year-old comrade Sami Grigo Baydar
from Augsburg. Sami Baydar is a theologian in of the Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch and a left-wing political activist who fights for the rights of the Arameans, especially in Turkey.

The Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office in Karlsruhe has initiated an examination procedure against Sami Baydar for paragraph 129b of the German Criminal Code (Criminals and terrorist groups abroad).

The nationwide house searches have been on 02.10.2018, i.e. less than three days after the state visit of Erdoğan in Germany on 29 September 2018. As the left-wing popular movement Revolutionary Arameans has its origin in Turkey, these repressions – after the criminalisation of the socialist DHKP-C and Kurdish organisations – are now another signal for a service of Germany for Turkey.

In order to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the genocide of the Arameans and Armenians in Turkey in 1915, intellectual Arameans from Tur Abdin joined forces and founded the popular movement Revolutionary Arameans (Aramaic: Suryoye Qauwonye) in Midyat in 2015.

The People’s Council of the Aramaeans from Germany calls on the Federal Government to end the criminalization of Aramaic activities in Germany!

“The hundred years of economic-political cooperation of German imperialism with fascist Turkey, which is characterized by massacres and genocides, continued.

The genocide of the Aramaeans and Armenians was prepared by German imperialist officers. The chemical weapons for the massacre in Dersim were made from the fascist German Reich. During the destruction of the Aramaic and Kurdish villages and towns in the 1990s, the Turkish army used mainly German weapons, which were supplied to Turkey by the German government. And currently it is German weapons that are used by fascist Turkey, in the occupation of Northern Syria.

This policy must have a That’s why we demand..:

The end of this imperialist interests policy with the fascist government of Turkey as well as the cessation of the trials and investigations against the activists of the Aramaic popular movement Revolutionary Arameans!”

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