Bulletin No:14
Date: 22nd September 2001

The Permanent Justice of the United States is The Eternal and Permanent Massacres

The Whole World Saw the Reality; the United States Cannot Fool Anyone!

Since 11th September the whole world has been listening to the President of the USA’s nonsense speeches. He is not just arrogant to one group or country but to the whole world. He ignores his own country’s law as well as international law. But this will not make him scare or fool anyone in the world. All this demagogy, propaganda and speculation shows that America wants everyone to recognise the American Empire.

Everybody saw this except those who are blinded by their fondness of America. The whole world is debating America’s crimes against the world rather than the action on September 11th. American law is the LAW OF BANDITS. The US government is two faced with their action against the peoples of the Middle East which they call PERMANENT JUSTICE. They are accusing someone and then they are saying that they want him dead or alive. The whole world is saying, where is the evidence? and America is saying, Dead or alive we will capture him. America says that they will destroy any country and kill thousands and hundreds of thousands of people to capture one person. Permanent Justice! Where is the justice? America wants us to recognise injustice as a justice. The United States shows clearly that there will not be any justice, law or legislation in the American Empire. The history of America is the history of ETERNAL MASSACRES. On September 11th America was hit by the fearlessness of the peoples of the world because the people did not forget the massacres and bloodbaths. The peoples of the world have spoken and have said, YOUR PERMANENT JUSTICE IS THE JUSTICE OF ETERNAL MASSACRES. The people of the world are debating reality rather than Americas’ agenda. On this planet there is not one continent where America did not commit a massacre. There is not even one single country that has not been effected by this. The American media has tried to manipulate the people but they are not succeeding because in every single country there are those who have been effected by American aggression and massacres.

The massacres of America first started with the massacres of the native Americans. America then evaded Mexico in 1898. Some of the American states were originally Mexican land; they killed the Mexican people and took their land. In 1921 the Permanent Massacre was in Nicaragua. The Eternal Massacre in 1945 destroyed two Japanese cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and killed 250,000 people with atomic bombs. The American Empire added more dead to their crime file with Eternal Massacres between 1950-53 in Korea, in 1954 in Guatemala, in 1955 in Indonesia and in Laos and Cambodia. Hundreds of thousands were killed and American monopolies took control. In 1956-59 Batista, puppet of America, massacred 60,000 people. Suharto was brought to power by a CIA operation and one million people were killed. In 1965 American paratroopers killed 10,000 Dominicans; by 1975 the American Empire had dropped 638,000 tonnes of bombs on Vietnam in order to make the Vietnamese recognise their empire. They killed millions of Vietnamese. In 1970-75 in Cambodia and Laos, in 1973 in Chile, in 1972-80 in Argentina, hundreds of thousands were killed. In 1983 the Eternal Massacres attacked the Lebanon, 17,000 thousand Lebanese were killed. The Eternal Massacres invaded Grenada in 1983. In 1986 they bombed Libya around one thousand people were killed. In 1989 they sent soldiers to Panama and they killed 5,000 people. The Eternal Massacres in 1991 attacked Iraq, hundreds of thousands of people were killed. The bombs they dropped were still not enough for the victory of the American Empire. The Eternal Massacres continued in 1998. They arranged a military operation against Iraq called Desert Fox. In 1999 this time they dropped bombs on Yugoslavia… This time American warplanes flew over other peoples’ countries in order to drop the bombs…The people of the world know this history because their blood was spilt. The name of America does not represent justice but massacres. America has got two faces. All of these massacres and invasions that they have carry out they claim was done in the name of civilisation and democracy. America accuses every one of Stone Age mentality, barbarism or being a dictator, whenever they oppose America’s hegemony.

It is no one else other than America that turned the planet back to Stone Age time because billions go without food and drinking water. This planet is the witness to the biggest massacres America has committed. Yes the Taliban government is backward; its government has confiscated the rights and freedoms of the people. But this does not give America the right to attack Afghanistan. This attack will not show that America is a more free or democratic country. The biggest dictator who is willing to be the world’s biggest dictator is America.

This war is not the war between barbarism and civilisation as President Bush has stated. This war is the war between American imperialism and the people of the world. America threatens the entire world, countries, peoples and governments with their military and dollar power. America forces them to take part in this banditry but the people of the world are not for sale. The threats of missiles or dollars cannot make people to take part in the massacres of America.

Europe, Asia, Africa, the Caucasus, the Middle East countries do not let America use you, do not be part of these massacres. The New World will be born from caucus of the American Empire; the people of the world will not suffer from hunger or injustice. Justice is only possible in the world without imperialism. Imperialism equals injustice. The United States is the name of the Eternal Injustice. The people of the world will not allow injustice to become eternal. The American Empire will be banished to the dustbin of history as all empires share the same fate in history.