People’s Front: The victory of January 22 is a key factor in winning new victories and a guarantor for the future!

The struggle against isolation, of which the Great Resistance was part, lasted 7 years culminated in the victory of January 22, 2007. The political victory, which was won back in 2000 with the decision to began a Death Fast, turned into a practical victory after the state ceded in 2007 and the Ministry of Justice published its Directive 45/1.

The state, which for years covered up the torture called isolation, with the lies about “luxury rooms” and “we saved the militants from the pressure of the organizations”, along with this directive was forced to accept the truth about isolation. By winning the right to meet with 10 people for a total of 10 hours a week, a breach in the isolation was opened. Revolutionary prisoners, who through their works resisted against the isolation and did not allow their political identity to be trampled upon, won the right to be together physically.

Undoubtedly, this victory was not won so easily. Given that even the World Wars lasted an average of 4 years, the Great Resistance against the Isolation lasted 7 years. Mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters resisted together until the death, in prisons, and beyond their walls, and created a generation of heroes. Against the attack of imperialism, summed up in the words “Either you change your ideas or you die,” they responded by preserving their ideas, while defeating an enemy that everyone claimed was invincible, thus creating an example of resistance that turned be a source of hope for the whole world. Those who did not resist at the time, even though they took a position in which, belittling our resistance, ignoring our martyrs, the true power of the Great Resistance found its expression in the 2000 Death Fast.

We turned into flesh and blood the power of victory of January 22, in the squares on May 1, and at the Independent Turkey concerts. But our enemy once again brought us face to face with an attack that threatened our existence. Then, when this attack came, the members of the Front did not hesitate even for a moment when they decided to start the resistance. The members of Grup Yorum, who began a Death Fast for the right to hold concerts and sing songs, the people’s lawyers, and the revolutionary prisoners, who went on a Death Fast for the right to a fair trial, set the world on its feet. From leftist organizations that did not even mention the word socialism, to intellectuals, artists, and bar associations from all over the world, they bowed respectfully to our resistance and supported us.

Those who did not resist in 2000 said this time, “There is a state of emergency, we cannot resist in this situation.” But the truth is very different from the claims of these incorrigible daunted persons. Our Death Fast resistance in 2020, gave a new life to even the most politically inactive people. This was a period in which we reached the most people, the most organizations, and the most countries in our entire history. This impact was not created only by Helin, İbrahim, Ebru, and Mustafa. This was the impact created by the tradition of 122 Martyrs. Helin, İbrahim, Ebru, and Mustafa, continued the tradition created by 122 heroes and created new examples of heroism.

Resistance creates new examples of even greater resistance, victory creates even greater victories. Our Death Fast resistance and our victory in 2020 are the proof of that. We have the ideological strength that can create even greater resistance and win new victories. We will win the final victory and build an independent, democratic and socialist Turkey.






January 2021


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