The situation in Istanbul at 14:00 pm, GMT, 12.03.2020

Before noon, opposition MPs visited Ibrahim and Helin, people who support Grup Yorum’s struggle, are waiting around the hospital, ready to respond if forced medical intervention was taken against them.

The room in which Ibrahim and Helin are in at the moment is with very poor hygiene. Their relatives are forced to wash the glasses used by the two in the bathroom, which is unhygienic. Room heating is insufficient. Because of the police officers in front of the room and in the hallway, Ibrahim and Hellin cannot calmly meet their needs, they feel threatened.

They do not have warm water that they can drink. Police officers limit visits to the room, on the pretext of protecting the building’s hygiene. It must be put to an end to this torture immediately. Otherwise, everything that could happen to Ibrahim and Helin would be the responsibility of the hospital’s chief doctor, Necdet Saglam, and the ministry of interior.

At around 2:00 pm local time today, doctors suggested Ibrahim and Helin give them nutritious food. The two are forced almost constantly to declare that they refuse to accept any food. This forces them to tire mentally and physically, exhausting their strength. This situation tires them, makes them angry and consumes their physical power.

Around 4:00 pm local time, a psychologist came into the room to ask if Ibrahim and Helin were conscious. This question asked of two people who have been fighting for bread, justice for about 270 days and singing their songs freely has nothing to do with ethics and morality.

The detention of Ibrahim and Helin in the hospital is a real torture for them because

-Police officers constantly enter the room to check if they are inside, under the pretext of security measures

-Doctors make daily visits

-A psychologist comes everyday to ask them different questions

-The suspended ceiling in the hallway in front of the room where they are held, is being dismantled, with the excuse being “repair work”. This creates noise and added discomfort for both of them.

Ibrahim and Helin want to meet other people. With their relatives, with their friends, with intellectuals, musicians, people’s of art, with opposition MPs … With people who are really interested in their problems, and work to get their demands accepted.

Ibrahim and Helin’s relatives and companions are forced to cross 3 police checkpoints along the hospital corridors to meet the people who came to visit Ibrahim and Helin. There is no effective decision on their detention, nor is there any measure of permanent detention. In practice, they are held hostage in order to be subjected to forced medical intervention.

16:30 local time, a dispute arose between Ibrahim and Helin’s relatives and the doctors, the dispute continued in front of the hospital room where they are.

According to the latest known information, the corridors of the hospital were emptied by the police and relatives of Ibrahim and Hellin were forced to leave the building. Doctors are trying to take the two members of Grup Yorum to the intensive care unit, where they will be subjected to forced medical intervention, which literally means to killing them.

Grup Yorum has called on all its fans to come to the hospital in Istanbul’s Umraniye district to prevent forced medical interventions.


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