The UN Security Council has decided: torture, massacre and rape are crimes:


Date: July14 | 2002 Statement: 259

The UN Security Council has decided: torture, massacre and rape are crimes:unless America commits them!

The United Nations Security Council has unanimously decided that, on the subject of the International Criminal Court which has been under discussion for a while, it will bow down before the American empire and grant America legal immunity for the space of one year. This decision is among the most shameful in the history of the United Nations. An institution purporting to guarantee law, justice and peace is hereby declaring to the whole world that the American empire is outside any rules of law and justice.

Hear, o world: The decision of the United Nations is: all countries, organisations, leaders, armies and police who practice torture, murder and exploitation are proscribed and guilty.


Hear, o world: The decision of the United Nations is: we, as the UN Security Council, recognise America’s freedom to commit torture, massacres, plunder, assassinations, rape and to organise coups! Legal immunity for one year, and then what? Will America conform to the law later on? No, one year later the American empire will discover another pretext, another formula, and its freedom to torture, murder and plunder will continue. The states that approved this decision prostrate themselves on the floor before the American dollar. On the subject of the International Criminal Court, America, if it does not get its way, is in a position to threaten the UN and the states in the UN Security Council that it will cut the supply of dollars to UN peacekeeping forces. With this decision of theirs, the United Nations have announced and approved there being no law in the world or among states that holds any validity other than the LAW OF THE DOLLAR, and hitherto known classical legal precepts are invalid. The result: whoever has many dollars also has a right to commit torture and slaughter. The modern and civilised world is returning to the laws that held sway under slavery. Six hundred years before the Christian era, there were the laws of Solon (in ancient Greece); according to Solon’s laws, the rights and duties of citizens are determined according to how much property they possess in terms of land… Whoever had more land or wealth also had correspondingly more rights and legal protection. The world in which the American empire exercises sovereignty is a barbarous world. The United Nations have SOLD justice, rights and the law for dollars! Justice has been sold to America for money. How will these United Nations then have the nerve to stand up and talk of terrorism and violence? Do such as these have a right to accuse or criticise any country or organisation? Everyone can be judged, but America is exempt! It is clear that those who took this decision, like those who took decisions against Iraq, Yugoslavia and Afghanistan, will take decisions in future of a similar character, and these too will possess no legitimacy whatsoever. This institution has announced that it is not the United Nations, it is the Organisation of American States.

Devrimci Halk Kurtulus Cephesi
Revolutionary People’s Liberation Front

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