The new issue of the Revolutionary Left(Devrimci Sol) magazine is now here

We are glad to announce to you our readers that, after a 20-year pause, the new 1st issue of Devrimci Sol – Revolutionary Left magazine in English has been published. You can download the magazine for free from the link below the article.

We publish the message from the editors of the magazine.


We greet you with the first issue of our Devrimci Sol (Revolutionary Left) publication in English.

Imperialism says, “We will not allow Marxism-Leninism to bring hope to the world again!”

We say that we will spread Marxism-Leninism all over the world and make it the only hope of liberation for the peoples. Imperialism imposes conciliation, surrender and liquidation on the peoples of the world.

It condemns the revolutionary movements to decay and annihilation with the policies of reconciliation, surrender and liquidation.

In these conditions, we are issuing Devrimci Sol in English, to spread Marxist-Leninist ideology throughout the world and by making the flag of Marxism-Leninism stronger in the face of the ideological attacks of imperialism around the world. Imperialism will not end revolutions in the world, it will not end Marxism-Leninism, we will win!

Billions condemned to hunger and poverty; occupied, burned, destroyed countries; peoples of the world massacred, enslaved, tortured, raped by imperialist forces… this picture shows how much the brutality of imperialist banditry has worsened in today’s world.

As imperialism has created this picture, it also steps up its aggression and brutality, and it brings its own end closer. Because they see that “the 21st century will be a century of uprisings!” as they said.

The peoples’ only hope and only liberation is Marxist-Leninist ideology. As the imperialists know this, “we will not allow Marxism-Leninism to bring hope to the world again!” and they increased their attacks on Marxist Leninist organisations. They stepped up their policies of surrender and liquidation to end them, to make them surrender ideologically, to destroy them first ideologically and then physically.

They have also gained significant results in their policies around the world.

The consciousness of the peoples is clouded by the compromises and peace processes with imperialism and its local collaborators. The concepts of class and class war are being distorted and forgotten. Never were the exploiters/the exploited, the oppressors / the oppressed, the colonialists / the colonised peoples, the rich/the poor, the well-fed/the hungry on the same side.

They will not be able to prevent Marxist-Leninist ideology from bringing hope to the world against the policies of surrender and liquidation. Because they can’t change the course of history. The flow of history shows that imperialism will be destroyed, socialism will be replaced, and Marxist Leninist ideology will prevail all over the world. As much as the imperialists and their local collaborators to their heart’s content shouted, “We have finished, made surrender, destroyed Marxist-Leninist organisations!”, from here we shout out for our part that: No, we are not finished, we will not be finished! We’ll finish you! As long as there is hunger, poverty, exploitation and oppression in the world, as long as there is imperialism and fascism in this world, those who resist and fight will not end! Marxism-Leninism will not end! The peoples’ fight and hope for liberation will never cease! We are the name of this hope, this fight!

In this process, when imperialism is increasing its attacks to prevent Marxism-Leninism from becoming a hope in the world, we are fulfilling our duty to spread the ideology of Marxism-Leninism across the world in the face of these attacks with our Devrimci Sol English-language publication. We are against the policies of surrender and liquidation!

Marxism-Leninism is the only true hope of all the peoples of the world, the only true liberation!

There is no “peace-reconciliation” with imperialism and fascism! The liberation of peoples is not possible without fighting against imperialism and fascism, without stepping up the war. Without war, without escalating it, without organising the peoples for this war, without breaking down the system of oppression and exploitation with this war, the liberation of the peoples is not possible.

We will spread and perpetuate our war against imperialism and its domestic collaborators against fascist powers all over the world! We will be hope for those without hope!

We are taking another step towards fulfilling this mission with our Devrimci Sol English- language publication…






In this issue:

-Who are we and what are we fighting for? ; page 7

-The Road Of Revolution In Turkey ; page 17

-Fascism’s violence will be defeated with the violence of armed struggle armed struggle is not a preference but necessity ; page 27

-To Be An Internationalist Is To Fight For Revolution On The Land Of The Fatherland
On Which You Live. You Can’t Be An Internationalist If You Don’t Fight For Revolution In Your Own Country ; page 35

-To be Anti-imperialist and anti-fascist is to defend the Marxist-Leninist ideology until the end, forever and ever! to be anti-imperialist and anti-fascist wherever you are in the world is to wage
armed struggle! ; page 41

-Our resistance is our hope! our resistance is our ideological strength! only those who resist can win! we will win against fascism and imperialism! ; page 51


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