Israel (Part III) 

‘The Zionist regime is against progressive movements wherever they are in the world and not only in the Middle East’ 

Spearhead of imperialism 
Terrorist state 
The damned arm of Zionism


We discussed the first and second parts of this article, which dealt with the Zionist ideology and Israel’s relations with imperialism since its establishment, the role of Zionism in imperialist policies, its racist structure, and the reason for choosing the Palestinian territories to establish the state.

At the end of the first imperialist war of division, when British forces entered the city of Jerusalem under the command of General Alainbi on 8 November 1918, Alainbi said: “The Crusades, which began centuries ago, have ended. Because we won. ‘
The generals did not refer to the Crusades of Western European feudalism in order to seize the wealth of the East at the beginning of the eleventh century, and the Church sanctified it under the pretext of “saving the holy cities” because of their religious faith. This astonishment to the Palestinians is one of the imperialists’ thinking that, as Western kings, they have finally taken over the Middle East. There are two options for the continuation of this situation under the difficult conditions for the permanence of the occupation are the colonization of the region through the Arab kings and the establishment of a state ‘tail of imperialism’ in the region. We discussed in the first part that this state is Israel, which was founded on the basis of the Zionist project and how to start the Zionist relations with the British.

The Zionists who seized the Palestinian state with British protection obtained their goal at the end of the Second Partition War. Where the legitimacy of the establishment of the state, the United Nations resolution sponsored by France, Britain and the United States of America emerging from the war as a leader of the imperial camp in addition to the support of the Soviet Union, which was a mistake historically under the circumstances of that stage. On 29 November 1947, the United Nations adopted the partition resolution, which requires the establishment of two states in Palestine, one Arab and one Jewish. The Palestinians rejected the resolution and established such a state. Following Britain’s announcement of its withdrawal from Palestine on May 15, 1948 under the UN resolution, Zionist gangs were quick to intensify their attacks.In this period, the Deir Yassin massacre took place. The Irgun gang also attacked Zionism in the city of Jaffa. As a result of this terrorism, 67,000 Palestinians out of 70,000 fled the city. Zionist gangs themselves were propagating these massacres, in order to terrorize the people and push them to emigrate. The British Army claimed that it was following the policy of ‘neutrality’ but supported the Zionists against the Arab nationalists coming from Syria, on the one hand, and on the other hand provides information to the Zionists about the places they vacated in order to take over. On 14 May, the last British soldier left Palestine to declare the next day, May 15, 1948, the establishment of the State of Israel.

The imperialists, led by the United States of America, immediately recognized the Zionist state, under the influence of the view that “the Jews are oppressed and stateless,” as recognized by other countries with the exception of Islamic countries. Turkey, which opposed the partition of Palestine and the establishment of the Jewish state, In 1947, it was the first Muslim country to recognize Israel and establish a full diplomatic relationship with it.

The unified Arab armies entered Palestine in order to expel the Jews from them. But as a result of the conspiracies, the Palestinian resistors were left alone. Where withdrew part of the Arab armies without fighting and defeated the other section in front of the Zionists. At the end of this first war between Arabs and Israelis, Israel expanded its borders and hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were forced to flee their homeland. The state, which was established with imperial support and the power of arms and terror of the Palestinians, received great support from all the imperialists from the outset. The Palestinians who remained within Israel’s half a million borders were forced to live without all civil rights.

Reflection of the change of relations between the forces in the imperialist front

In 1939, Britain issued a White Paper containing provisions that would limit Jewish emigration over the next five years to 75,000, and would not permit Jewish immigration without Palestinian consent. In order not to lose the Arabs altogether, 30,000 Jewish volunteers would join the British army as a “Jewish unit” , And those who did not join this unit were launching attacks on the Arab population and organizing illegal Jewish immigration. What the Zionists focused on was the built-in relations with the United States, which quickly led the leadership of the imperialist front. Propaganda activities have intensified and relations have been established at various levels in the United States, where four and a half million Jews live. As a result of these preparations, the Zionist-American Conference was held in New York City in 1942. It accepted the Baltmur program, which includes the demand for the establishment of a Jewish state.

At the end of the war, when the United States took over all the British imperialist colonies, the Middle East became, of course, at the center of the power struggle that would last for many years. Just as the United States inherited the leadership of the imperialist camp, it gradually took hold of the ‘ropes’ of the Zionist entity as well. The main turning point that enabled it to impose full control over the Zionist entity was the crisis of the Suez Canal in 1956. From the angle of the imperialists, the second half of the fifties of the twentieth century, where the conflict of power and power in a vacuum of power was mainly the stage of increasing influence of France in Israel . While France was for Israel the main source of arms, the United States had not yet formulated its policies on the Middle East. It did not want its oil needs to confront the Arabs, especially as it was developing relations with Egypt.
The most important concern of British and French imperialism, which lost Syria and Lebanon, is that the “national socialism” of the President of Egypt Gamal Abdel Nasser spread to the entire Middle East, especially the Arab countries in North Africa, where the French colonies are located, and to have a tendency to progress seriously towards the unity of the nation Arabic. Britain was seeking to form a counter-camp through the ‘Baghdad alliance’ between Iraq and Turkey. Of course, Israel was equally concerned. Especially that the expansion of its borders and ‘security’ were among its core issues. The economic boycott of Israel under the leadership of Gamal Abdel Nasser has also begun to have an important impact. Israel intensified its aggressive policies against the Arab countries led by Egypt and committed massacres against Arabs, especially in Gaza

Bush and Sharon
Relations between the United States and Israel are not limited to Bush and have nothing to do with the powerful Jewish lobby. Before the Second Imperialist Partition War, Israel was in the hands of the British, the leader of the imperialist front at the time. Today, the leader and the bonds of the Zionist entity, which were built on the promise of guarding the Middle East for the interests of imperialism, have changed hands. And received support from the United States of America and the European Union and Lister for all crimes committed against humanity.


Abdel Nasser, who felt the need to arm himself against the escalating Israeli aggression and defeat in the first Arab-Israeli war of 1948, when he could not fill this need from the administration of the United States for fear of saying “we could lose the Jewish vote,” began to close it from the Soviet Union via Czechoslovakia . This development for the imperialists means that a serious threat is growing. The tendency towards increased socialism throughout the world after the Second Partition War also envelops the Middle East. The United States and Britain responded by punishing Egypt by canceling the investment of the Aswan Dam, which they had previously promised. Nasser’s response was to nationalize the Suez Canal, which is under British control. Following these developments in July 1956, the imperialists decided that the time had come to overthrow Nasser. Britain, France and the United States all agreed on this issue, but because of their disagreement on partition Britain and France decided to take advantage of the ‘guard dog’ in the Middle East. As the Zionist leader Weizman, who will become the President of the Republic of Israel, said at the turn of the 20th century, ‘If Britain supports the Jews to settle in Palestine … we can be guardians of the Suez Canal.’ Israel attacked the Suez Canal and imposed control over the crossing area. The British and French armies also moved. As the plan failed, the United States expressed their reluctance to take a harsh reaction, recalling that it was the leader of the imperialist camp, supported Egypt, and imposed sanctions on Britain. The aggression was addressed. While this incident coincided with the increasing American hegemony over the Middle East, Israel also gained control over it.1953-1954, and sent agents to thwart the alliance between Egypt and the United States of America, but Gamal Abdel Nasser was arrested and executed.

Israel, which launched an attack on the Suez Canal for French-British interests, has since been committed massacres and occupations giving priority to what is parallel to the interests of the United States of America. Indeed, the Six-Day War between the Arabs and Israel in 1967 was ‘planned in Washington two years before the war to open up to the colonial expansion of the Zionist regime’ (telling the truth about Zionist Israel – I thought Bash Qaya). This is confirmed by Shimon Peres ‘we were preparing for this war ten years ago’. In this war, as in its predecessors, the Zionists and imperialism were aimed at thwarting efforts to unify the Arab nation. Because such a development – the achievement of an independent Arab nation – is the most powerful obstacle to imperialist plundering. Here, the main role of the Zionist regime has also been revealed.


The 50-year relationship is determined by mutual interests

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Of course, whether Israel’s ‘love for America’ or the US imperialism played the role of ‘Big Brother of Israel’ is based on mutual interests.
The United States stands by Israel in all forums and supports them militarily and financially, and supports them in international forums in all circumstances, even when condemned by the entire world, and prevents its isolation and obstructs the adoption of resolutions in favor of Palestine in the United Nations. Israel imposes control over the strategic region in the name of the imperialist front led by the United States of America for imperial hegemony over the world, launching attacks to eliminate the resistance elements, and punishing the countries of the region, as described by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, “violating rules of respect to the West more than is permitted.” And face not only Palestine but Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq … and anyone who is a barrier to the imperialist interests in the region, and where there is resistance against imperialist policies related to the region.

The United Nations resolution in 1947; Jews gave 56.4% of the Palestinian territories including the most fertile. At that time, 840,000 Palestinians lived in these lands and 640 Jews. After the Zionist attacks and wars, they lost 11% of the other Palestinian lands, thus capturing 67.4% of Palestine. In 1949, while 63% of the Palestinians lived in Israel and in the Occupied Territories, the percentage of Palestinians displaced was 37%. After the 1967 war, 50% of the Palestinians became refugees. By 1982 this figure had risen to 59.2%. Today about three million live in the diaspora. This fact shows the reason for insisting on the ‘right of return’. 

In his book The Palestinian Cause and the Palestine Liberation Organization, Rashid Ghannouchi quotes the following data on US aid to Israel: “Military aid of $ 200 million before the 1967 war rose to twofold. Military aid and foreign debt granted to Israel rose to $ 2 billion after the 1973 war. Today, military aid and foreign debts received by Israel reach $ 24 billion, equal to Israel’s national income. (P. 67, 68). What is interesting about this increase is the following: The more Israeli massacres, the more the US aid has increased. Of course, all these massacres are not only committed under the Zionist project, but as we have pointed out from the outset because they are in the service of imperialist interests and parallel with them, increasing aid. It is expected to increase further after its brutality in Lebanon.

Throughout history, the Middle East has been the scene of all the forces that want to establish a global empire to dominate it.The first reason for this is the underground and virtual wealth of the region. Where in those years the wealth of the region from oil sources was known by a large percentage. The second reason is to control the giant energy sources of the Asian continent and the means of transport. The third reason is that the Middle East is a region filled with anti-imperialist revolutions. Especially since Israel after the second imperialist partition war became one of the three countries allied to imperialism and implementing the Cold War policies of imperialism against socialism in the region. (The other two countries are Iran led by the Shah and Turkey). Israel has played the role of gendarmerie against the influence of the Soviet Union in the region. The countries that established relations with the Soviet Union and the progressive, revolutionary and national movements and supported the Islamic forces that are fighting them today to prevent the outbreak of revolutions. For example, Israel itself has turned a blind eye to the growing Hamas movement against Fatah and the Popular Front.

The other point here, to which we should point out, is that through the Nixon Doctrine he admitted that the United States had lost its global power, and to compensate it had developed allied policies that would help defend local interests in the name of the regime, and applied them to the Middle East, Soviet threat to the interests of the United States. In this respect, customers such as Israel, Turkey, Iraq, and Iran were forced to ally themselves with reactionary Arab regimes. But these US calculations have not been fully realized by the Baathist authority in Iraq, the Islamic revolution in Iran, and the instability that has settled in Turkey. It has therefore been forced to focus on the role of Israel, which relies on its military power and which does not find a viable economic source, despite its historically being a source of anger in the region. For decades, the importance of its relations at this level has not changed.
After the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq by the United States of America, which has passed the region with all its political and military power, the allied countries and their allies have set their positions again. Here, too, Israel continued to play the main role. We will not explain that the ongoing ‘war on terror’ led by American imperialism is against the people. It is clear that the main objective of this war today is the Middle East. While trying to control these areas beyond the capitalist capitalist market network, the focal point of this war is the elimination of the resistance forces. Israel in this war is not only the honest agent of the imperialists but at the same time is at the forefront of their spear. The Zionist state has a strategic role in imposing hegemony over the Middle East and in the procrastination of states and organizations that are a barrier to the Greater Middle East project of imperialism.
On the other hand, the term ‘war on terror’ for Israel has given it a ground of ‘legitimacy’ that it has not been able to obtain for decades. The term ‘Israel’s security’, the most talkable until yesterday, is now ‘fighting terrorism’, which gave the Zionist entity a new ideology and literature to legitimize terrorism. As then, the problem of security was not the problem of Israel, but rather the problem of the peoples of the region. Today, too, the definition of Israel and the imperialists as a ‘terrorist’ depends on how unlimited and demagogic it is. Accordingly, all the Palestinian resistance organizations, including Hamas, are terrorists, as is Hezbollah, which is represented by millions and is a participant in the government in Lebanon. If targeted, countries such as Syria and Iran are also “countries that support terrorism”.

Israel has become, in the context of the propaganda ‘terrorism’ raised, massacres are carried out with greater agony than they did yesterday. Bombing houses, assassinating political leaders, targeting people with missile legs, explaining the killing of children with ‘unfortunate consequences in the war on terror’ and calling for the destruction of a whole country on the ground level ‘fighting terrorism’. As for Israel’s attacks on the Palestinian resistance, which throughout its history has been trying to eradicate it without limit, it has taken the dimensions to the point where Arafat, officially recognized as the head of the State of Palestine, was poisoned by the siege imposed on him at his headquarters for months. By America in everything it does as a ‘right of self-defense’.

The other task of Israel in the term ‘war on terror’ imperialism is to enact this war in more brutal ways. The Zionist terror paves the way for “transgressing all the boundaries” of the law and Sharia, as in examples such as political leaders, etc. With today there is a kind of unnamed understanding between Israel and Palestine, beginning to impose on the entire world Throughout Israel, the concept of ‘whatever it does with a terrorist deserves it’ and then the imperialists stand by.

Israel is the armed force of the imperialist front, including the United States of America and Europe

What should not be forgotten is that Israel continues to maintain its mission as a country built for the common interests of all imperialists and not only of the United States of America. Since this task is against the struggling peoples and the resistance forces in particular, they are at the same time in the interest of oppressive feudal Arab dictatorships. Since 1956, until today, it has been primarily the task of gendarmerie for the United States of America. This is about the United States’ leadership of the imperialist camp. There is no doubt that when this leadership moves to another imperialism, Israel will also be transferred to it. Zionist pragmatism will not be a problem.The explicit support for Israel from the entire imperialist front, including the United States and the European Union, in the aggression against Lebanon today, and accusing the client countries such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia of Hezbollah and not Israel, and issuing fatwas against it, only reaffirm that Israel is fighting in the name of this reactionary alliance.

What is happening in Palestine is another example. It is clear that the imperialists who occupied Afghanistan and Iraq as ‘bringing democracy to the region’ have removed the right to exist, not to mention bourgeois democracy. Although elections were held in Palestine and approved by independent observers, this democracy did not appeal to the imperialists. The United States and the European Union have taken a decision to impose political and economic sanctions on Hamas. A short time later, this sanctions resolution supported Israel by committing the Gaza massacre. Thus, Israel has joined the common goal of the imperialists in its own way.

Israel’s possession of nuclear weapons is also an important example. All imperialists support sanctions against Iran and the DPRK after the storm has stirred up the ‘nuclear weapons’, while turning a blind eye to the fact that Israel is the sixth largest nuclear power in the world. Of course, the imperialists who call the DPRK and Iran ‘rogue states’ and say that these countries are developing into a nuclear power will be a threat to world peace. Israel knows very well how rogue it is. If there is a threat to the world is America and then Israel. The history of Israel itself is a history of piracy. Those who commit this atrocity in Palestine and Lebanon will never hesitate to use nuclear weapons when they feel in trouble, and we do not need to be experts and astrologers to see it. But just as Israel is, its nuclear power is the power of the imperialists in the region.

The Zionist state in full harmony with the interests of imperialism not only in the Middle East but elsewhere in the world. Especially against the revolutionary movements in Latin America, they supported the fascist fascist United States of America, and played a role in providing arms and training to Contra organizations. For example, the Israeli military ‘experts’ trained the Contra forces against the revolutionary guerrillas in El Salvador and directly participated in the ranks of the American government in the war against the great guerrilla attack in 1981. Israel, which trained the anti-Fedayeen units in Ethiopia, The United States of America, against more than 100 countries in all the United Nations voting on the lifting of the US blockade of Cuba. It is well known that Israel voted against the lifting of trade sanctions imposed on the Revolutionary Government in Nicaragua in 1987, The other vote on the establishment of the International Court of Justice against the Contra activities of armed and military militias against Nicaragua was voted in favor of the United States of America, despite the vote of 94 positive countries.

The other striking vote that united this duality in the United Nations recalls the cooperation between the Nazis and the Zionists based on the displacement of Jews to Palestine. In 1985, Israel and the United States of America opposed taking measures against fascists and Nazis in draft resolution 40/148, which stipulated “measures to be taken against Nazism, fascism and pro-fascist activities”, although 121 countries voted ‘yes’. Although it is expected that the Zionists will be ‘enemies’ of the Nazis because of the massacres they have committed against the Jews. But here, too, we see that the Zionists do not hesitate to support all the reactionary organizations that stand in the way of progressive movements that serve the imperialist hegemony over the world and to adapt to the policies of the United States of America even if they insult the Jews who call for their representation.

This article was translated from the weekly magazine YURUYUS from issue 67 on 27 August 2006

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