The last 205 days we have been informing you about the resistance of the political prisoners in Turkey against torture and isolation, which have been placed upon on the agenda in the form of the F-type prisons.

These prisons were built last summer and opened for visits from inspectors. Some of these inspectors agreed with the Turkish State’s claims that these prisons are compatible with their European counterparts and that they will let the prisoners lead a modernized and secure life without the fear of persecution. As well as the families of political prisoners, doctors, chambers of doctors, lawyers and their bars, engineers and architects, some members of parliament and even the trade union of the prison wardens, strongly opposed these newly built prisons and expressed their concerns that the prisoners would be more vulnerable to the increasing massacres, torture and ill treatment in prisons of Turkey. Despite of giving their word of postponing the introduction of the F-type prisons and despite of the criticism by the vast majority of the people and intellectuals, the state launched a massive operation and killed 28 prisoners on December 19, 2000. Those who lost their lives were shot, burnt and mutilated. They were under the protection of the state by law. The state ironically called their operation, return to life. They were thinking that the ongoing Death Fast resistance would be stopped with this operation. It did not. On the contrary new volunteers took part in resistance and they are still continuing to resist. Then the forced feeding and forcible medical intervention came to the agenda. Hitler’s chief medical expert Mengele, reappeared in Turkey wearing a white coat and having a variety of Turkish names. Numerous prisoners, who had already refused medical intervention, were taken to selected hospitals and they were subjected to another form of torture, forced feeding. Most of them lost their memories and became the living dead.

Meanwhile, following a long period of silence, which was created by the Turkish State through force-feeding and forcible medical intervention, Cengiz Soydas became the first blast, which shook the world. Then the volcano erupted and 22 more Death Fast resisters followed the path of Cengiz Soydas. You were all informed about the developments and we are still continuing to highlight the problem in various ways. We have been marching in London’s streets almost on weekly basis. We even marched from Liverpool to London. We have occupied the British representation of the European Commission, the London Eye, Amnesty International, the uppermost gallery of the St. Paul’s Cathedral, Waterloo Train Station, Turkish Education Commission etc. We were on hunger strike for 43 days between October and December 2000. Tens of thousands of leaflets and press statements were distributed and millions of e-mail and fax messages were sent. No one can say that no information has been received and therefore they did not know. But still we are waiting for your support. Except for a few organizations and individuals the vast majority of the British left, democrats and progressives are still watching the resistance of the revolutionary prisoners in Turkey as if this resistance has nothing to do with them.

Do you consider yourself to be socialist, communist, progressive or a democrat? Can these titles be earned without being an internationalist?

Internationalism is a serious matter. Those who consider themselves internationalists should reassess their position on this matter. Over 50 valuable sons and daughters of the revolution in Turkey are not with us anymore. They have left a very important message though; Fascism can only be defeated by a determined fight which will cost lives. The question is whether we are brave enough to challenge it or not. In our country we have no other option but to resist against this tyranny without interruption.

We are proud of our history. We gave martyrs to support the international issues. The Romanian coup, the imperialist war in Iraq, the attack against Yugoslavia, the oppression and massacre of the Palestinian people are some of them. Two of DHKC guerrillas fell martyr during the attack on Yugoslavia when preparing to attack the US consulate in Istanbul. They were showing their international solidarity with the Yugoslavian people. What lessons should we learn from them? No one is asking something impossible from you.

All we want is that you should act in accordance with your title, political program and propaganda. If you are considering yourself a socialist and ignoring the struggle of the other nations, then as far as the history of struggle is concerned, you are not socialist, you are not even a decent person. The resistance in Turkey’s prisons will continue until victory. All of our friends can be sure about this. The enemy will be defeated. Even if it means that no revolutionary prisoner is left alive, the resistance against fascism will continue. We have the courage and consciences to do this. All we are asking from our friends is to reconsider their position in terms of being an internationalist. You will see it yourself and will overcome this weakness.

Our struggle against fascism is also yours. The borders, geography and political differences have no importance. It is time to confront our common enemies! It is time to show international solidarity with the revolutionaries of the world!


May 15, 2001

DHKC London Information Bureau