June 10, 1997; Statement No. 54


Süleyman Örs, a fighter of the Party-Front, fell on June 9, 1997, near Gaziosmanpasa/Istanbul.

In spite of an order from the police, Süleyman Örs, following the tradition of fighters of the Party-Front, refused to hand over his gun and surrender. It was in full consciousness of this tradition that he engaged in a gun battle with the police. At the start of the clash, he fired on the police, wounded one and attempted in this way to get out of the area. But in a short time the area was swarming with the units of counter-guerrilla perpetrators of massacres, who also had support from helicopters in the sky. The enemy fired wildly without giving thought to the safety of local people.
Thinking of the dangers that could result for the people from an armed clash in the middle of the
street, Süleyman chose to make his stand in a gecekondu (slum dwelling).
He stayed true to the tradition of SIBEL YALCIN and fought to his last bullet and yelled out to the fascists that the fighters of the Party-Front never surrender. Although the counter-guerrilla scoundrels come in their hundreds, they have never once succeeded in taking our fighters alive, they could not even come close. Dozens of bombs and thousands of bullets brought the building down and yet they could only take away the corpse of our fighter.
Süleyman Örs is neither a fighter of the Sibel Yalcin SPB (Armed Propaganda Unit), as claimed by Istanbul counter-guerrilla chief Ramazan Er, nor was he on the wanted list for two years. Ramazan Er is trying in this way to legalise his executioner’s role.
Süleyman Örs was born in Sivas/Zara in 1974. He was a member of the Kurdish nation and the son of a peasant family. He earned his living from various kinds of work. In 1993 he got to know the revolutionary struggle and worked locally (in city districts) carrying out various kinds of work. In 1996 he became operational in the SPB. He fell on June 9, 1997. Those who assume they can wipe out our fighters and exterminate us are making a mistake. All such people will experience is their own liquidation! Thousands of fighters will live in the Party-Front, as Süleyman lived, thousands will go to war and will win victory!







June 9, 1995… It is 0715: the day has just started. A summer morning. And the sound of a young woman commander’s gun. Street after street in Okmeydani heard the sound of her gun. A clash which was fought out street by street. Cover was sought at every street corner. The dark narrow streets were bathed in freedom by the bullets of a guerrilla. And in a tiny gecekondu, commander Sibel Yalcin* has taken just minutes to summarise an entire history.June 22, 1996… Adalet.*.. In an action… “Like Comrade Sibel”, she says, and like her comrade she fights her battle street by street. Sibel’s epic is replayed from the gun of Adalet, from Kagithane it spreads to all Istanbul and Anatolia.

June 9, 1997… Another year passes into the ballads of heroism and a new one is written. This time it is Süleyman’s ballad that is sung… Sibel’s weapon, Adalet’s weapon, these are now taken up by Süleyman. The battle in the streets begins. The song of the bullets does not subside. Sibel shoots, Adalet shoots, Süleyman shoots. For Sibel, for Adalet, for his beloved country, for its freedom, for which he will give his life, for his people. Another bullet, and yet another… Our guerrilla is without fear… Our guerrilla attacks, our guerrilla has courage. While the swarms of executioners tried to take cover behind even the smallest rock, HE FIRES. He fires on the enemy without stopping. Another bullet, and another. Süleyman calls the enemy to account. He demands a reckoning. He demands a reckoning for a century of oppression, hunger, poverty, misery. He demands a reckoning for the screams from the torture centres, for the defenceless, for the children shot in the back, for the humiliations, for the mothers who have to look for their disappeared children on the rubbish heaps. He is the revenge of Gazi, he embodies the rage, the rebellion of the people. He is the people.He lives for his commanders, his comrades, his people… Sibel and Adalet are with him. They are also firing.The panic of the enemy grows more and more… FIRE

Each shot that you fire makes the struggle, our struggle, resound.Hundreds of the murderers were not enough, thousands of them could have come but they could not take you. You were alone, but in reality in those moments you were the Party-Front. In a few minutes our 30-year history could be seen. The murderers saw you, the Party-Front, our history and their fear of it was written all over their faces.The inhabitants of the Karayollari neighbourhood in the Gaziosmanpasa district, who saw the clash from beginning to end, are impressed by the resistance and the heroism this person showed in the face of hundreds of police with their armoured cars and helicopters.
“He was alone. If you touch the shed he hid in with your finger, it will collapse. Hundreds of police came. He did not let one get anywhere near him!”

“He quickly got out of a taxi and started to run, but he didn’t see a lamppost and bumped into it. He wiped the blood from his forehead. While running he turned around constantly so as to keep firing at them. Eventually he found cover there at the wall at the street corner and from there he made it to a coal shed. They could simply have brought him out alive but he would never have surrendered. For he did not look at all like someone who would give in. He knew he was going to die.”
“They pulled his corpse out here. He had such a pure face, so young. His body was riddled with bullets. He had 50 entrance wounds in his body! I have never seen so many holes in one place. Any yet not one of them could get near him.”
The next day. The shed looks like a sieve. The pool of blood has not yet dried. His shoe lies there, even it has been shot through and through. And then something is found on the wall. “DHK.” This is the most beautiful reply one can make to the calls to “give yourself up!” coming from the hordes of murderers. Who should give up! Look at history. Esma and her comrades created this tradition in Eyuphan. And once again, someone lived up to it. Süleyman who replied to “give yourself up!” with “NEVER!”, in the last minutes of his life took up the tradition of his comrades and wrote on the wall the most valuable thing in his life, the name of his faith. Süleyman was a fighter for the DHKP-C, a fighter for his people, a fighter against everything inhuman that they try to stuff into our pores to make us like them: filthy, mendacious, perverse…

But Süleyman spat in their faces. Our people are not like yours, our people have not been corrupted. Our people, our struggle, our movement. Süleyman could never have surrendered, for a fighter of the Party-Front never surrenders to scum! Cicek Salgin, the mother of a martyr: “Süleyman fell for an honourable life worthy of human beings. He lived with his honour and died honourably.
Sooner or later, we will avenge Süleyman and all our revolutionary martyrs! If they lack honour, we have our justice. And the path of our justice goes via the struggle. Our martyrs are our honour.”


1-Sibel Yalcin, a femal DHKC fighter, a commander of Armed Propaganda Unit who martyred in clash with police on June 9 1995 in Istanbul, Okmeydani.

2-Adalet, or Adalet Yildirim is a female DHKC fighter who martyred in clash with police on June 22 1996 in Kagithane, Istanbul. More about her you can read in  this article

These article originally was published in Devrimci SOL/Revolutionary Left/ Magazine in September 1997.


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