Israel (Part II)


We chose Palestine to dominate the world as a strategic military center’. (Chairman of the Third Jewish Congress, Goldman)

Spearhead of imperialism

Terrorist state

The damned arm of Zionism

In the first part, we discussed the birth of Zionism, which constitutes the official ideology and characteristics of the State of Israel. We have also shown some data that show that the role it plays in the Middle East in the name of the imperialist front has been assigned to it since its inception. Before looking at Israel’s relationship with the imperialism that began with Britain and continues with the United States of America, let us look at this section on a few points related to the Zionist ideology which is not separate from this role, which defines the structure of the state that founded it.

Zionism is exploitation and racism

In the 1970s, when the United Nations was not fully transformed into a subsidiary institution of the imperialists as it is today, several resolutions were adopted against Israel. One of the decisions issued in 1975 included briefly the following: ‘Zionism is racist, and the resistance of the Palestinian people is a legitimate right …’. Although this decision was annulled after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 and as a result of the pressures of the United States of America, it was a recognition of the truth. Certainly, there is no need for a United Nations resolution to recognize this fact. Zionism, from birth until its transition to the Middle East is racist both in its practices within the Israeli society and against the Palestinian people, and can not be hidden.

Zionist racism, of course, is different from the racism we saw in Europe, which was the victim of the Jews themselves. They were formed on the basis of the expulsion of Palestinians from their land, and in this context built their exploitative relations.

Zionism of the philosophical dimension is racist since its birth. We have discussed this in the first part. Zionism, after recognizing that hostility to the Jews ‘part of the nature of man and can not be changed’ has been branded racism to impose its existence through it. On the ground, its racism was manifested by its absolute dependence on one race in the state and the rejection of the existence of other races. The idea of ​​’ creating a Jewish state is only one of them’ is itself racist. Several times, the Zionist leaders’ statements have been made explicit, although they have not been formally recognized. The only solution is’ Palestine is free of Arabs’. But as we see the concept of ‘race’ they are not shaped based on known ethnic traits but on religious belief. For example, a Jew of African descent does not have the same ethnic characteristics as a Jew from Central Europe. Therefore, the Zionist leaders faced difficulties in presenting a typical race, as Hitler did. This has always been one of the conflicts within Israeli society. Of course, this conflict is inevitable in a structure that relies on the displacement of Jews from all over the world to the Zionist state. For this reason, for example, for years he has focused on posters of the Israeli army and so forth … to highlight the Jew of European origin as a model of ‘Israeli’ and the Israeli Negro (Falasha) appears misty or never shows. Its racism at home was also directed mainly at Arabs and Palestinians, both within and outside the borders of the State.

The policy that has reached the level of committing massacres against the Palestinian people is fundamentally based on the economic and political interests that are compatible with imperialism and an important part of the racist advantage of the ideology of the state that can not be ignored. The ‘wall of shame’ itself is one of the clearest expressions of this approach.

Arabs living within Israel’s borders have always been seen as second-class. Among the practices that have been abolished in recent years, which express racism in all its senses, are the following: The Hebrew language is the official language of the state, the Arabs who make up 30% of the population do not receive instruction in their language, The denial of the right to belong to the union, the definition of the type and place of work, the denial of employment in the public sector, and the most basic human rights …

With regard to the projects funded by the Jewish Agency, which is the highest institution and political representative of all the Zionist organizations established in 1929, Palestine under the British Mandate, a formal decision was made that only Jews would work. To meet the need for cheap labor in an industry that had grown in the second half of the 1960s, Palestinians were allowed to enter Israel only for daytime work, to be taken out in the evening and prevented from wandering the streets. And in the hope of exploiting them more, many establishments were occupied in the evening in a different way and detained them inside the facilities. As a result of these incidents, some incidents such as the outbreak of fire inside the closed facilities and the inability to exit them, which led to the death of many Palestinians. While racism is intertwined with exploitation policies, Palestinian families have been renting their children on a day-to-day basis in places resembling the ‘market of the pit’, which is located on the border. The Palestinian laborer who works in Palestine can never get a permanent job, and whenever he wants to get out of his job, he is deducted from his salary as a member of the union, although he can not join the union. Also, despite the deduction of a percentage of his salary for tax, social security and retirement, does not benefit from these rights. Because in order to benefit from these rights must be a resident of Israel is not even allowed to stay in the evening.

The Zionist capitalism that colonized Palestine before its state founded three basic slogans: the slogan ‘opening the land’; it means that the lands are occupied by Jews only. Using land grabs to forcibly displace Palestinians or buy them with money. The slogan ‘liberating the work’; he wants to limit the work of Jewish establishments to Jews only, and refuses not only to organize Arab workers in trade unions but also Arab labor. The slogan ‘the product of the earth’; it includes a boycott of everything produced by Arab lands. After the state was founded, this racism turned into an official ideology. One example is the Law of Return. Where the Jew can be brought from wherever he is born around the world to Israel and reside there while in the occupied territories, for example, the Palestinian who was born in Jerusalem is not allowed to return to his territory, which he was forced to leave.

Zionism is at the same time a colonial movement in the name of imperialism. But this colonialism is different from European colonialism. It is not aimed at exploiting the effort of the people living in the colonial territories and exploiting their wealth but also expelling them from their lands as well. Hence the ideological starting point for the intensive exploitation of the workers in their society as well. We have mentioned racist practices towards Arab workers as an example. The other example is to prevent Arab and Jewish workers from seeking their rights under the pretext of the Israeli state security (Zionism). Surprisingly, this was done through Hastadrod, which was founded as a ‘trade union’. Many strikes were prevented because they were contrary to Zionist interests by Hastadrod in particular, especially between 1920 and 1935, which saw an intensive immigration of Jews directly and not through the transfer of Zionist capital.

Today too racism continues on a large scale both on the Palestinian people and within Israel. In his April 2002 article The Guardian in the Holy Land, Archbishop Desmond Tato of South Africa said: “One thing we can not agree with or understand is what Israel does with other peoples to ensure its existence. On my last trip to the Holy Land, I felt great sadness; I remembered what Negroes were doing in South Africa . I saw the humiliation of the Palestinians at the crossings and the checkpoints; they were suffering as we had the curfew in our neighborhood by the white police. ”

Without the Apartheid system in South Africa there is a Zionist state; instead of Negroes there are Palestinians . The Zionist state, which suppresses all those who criticize it for its direct accusations of anti-Semitism, was one of the countries that has a close relationship with the apartheid regime in South Africa. While the Apartheid regime applied the harshest racist practices to Negroes, Israel had signed military agreements with it and supported this racist regime.

Military and military infrastructure

Zionism is defined in one of the articles of the ‘Palestinian National Charter’ issued by the Palestinian National Council in July 1968 as follows:

Article 22. Zionism is a political movement that is organically associated with international imperialism and is in contradiction with progressive movements and liberal movements in the world. It is inherently racist and extremist, and its purpose is aggressive, expansionist and colonial, and in its methods fascist. Israel is an instrument of the Zionist movement, strategically planted in the heart of the Arab world, a geographical base of global imperialism that fights the Arab nation’s hope for liberation, unity and progress. Israel is a permanent threat to peace in the Middle East and the entire world. ‘

Always echoing the phrase ‘peace in the Middle East’. In this context, there is no meaning to what is said about ‘peace’ without understanding the characteristics of the Zionist state and the reason for its existence. Because we are talking about the movement that was launched with the aim of integrating the Middle East with the interests of imperialism since its founding, and even since the first Jewish immigration and the state that founded it.

In 1947, in the city of Montreal, Dr. Noam Goldman, the third president of the World Jewish Congress and one of the founders of Israel, responded to the question: “Why do you insist on establishing a state in Palestine?” Having said ‘we could have got Uganda, Madagascar or anywhere else’:

Not because of the religious importance of Palestine, or for the acquisition of metal metals and powders worth five trillion by evaporation of the waters of the Dead Sea, nor for the possession of underground oil reserves on the total exceeds the reserves of the American continent twenty times, but because it is located at the point of contact between the three continents Europe, Asia and Africa, and as a strategic military center for global domination! ‘

This statement, which is consistent with the words ‘we will be the guardians of the Suez Canal’, underscores the importance of the State of Israel in terms of the imperialist hegemony over the region and the world.

To play this role is to integrate the Middle East with the interests of imperialism; it is possible only with a continuing war, the terror of the people, the massacres, the assassinations, the occupation, the crushing and suppression of the resistance. While the imperialists mainly use Israel, they use Arab dictatorships to prevent ‘Arab unity’, which is a powerful blow to their exploitative interests. The Zionist state is a destructive factor against the unity of the Arab people. And through the occupation and massacres that did not end decades ago, and prevent the peoples of the region to stand on its feet, paved the application of imperialist policies on the region. Here is the answer to the question of why the State of Israel was organized as a ‘war machine’ and to define ‘the state of the army’.

The Zionist quest for the establishment of the army began in 1920, shortly after the first immigration to Palestine. The nucleus of the current army was the Zionist gangs such as Haganah, Irgun, and Stern (to him). Which began with the terrorist attacks against the Palestinians, and many attacks aimed at displacing the Arab population. During this period, the Palestinian people did not have an organized resistance movement. That is, it is not true that terrorism and Israeli brutality are known to be the result of the resistance of the Palestinian people. In 1948, 250 people were killed in the massacre of Deir Yassin, one of the massacres committed by the Zionist gangs with the aim of terrorism and occupation of the land and with the support of the British, where they toured prisoners, women and girls, whipping them on the streets of Jerusalem. This brutality and its ilk spread fear among the unorganized Arab people and displaced 700,000 Palestinians from their lands. While the Jewish population in Palestine was 25,000 in 1902, this figure rose to 600,000 in 1947. Land ownership for Jews in Palestine was 2.5% in 1918 and rose to 77.5% in 1947. After all, the State of Israel was established.

Only ten days after the declaration of the State of Israel on May 15, 1948, the establishment of the Israeli security forces was announced by the unification of these Zionist gangs. Although it is a new state, the Israeli army equipped the equipment very sophisticated under the circumstances of that stage in a short period of not more than two months, and became one of the best armies. Of course, this was not self-imposed but with the support of the United States of America, France and Britain. In the 1970s, the army, which together with the military units in all the traditional armies, became special forces, at the head of the most sophisticated armies on the global level. In these years, the Israeli army had a military force of 170,000. The figure itself was not “normal” compared to 3.2 million people in those years. An interesting example in the camp community is that this single recall figure was rising to 455 thousand. The army’s share of national income is between 25-30%, which is unparalleled in any other country.

The army and the retired elements of the army have absolute control over the formation of Israeli governments and decision-making centers. It is very rare to see the Council of Ministers composed of members whose past is not related to any Zionist gang or army throughout Israel’s history. Moreover, between 1955 and 1967, the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Defense received the same person. In all sensitive political and military decisions, the priority was military requirements.

While the military mechanism was based on this form, the structure of the society was formed in a manner compatible with it. In fact, the existing social structure does not always have a military character through the propaganda of ‘security and the protection of the State of Israel against Arabs’, any civil institution. Last week, the chief of the Israeli staff to highlight Israel as ‘democratic’ said: ‘Whatever the cost, Israel should preserve its democratic image.’ Yes, Israel, which has been deceiving the world for years as ‘the most democratic country in the Middle East’, all that is democratic or civil is a ‘picture’. Avraham Burg, who was the speaker of the Israeli parliament between 1999 and 2003 on the other hand, responded to this lie with his article entitled End of Zionism is imminent. “We are crushing the Palestinian majority.” (15 September 2003, The Guardian)

The conflict between the Zionist Right and the Central Left is nothing but a long-standing false game. There is no difference between them in the Zionist project and in their role as guardians of the gendarmerie of imperialism. Or as the Arab MP in the Israeli Knesset, Azmi Bishara, said: “It is said that the war that is called ‘the Israeli Knesset’ means the tribe that knocks the drums of war as democratic; the Israeli media, which is in the studios and presses, . ‘

All Israeli institutions were organized according to the requirements of the Zionist ideology and the military style appropriate to its mission. The diagnosis that ‘there is no Israeli army but there is a military state’ is very correct and reflects only the truth. We have already mentioned that Hastadrod is one of the most unusual trade unions in the world. The Israeli Parliament, through its legislation in February 2002, also used torture during the investigation, as another example of being the only country to adopt this work, the natural result of this structure.

The true power of the machine of war is the support of military and financial imperialists today as in the past. Between 1948 and 1968, Israel was the top recipient of US $ 7.5 billion in aid, and its position does not diminish as long as it maintains its place in imperialist policies on the Middle East. Today, the United States provides annual aid – except for debt – of $ 5 billion. Israel, which receives 30 percent of the US foreign aid budget, is one of the most heavily subsidized countries in the world. Since three-quarters of this aid is used to purchase military equipment, such as F-16s and Apache attack helicopters from the imperialists, led by America and Germany, this gives another answer to the question of why Israel has granted such aid.

US military aid is not limited to supporting the sale of arms only, but the transfer of technology to Israel in areas such as tanks, aircraft and defense systems, and the trade in arms by means of them. Here is another striking point alongside the goal of supporting Israel’s war machine. The fact that the mediator is Israel allows the Zionist state to develop its relations with the world and serve it in imposing its legitimacy.

The other factor of the militarized structure is the settlers. The settlement units in the policy of the State of Israel, which, as recognized by Abraham Burg to the ‘state of settlements’, are of particular importance. And has historically several stages, reaching its current density after the occupation of 1967 and use as a means to continue occupation in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. And planned in 1975 in line with military and strategic objectives and implemented step by step. Of course, the settlement units that have penetrated into Palestine face a danger there. But elements based on religious ideology and racism do not need a basis for special support from the state. According to this ideology, the Palestinian territories are originally Israeli since ancient times. Etc. The settlers were encouraged through substantial state aid.

Elements of the settlement, which has been implemented for decades as an indispensable policy to reach a force that can sustain the occupation and imperialist interests, especially those based on the racist ideology has carried out thousands of attacks on the Palestinian people since the first day. The settlers’ main advantage is that they are aggressors, armed, and camped to the point where it is difficult to accept that they are ‘civilians’.

Cooperation between Zionism and Nazism and “Judenrein ”

The killing of the Nazis by six million Jews had a great influence in legitimizing the Zionists. However, the Zionists who use hollywood and other means should be separated from the Jews who were exposed to the Holocaust for two reasons: first, the Zionist state’s practice of brutality that outweighed the Nazi brutality for decades. Second, cooperation between Zionism and Nazism.

On the eve of the Second World Partition War, the scene was as follows: the Zionists; they wanted to displace the Jews to Palestine to establish the Zionist state. And the Nazis; they aim to make the whole of Europe, especially Germany, “Judenrein”. Britain supports Jewish emigration to establish the Zionist state as the outpost of imperialism in the Middle East, while at the same time viewing the Nazis as ‘allies’ against socialism until Nazism threatens its interests. This is evidenced by the Munich Agreement between the Nazis and Britain in 1938.

With the arrival of the Nazis to power while the Nazi police forces repress opponents and the entire community, led by Jews allowed the Zionist Union to carry out its activities. He even instructed the Nazi police to do so. The circular issued to the police in March 1935 clearly stated that Jewish activities and tolerance with the Zionists were forbidden, but at a time when all symbols of Judaism were denied and even citizenship rights were stripped of them through the Nuremberg Laws only the Zionist symbol was allowed to be worn and their uniforms worn Also. And even the Nazi police forces worked to spread the Zionist idea among the Jews who could not be displaced through repression. In that period, the sales of the Zionist newspaper Juedsche Rundschau increased fourfold. Anti-Jewish Von Milden Stein, a member of the Nazi Party and the police force, continued his friendly relations with the Zionists and went to Palestine and wrote articles that included an apology to Zionism in the Nazi newspaper.

The police also supported the Zionists’ idea of ​​preparing the Jews for the difficult conditions in Palestine. About 1,000 young Zionists were trained in Nazi police camps in Austria under the agreement signed between Yishman, the head of the Jewish immigration department in Vienna, and Moshe Bar-Gelad, one of the Zionist leaders in 1935. Another similar agreement was signed between Nazi intelligence in Germany and Pinhas Ginsberg, Zionist Organization. These young people were very ‘useful’ in Zionist gangs such as Haganah, Irgun, and Starn, who shed the blood of the Palestinian people by the Nazi methods they were trained on.

The Nazis, with the support of the British and with implicit and explicit cooperation with the Zionists, sent as much as they could from the Jews to Palestine and then burned the rest of the Jews.

Of course, this cooperation based on ‘the displacement of the Jews’ does not mean that they will always remain allies, and this is what happened. The Nazis, the more they achieved their goals, the Zionists were removed from the list of ‘friends’, and the Zionists also when their interests ran counter with Britain, which paved the establishment of the State of Israel launched attacks against them. But history has prevented cooperation between the Zionists and Nazism.

This article was translated from the weekly magazine YURUYUS from issue 66, dated August 20, 2006

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