Israel (Part IV)

‘Israel is a state that mocks law and ethics’ (Israeli intellectual Michel Warschawski)

Spearhead of imperialism 
Terrorist state 
The damned arm of Zionism

In the previous section, we have pointed out that Israel is a state established to ensure the common interests of all imperialists, not only the United States of America, and continues to play this role to this day, demonstrating that it is fully compatible with imperialist interests, not only in the Middle East but also elsewhere in the world. 

If we overlook the facts discussed in the previous sections, we may make two fundamental mistakes regarding Israel’s position in imperialist policies and the role assigned to it by the United States of America, as well as the support provided by the United States of America and Europe to the Zionist state.

First, methods of interpreting US support for Israel, especially by the Islamic group. In view of this category that the ‘Jewish Zionist Zionist lobby’ in the United States of America is behind the support. And that ‘Jews’ rule America and even the whole world.

Of course, the strong Zionist lobby in the United States is an undeniable fact. Jewish voices in the United States may affect different levels in the decisions of bourgeois politicians, especially in the election period. But what is overlooked in the words of the correct mistakes as a result of not to look at the events from the basis of the foundations of class and realistic that the impact of these lobbying activities due to their compatibility with the public interests of imperialist monopolies and the extent of their impact varies accordingly. And because Israel’s policies and aggression in the region coincide with imperialist interests. If we assume otherwise that Israel in this situation has harmed the interests of imperialism it is easy and through economic sanctions and military only Rkkha and make them ‘mercenaries’. Because the source of its military and economic power is only the combined strength of the American and European imperialists. When the imperialists want, the Zionist entity will immediately withdraw from the territories it occupied after its establishment and no influence of that powerful lobby.

The other erroneous assessment of this subject, especially what shows Europe’s support for Israel as “remorse for the Nazi genocide and the Holocaust”, is similar to the clarification of imperialist policies based on historical, class and material bases with ‘good men and bad guys’. But Europe’s “guilt” and history are full of genocide, massacres and colonization – this is the last thing to expect. Is there a sense of ‘conscience’ in those who until yesterday shed the blood of the peoples of Africa and the Balkans? We can talk about the ‘conscience’ of European peoples in particular. This is not the result of its guilt in the Nazi genocide, but because the monopolies supporting Israel today are artificially created.

The Zionists and the imperialists who used the collective Jewish genocide, a historical fact, to win world public support for the Zionist project succeeded in marketing Israel in the following years under the guise of ‘oppressed Jews besieged among the Arabs’. Western public opinion in the 1960s during the Arab-Israeli war developed an assessment that Zionism was not an ideology for a certain class or people but rather an ideological one with no dispute over its validity. In these years, the Hollywood film industry, one of the main means of spreading imperialist culture to the extent that it became influential all over the world, has developed and Jewish capital has become an important factor in this field. The striking example is that Britain, which has been attacked by Zionist gangs because of their conflicting interests in the last years of its mandate in Palestine, had little support for Israel until that date. When the third Arab-Israeli war began, opinion polls during that period indicated that Britain’s support for Israel exceeded 50%, and Arab support remained at 2%. Remember, you will not find any Hollywood-based film that deals with the human tragedy with all its meaning, as it does in Palestine and criticizes the Zionists or the Jews. On the contrary, Palestinian Arabs always show ‘terrorists’ and ‘evil’ men. Considering that the media and Hollywood are very influential in European and American society, with the knowledge of their influence in our country too, only a small segment goes beyond this picture they made and looks for the facts. The influx of anger in Western societies toward Israel and sympathy for the Palestinian cause has developed mainly in the years when the revolutionary and leftist struggle escalated and when the Palestinian struggle was led by the left. Only in that period did the Palestinian cause receive support, especially in European public opinion. Today, more and more counter-propaganda on the ‘Islamic terror’ has accelerated and reactions to this brutality in Palestine have been greatly diminished.

We have talked about the Zionist lobby. It clearly has a serious propaganda power in European and American public opinion, although it has no absolute influence on imperialist policies. The Jewish Agency and the World Zionist Organization have branches in more than 70 countries with different names that not only mislead western public opinion but also organize large fundraising campaigns for Israel. For example, in the donation campaigns organized by these two institutions between 1948 and 1976, two thirds of which were in the United States of America, the funds collected and sent to Israel amounted to four billion five hundred million dollars. This money, which does not remain within the limits of support for the Israeli war machine, but at the same time works to maintain the political structure in Israel, however, the Zionists. Because the internal rules of these institutions and the laws of Israel provides for the possibility of providing financial support directly to the Zionist parties and this requires that the political weight remains in their hands. These two institutions are historically the nucleus of the State of Israel. However, instead of dissolving them after the establishment of the state, the Israeli constitution states that the state has ‘special relations’ with these institutions and describes these informal institutions as part of the state. The reason for its status in the state structure is that Israel, through these institutions, has relations that it has not been able to officially establish as a state.While the fund-raising campaigns that we have already mentioned in one form are essentially illegal. In relations with various imperialist monopolies, which are formed within the framework of imperialist interests such as the Kuentra, intelligence, etc., these institutions are widely used.

All this indicates that the relations of the Zionist state with the imperialist West are not confined to the cultural and moral level nor to the military support provided directly, but there is multi-faceted integration and interference. Where today any forces directed or attacked Israel is considered by the imperialists as a whole, led by the United States of America as attacking them and ‘deal with those forces’ accordingly.

Photo of Abu Ammar
The Palestinian people are bravely resisting the Israeli aggression, which knows no morality or law, and despite the support of the imperialists who offer it to Israel’s policies. The Intifada, which continues with stones, weapons and martyrdom, continues to be an important pillar in the Zionist imperialist plans, and there is no doubt that Yasser Arafat Abu Ammar has an important place in the history of the Palestinian people.Arafat lived despite his mistakes and political upheaval throughout this period as a leader of the Fedayeen until the last breath in his life. The people of Palestine, the Middle East and all the peoples of the oppressed world will not forget Abu Ammar.









The moral, legal and moral values ​​of the Zionist regime 

At the international level, Israel and its supporters are repeating the propaganda that Arabs and Palestinians want to remove the State of Israel from existence. Even if the destruction of a state that was engulfed by Zionist terrorism and colonialism as a spearhead in the Middle East is legitimate, the policy of removal from existence was essentially followed by the Zionist state towards the Palestinians. The perpetration of massacres over dozens of years is based on the following view expressed by former Prime Minister and founder of the State of Israel, Golda Meir, in 1969: “There is no such thing as the Palestinians.” The mentality that denies an existing people has reached a degree of racism and public denial expressed by David Khatushohen, secretary of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Israeli Knesset, saying, ‘But they are not human beings and people are just Arabs’. This indicates that the Palestinians today are fighting a racist and immoral enemy.

These immoral and purifying attacks, reminiscent of what the Nazis did sixty years ago, do not contradict the principles of the “international law” of the imperialists. This law has long had no effect on Israel’s occupation and wars. Of the imperialists. The lawlessness imposed by the American empire on the world recently has been applied by the State of Israel since its establishment, and although it is on the list of non-committed to the resolutions adopted by the United Nations has not applied any serious punishment against them.

Zionism’s lack of adherence to any legal principle reinforced the sense of irresponsibility towards any moral values. On the other hand, it is characterized by racism and aggression, which occupies an important place in shaping the ethics it represents. Vladimir Begin, the famous Zionist theorist and source of inspiration yesterday to Begin, Netanyahu, Sharon and today to Olmert, sees two options as either ‘highlighting your weakness and sacrificing yourself in humiliation or displaying an invincible aggressive anger’ (Zionist dreams – Jacolin Rose). According to Jabotinsky, the Jews were weakened by violence and humiliated and the solution was aggression and the use of violence. Thus, the Zionist state becomes more and more similar to the Nazi Jews, and the Zionist regime becomes an immoral concept in every sense of the word.

In his 2004 book entitled ‘Towards the Open Tomb: The Crisis in Israeli Society’, Michael Wartzauski, an Israeli anti-Zionist intellectual, stated that “this society no longer recognizes any moral or geographic boundaries.” He added that Israel was a ” , Ridiculing the law and morality, “and stressed that such a state so unfair to justice will disappear from existence. Avraham Burg, who served as president of the Israeli Council between 1999 and 2003, also proved that “the Zionist revolution was always based on two principles: a just approach and moral leadership.However, these two principles are no longer effective. “He pointed out that Israel today is a structure based on corruption and based on oppression and injustice.” The Jews, in their struggle to survive in the 2,000-year-old life, And even if the Arabs have turned their heads and shut their anger and shame inside them for ever, things will not go this way … The superstructure of Zionism from now on began to fall, as did the cheap concert halls. Jerusalem. As the columns collapse in the basement, only those who have lost their mind have continued dancing on the top floor. ‘

While inside Israel, such warnings are based on moral and legal grounds, the brutality that has been applied especially in Lebanon, the killing of children and the deliberate targeting of civilians have intensified criticism of Zionist morality.
The Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who is aware that the internal disintegration of the structure whose ethics and law are the subject of debate all over the world, responded in his speech in the city of Karmiel at the end of July to these criticisms, saying that Israel is committed to the basic ethical principles that are Part of the heritage of the Jews, whose roots extend back thousands of years. Therefore, no country should teach Israel morality. “

Since our main theme is Zionist ideology, we are not dealing with the issue of whether Judaism as a religion has the morality of war and the concept of a just war. But it is useful to briefly mention the overlap of the Zionist regime with religion to the extent that it can not be considered secular either in terms of its use in order to mislead society or its historical roots.
The “Jewish ethics” that Olmert spoke about are, in the opinion of Professor Rachel Alior, head of the Jewish faith department at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, made up of the words of the prophet Isaiah 2,800 years ago that people will turn the sword into the blade of the plow and the spear to the knife after the hammer, The nations no longer take swords on each other and will not receive combat training (Ishaiah, 2: 4).

In contrast to this “peaceful” speech was also based on the Bible itself, the Jewish clerics who did not respect the normal war, but a war is considered one of the most immoral wars in history, and considered that the killing of the Lebanese people without distinction between children and women and between civilian and armed, ‘. The Yasha Rabbis’ Council, which supported the occupation of Lebanon, pointed out that in the Old Testament it is permissible to kill women, children and the elderly in the Old Testament and declare that what is happening in Lebanon is fully compatible with religion.
In fact, according to some scholars, there are parts that are consistent with the fatwa of the Rabbinical Council of Yasha, even if it speaks of an era of history and a nation that no longer exists.

“As the LORD your God commanded you to remove from the presence the people of the Hittites, and Amor, and Kenan, and Priz, Heph, and Iphos. So that they will not be able to teach you what they are doing in the course of the worship of their God, and thus do not commit sins against your God the Lord … “(Tasniyah 20: 17-19)
‘Go now and attack the Amalekites and remove from existence all that is returned to them and have no mercy. Kill all men, women, children, bulls, sheep, camels and donkeys. ‘ (Samuel 1: 15: 3)

Of course, those who do not view the reality of Israel from the perspective of the interests of the imperialist regime and are not afraid of accusations of ‘anti-Semitism’ are not surprised by what is happening in Lebanon. The new generation may not remember the images that reflect how the Israeli soldiers broke the Palestinian boy’s arm with stones while he was tied. But assassinations by rockets, the killing of children and children are a recent history in Palestine. Imagine that they are firing rockets at Palestine and that people are going to pieces. The moment the ambulance comes to treat the wounded, the wounded are being transferred and the people gather to help them, the high-speed missile is fired at ambulances and those gathered.
But that is also true. The picture painted by the Zionists in Lebanon presented a stark picture that leaves no room for social analysis or political assessments. What is born in millions of people in the world is a sense of ‘to this extent,’ which made people think that a curtain of immorality was imposed upon them. This is nothing but a negation of the concept of pure immorality in its foolish mockery of all the values ​​and principles that have been created through the history of mankind, spanning thousands of years.
Since the 1960s, Israel has implemented collective punishment through economic sanctions and house demolitions. In recent years, policies of immoral demolition of this kind have become more collective and more destructive, with their formalization of the ‘war on terror’.
Non-discrimination of civilians is now being implemented as a public policy.
This happened in Lebanon as well; the villagers are given a certain period of time to evacuate them, and during this time the people leave them in a hurry. But Israeli helicopter gunships

The Palestinian Science 
The most flag burning in the world after the American flag is the Israeli Zionist flag.
 The Palestinian flag, which is the expression of international solidarity, has gained the status of flag-waving by all oppressed peoples, overcoming ethnic and religious differences and political views throughout the world.

Civil vehicles are leaving after being targeted at close range. The bombs hit the heads of the children who had gone to a house.While all this is explained in other wars in one way or another as ‘wrong, unintentional, etc.’, Israel does not conceal that it is implementing it as a methodological policy. Reports such as ‘Hezbollah uses civilians as human shields’ can only convince a handful of Israeli parrots. Because officials at the highest level in this country have publicly defended this immorality.
For example, is there a connection between giving Prime Minister Olmert the order to fly at low altitude and saying ‘I do not want anyone to sleep in the Gaza Strip’ and ‘using civilian shields’ by any organization?

If not saying ‘Hezbollah uses civilians as shields’, which overlooks the points that IDF Chief of Staff General Dan Halutz has pointed out is as immoral as those who fire bombs that turn children into pieces, what is it? “Al-Bayes newspaper, July 28, 2006, Ha’aretz and The Jerusalem Post; The United States also spoke of ‘turning it into the Stone Age’ ) Had been launched by the Chief of Staff of that country in and of itself. There is no difference between giving Hitler the order in 1941 to kill fifty civilians in exchange for the killing of every German soldier by what he called ‘terrorists’ (in the Czech Republic they were called to his hands, in France by Orador Sursghlaneh and in Ukraine by Kurtalisi), Dan Halutz’s words in style ‘Collective punishment’ implemented in Palestine and Lebanon.

Moshe Ya’alon, who between 2002-2005 served as chief of staff in the Israeli army and as if he is proving to be critical of Israel’s law and ethics about what happened in Lebanon, says that the other side of immorality is the following demagoguery:
‘Hezbollah used civilians as a shield, provided losses to civilians and children to guide world public opinion, and what Hezbollah absolutely wants is for the world to condemn Israel for civilian casualties. Through these convictions you have been given the message to all terrorist organizations in the world that “this method is feasible, distributed among the people, and if you were monitored after the attacks were distributed among civilians.”(

This reasoning, which we can summarize with the words ‘those who condemn immorality supports terror,’ and if we look at the figures basically, we see that it is trying to distort Hezbollah’s sensitivity not to harm civilians through demagogy ‘terrorism’. For example, during the 17-year occupation until the Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon in 2000, while the number of Israeli civilians was only twenty, there were the number of Lebanese and Palestinian civilians killed by Israel in the thousands. In recent attacks, the Israeli military death toll has also been much higher than that of Israeli civilians. While in Israeli targets the number of Lebanese civilian martyrs was more than 1,200 people, including martyrs of Hezbollah fighters who do not exceed 20% of those who were martyred. In addition, one million Lebanese were displaced. As you can see in this systematic policy there is no interruption. What was implemented ten or twenty years ago is the same as today. If there is a difference, this is what international balances and developments, rather than Israel, determine. The destruction of the infrastructure of Lebanon and the bombing of the country in order to return twenty years to the target and targeting civilian populated places and hit only the application of the doctrine of war immoral.

The structure lacks the moral and legal to the extent that it makes children between the ages of 8-10 write on the bombs that will kill their fellow Lebanese and Palestinians words’ with all love from Israel, do not hesitate to kill Western peace activists, as happened with Rachel Corrie and Tom Horndall for the lack of Expose them and prevent Western public opinion from being exposed to the atrocities they committed in Palestine.

Of course, the fact that Israel is so morally and legally devoid of the rotten structure of the capitalist system can not be fully explained by this. If we compare and compare, we can compare it with the Nazis and the social structure they created. The Nazis were thrown into the dustbin of history. The Zionist ideology will also take its place in this dustbin through the resistance of the peoples. Only then will the Jewish people establish a just, secure and moral society as it deserves.

This article was translated from the weekly magazine YURUYUS from issue 68, dated August 27, 2006

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