A political prisoner member of the People’s Front has started a hunger strike for an indefinite period!

On 31 May 2018, political prisoner Erdogan Çakır, a member of the People’s Front-Turkey, has started a hunger strike for an indefinite period at the Maisin d Arret de Chalons en Champagne prison in France after being released despite his sentence. Chakar threatens to be extradited to fascist Turkey by the French authorities. In a letter he was able to send on May 28, the revolutionary said he was in a hunger strike with the following demands:

1) A stop to the extradition of himself to turkey.

2) An end for his arbitrary arrest, and immediate release.

In his letter, Çakır emphasizes that the struggle for revolution, struggle against imperialism and oligarchy is not a crime, but a duty for every person. On May 14, Erdogan Çakır was removed from the prison in which his sentence has expired in another prison in France. At a court hearing  on May 31, the court decided to extend his detention period and to continue his imprisonment.

On May 31, the Committee for the Freedom of Political Prisoners appealed to all members and supporters of the People’s Front, as well as to all people involved in the struggle against imperialism and the fascism to express their solidarity with Çakır by sending protest emails and faxes to the Prison Maisin d’Arret de Chalons en Champagne.

So far, in various parts of Europe, members of People’s Front-Turkey have held several solidarity actions with Erdoğan Çakır, insisting on accepting his demands.

In the autumn of 2015, the pseudoleft  SYRIZA government in Greece, extradited Erdoğan Çakır to imperialist France, and since then Çakır has been transferred to several different prisons across the country, where he has lauched several hunger strikes to protest against the violation of his rights of political prisoner. These hunger strikes continued on average for about 40 days, ending with a victory for Çakır.

 We believe that this time he will achieve victory and defeat the French imperialists.