REVOLUTIONARY YOUTH: The fascist government of the AKP is the enemy of the youth!

The grandson of the tyrant Dehak[1], Erdogan will not be satisfied even if he drinks the blood of the youth.

Against the Dehak of our time, we are all like the Blacksmith Kava[2]!

The fascist government will not be able to make the struggling students of the Bosphorus University bow their heads to it!

The ruling classes failed to crush the people with the appointment of trustees, arrests, and massacres. Although the police are abducting revolutionaries and young people from the streets every day and throw them in prisons, the fascist government failed to create a crushed and apolitical youth.

This week, new rectors of 16 universities across Turkey were appointed by presidential decree, that means, directly by the head of the fascist government. Melih Bulu, a member of the ruling AKP, has been appointed rector of Istanbul’s Bosphorus University.

The fascist government attacked with all its forces and means to destroy the revolutionary struggle in the universities. The students who protested against the appointment of the new rector were brutally attacked by police. But the fascist government was not satisfied with that, the houses in which the students’ were living, were raided and they were detained.

The ruling classes are responding with terror to even the smallest actions demanding rights in this country. But all the attacks of the fascist government are in vain because we will not be the apolitical youth, silent before everything, that it wants to create. We will continue to raise the slogan for Independent Turkey in our schools, on the streets, and in all squares.

The demands of the struggling students from Bosphorus University must be accepted!

All detainees must be released immediately!


January 6, 2021



1- According to legend, the tyrant who lived many centuries ago was called Dehak, ruler of the Assyrian state, which once arose in Mesopotamia, the lands between the rivers Tigris and Euphrates.

2- The blacksmith Kava (Turkish: Demirci Kava) is the hero of the uprising of the peoples of the Middle East, which broke out 2600 years ago, against the tyrannical ruler of Assyria – Dehak, who turned Mesopotamia into a sea of blood.

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