In a world where imperialism tells fairy tales about stamping out the socialist system and defeating socialism, many of the organisations who call themselves “revolutionary” or “communist” are racing with each other to compromise with imperialism and abandon their weapons. When Marxist-Leninists challenge all imperialists and their collaborators and raise the banner of struggle, it is considered to be madness.

Imperialism was confident that it could make the socialist system collapse by relying on revisionists and on the way some organisations – which once upon a time had attempted to make revolution – were searching for a way to surrender. Imperialism was not afraid of socialism anymore and believed that it had wiped out all elements of socialism, so that none could stand up again. When imperialism, in cooperation with the world’s greatest traitor, Gorbachev, organised the great plot against the socialist system, the left still could not realise that imperialism wished and plotted to be the only power in the world. The left was almost applauding the imperialist plots against those countries which were revisionist and opportunist but were in general terms socialist systems. One of the most typical examples we had seen was the collapse of Ceausescu’s rule in Romania at the hands of the imperialists. We witnessed events that would never be forgotten and remembered with shame the behaviour of those who called themselves communists and revolutionaries. Imperialists, their local collaborators, fascists, social democrats, nationalists and those who called themselves Marxist-Leninists, socialists and communists were united in the same front. The target of this front was the socialist power of Ceausescu which committed the “crime” of resisting the imperialist attack as well as making mistakes. The resistance of the Ceausescus and their supporters in the face of death was not enough for leftists and communists whose minds had been made to surrender by imperialism, it did not violate their sense of justice. Because their justice was the justice of imperialism and the bourgeoisie. When the so-called communists who were fed by revisionist culture and assimilated revisionism, and the opportunists who were quick to condemn revisionism disintegrated or collaborated with imperialism, the media of imperialism influenced the minds of these leftist communists first. By forgetting the fundamental criteria of imperialism, they did not waste much time in agreeing with imperialist propaganda which focused on the negative points of those like Ceausescu. There was no answer to the question of since when revolutionaries and Marxist-Leninists had started supporting imperialist attacks. But it was possible for Gorbachev to answer this question. According to him, imperialism was not the same, this one was different and the era of the wars for national liberation and socialism was a long time ago. This evaluation was also a way of telling the imperialists “we will be with you to demolish the socialism that exists” and telling his supporters, “there is no use, do not resist and help us to dismantle these systems”. And before the eyes of the entire world, imperialists, together with so-called “leftist-communists”, overthrew Ceausescu. In the world of the left wing, where disintegration and corruption increased and treason became cheap, besides the corrupt, the traitors and those who sold their countries to the imperialists, we had to be the defenders of the proletariat, the peoples, justice, freedom and socialism regardless of facing the hatred of the rest of the world. During the conditions when the imperialist plot had overthrown Romania, besides defending the rights and wrongs of Ceausescu, the world’s left were being tested as to whether they were against imperialism or not.

When revisionism which was rotting the left internally and had controlled it for decades, raised the banner of treason, it succeeded in pulling the world’s left behind it. The socialist system collapsed and many of the countries and liberation movements which were structured according to the pragmatism of this system suddenly found themselves in a vacuum. Since the consciousness of escalating the people’s struggle by relying on their own power was not developed, it became the fashion to compromise with imperialism and avoid the imperialist attack so as to cut one’s losses. The pragmatism, starting from the revisionist CPSU and continuing with the Communist Party of China and the Party of Labour of Albania, developed further by affecting their sister parties in other countries, reached the point of betraying people and the liberation movements by the policy of compromising with imperialism. From now on, self-interest replaced socialism and internationalism. We had to be the representatives of a political line, Marxism-Leninism, which will stand up, raise the banner of socialism and not drown in the swamp of the left which surrendered to imperialism and was motivated by self-interest, a phenomenon not only in our country but in the whole world. Even though some of the organisations which are not in this swamp – or do not appear to be – did not sign the peace treaties and did not abandon weapons officially, they too preferred the way of peace and compromise indirectly, by not being against imperialism and by turning a blind eye to the presence of imperialism. With this politics, they sent imperialism the message: “When we have conquered power in our country, we will not harm your interests. You support us, we’ll protect you”. The representatives of this line are mostly the organisations which are in the nationalist orbit. After the collapse of the socialist system, this nationalist understanding increased and using socialist verbiage as a shield while feeding the tendency to submit and compromise with imperialism, this approach asked imperialism to liberate peoples under its direct or indirect control and praised imperialism’s mercy and kindness. No matter how they phrase it, this liberation that was granted by imperialism is false and is nothing but a way to incite hatred between people and deprive them of their revolutionary dynamics. While imperialism cannot bear the development – even if it is only on a small scale – of Marxism-Leninism and socialist movements and is attempting to crush them with absolute cruelty, the fact that it is supporting nationalist movements almost everywhere under the false vision of national rights should teach us a lot.

Today from Russia to the Middle East, in most parts of the world, the struggle and fight of peoples on the basis of nationalism is supported by imperialism directly or indirectly, or at the very least the imperialists are observing the situation. These movements which do not disturb imperialism and aim to create a bourgeois government for their self-interest, under the pretext of “having the advantages of imperialists”, are on the way to being under the control of imperialism and the development of these movements proceeds according to the interests of these imperialists.

With the collapse of the socialist system, the nationalist movements sprang up everywhere like wild mushrooms, the bourgeoisie and their offshoots the supporters of civil society and anti-Stalinist movements claimed that socialism is like a prison for the nations, and therefore, following the collapse of socialist revolutions, these movements sprouted up!

The surrender to imperialism has reached a stage where the very concept of imperialism has been forgotten.